City of Martinsville Water Fiscal Sustainability Plan

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ID(Opens Assets)AssetLocationConditionUseful LifePriorityReplaceOrdStart WorkOrder
Settling Basins Concrete StructureBehind Main Building3100.00120
Caustic Tank Fiber GlassFirst Floor Chem room425.00315
Pumps to create suction to start split case pumpsBoiler Room350.00216
Bench Top Turbidity MeterSecond Floor Lab35.00216
Main Building302 Clearview Drive2100.00115
Smith Cast iron Boiler Series 19A-S/W-7Boiler room225.00115
Scada SystemSecond Floor225.00115
Outside Clear Wellleft side of property2100.00115
Switch Gear CabinetNear Generator Building250.00115
Meter Vault Raw Flow meterIn front of Lime building2100.00115
Flash MixerNear #3 Basin and Lime Building225.00115
Reservoir Pump Station Building10 Redskin Drive2100.00212
HypoChlorite Feed Pumps 5Hypo Feed Room25.00212
Sludge Collectors for Settling Basins#1 and #2 Settling Basins430.00410
No 2 Finish - American Marsh Pump Pump Room First floor350.0048
#4 Finish Allis Chambers PumpFirst floor350.0048
Alum Pumps 2 Wallace and Tiernan diaphram pumpsFirst Floor Chem Room250.0039
HypoChlorite Daytank and ScaleHypo Tank Room210.0039
Streaming Current MonitorSecond floor Lab(Controller) Flash Mixer Analyzer215.0039
Generator Building behind Outside Clear well250.0039
#1 Sludge LagoonRight Side of Property325.0048
Gorman Rupp Portable pump330.0048
Bethel Lane Tanks and Pump Station Property913 Bethel Lane 36.698055, -79.855424 11000.00110
Lime BuildingNext to #3 Settling Basin1100.00110
#2 & 3 Raw water pump DriveLeft wall110.00110
BL Pump #1 - Crane and DemmingIn pump Station250.0046
#2 Pump Crane and DemmingPump Station near back wall250.0046
Bethel Lane Concrete Tank36.69815, -79.855452150.0046
#1 Raw Water Pump Ingersoll RandON Right when entering bldg250.0046
Caustic 2 Pumps Wallace and TiernanFirst Floor Chem room250.0046
Hach Filter Turbidity Meters and Raw Scatter MeterOne on each Filter First Floor Raw new Chem room25.0046
Inline Chlorine Analyzer HachSecond Floor Lab215.0046
Maintenance ShedNear outside Clearwell250.0046
Air Compressor Ingersol RandBetween #3 basin and Lime Building220.0046
#1 Flocculators Philadelphia MixerBack of Settling Basin125.0028
Lime Feeder AccrisonLime Building225.0046
Chemical Feed Tanks and pumpsLime bldg230.0046
#2 Sludge LagoonRight side of Property225.0046
Grandview Steel Tank36.70489, -79.834902100.0046
IP Elevated Steel Tank36.643339, -79.854793 2100.0046
Bethel Lane Pump StationNear entrance Gate125.0036
Old Stand Pipe36.69841, -79.85543 3200.0054
#5 Finish Crane Demming Pump First Floor350.0054
#2 Flocculator Philadelphia MixerBefore Sedimentation Basins125.0036
#3 Finish - Flowserve Pumpfirst Floor150.0044
#2 Wash Water Allis Chambers PumpFirst floor 150.0044
#1 Alum Fiber Glass TankFirst Floor Chem Room160.0044
#2 Alum Fiber Glass TankFirst floor Chem room160.0044
#1 Filter Roberts Dual mediaSecond floor Filter Room125.0044
#2 Filter Robers Dual MediaSecond Floor Filter Room125.0044
#3 Filter Roberts Dual MediaSecond floor Filter room125.0044
#4 Filter Robers dual MediaSecond Floor Filter room125.0044
Roof Structures for Basins #1 and #2 with Walk waysOn Settling Basins150.0044
Fluoride Transfer and Feed systemLime Building225.0053
Tank Street Tank #136.695313, -79.8577852100.0053
#3 Raw water Pump Ingersoll RandLeft Side of Bldg1100.0044
#1 Wash water Allis Chambers PumpFirst Floor150.0052
#5 Filter Roberts Dual MediaSecond Floor Filter room125.0052
Tank Street Tank #236.695526, -79.8579771100.0052
#2 Raw Water Pump DriveOn right side110.0052
New York Elevated Tank36.694780, -79.890496 1100.0052
Caretaker CottageNear Dam and Spillway1100.0052
Water Plant Main Property36.704619, -79.865338010000.0015
Reservoir Main Property36.7479, -79.868801000.0015
Bethel Lane Steel36.69772, -79.85520150.0051
No1 Finish Pump GouldFirst Floor050.0042
Reservoir Pump Station Ground 01000.0033
HypoChlorite Tanks(2) Norman Stien and AssociatesChlorine Tank Room07.0042
Water Plant Utility ShedNear Front Gate050.0051
Fluoride Bulk Tank and ContainmentBack of Lime Building025.0051
Tank Street Tank Property36.69546, -79.8578701000.0024
TS Booster Pump Station36.695442, -79.857610 0100.0042
ITT AC Goulds Pump 12 X 10 X 14In Tank Street pump Station0100.0042
Automatic Valve assembly Tank StreetIn pump Tank Street Station0100.0042
Control Center for TS Pump StationIn pump house next to door0100.0042
#2 Raw Water Pump Ingersoll RandMiddle pump0100.0042
Permanganate PumpLeft side of bldg02.0015
New York Tank Property 36.694780, -79.890496 01000.0015
Grandview Tank Property36.70489, -79.8349001000.0015
IP Main Property36.643336, -79.85479401000.0015
Summit View Ground Tank36.708295, -79.826186 0100.0042
#3 FlocculatorAhead of Settling Basins025.0024
#4 Flocculator Last Flocculator before Settling Basin025.0042
Front Gate36.705055;-79.86561524
BridgeAcross Creek in Front of Water Filtration Plant50.0015