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Andrew Lash2019-07-24 10:27:34Stultz Road Close Sewer Line coming from Fiber Container
Robert Hairston2019-07-29 06:38:441035 Owens RdSewer Backup
Terrence Draper2019-08-21 10:05:19100 Lakemont CtLow or No Water Pressure
Jeffrey Owen2019-08-22 06:40:01714 Auburn PlLow or No Water Pressure
Penn Anthony2019-08-22 13:37:2215 BondourantMeet on Tuesday to discuss sewer issues
Rachel Harris2019-08-23 07:31:271434 Hillcrest AveSewer Backup
Charles Wotring2019-08-29 07:14:261108 Mulberry RdSewer Backup
Compton2019-08-29 13:49:32516 GelandaleWater Running out from under house
Perkins2019-08-30 05:37:541404 Askin StSewer Backup
AC Wilson2019-09-06 07:32:40730 Orchard StSewer Backup
Paul Brown2019-09-06 08:51:56109 Dunlap AlleyWater coming from meter
Albert Davis2019-09-09 05:33:05107 Randolph StSewer Backup
Resolved calls
IDNameDateAddressProblemDate resolvedResolution
Caller2015-06-17 07:01:28108 CemetaryWater Quality Issue2015-06-17Took Dial off
Nelson Evans2015-06-17 07:26:03Cornerstone aptsWould like an old Meter and setter2015-08-26TOOK METER and YOUK TO HIM.
Gray2015-06-17 12:57:05916 VineHIgh Water Usage Please Check for leak2015-06-17Leak in Yard on home owner side
Ron Harris -Acts 4 Ministries2015-06-19 07:01:051601 E Church StRaw sewage is backing up in basement of home2015-06-19City side
Sherikita Long2015-06-19 09:11:55High St Baptist Churc - Fayette St.Please check meterbox for loose or damaged lid2015-06-19Fixed
McAdams2015-06-22 10:31:061219 Knowlwood Place Water Quality Issue2015-06-22
Lois Chistianson2015-06-24 08:39:26720 Prospect HillTrees from right-of-way down behind house near old pool2015-06-24Cut Trees
Caller2015-06-25 05:36:05Intersection of Knollwood & River ForestHydrant Leaking or Broken2015-06-26Tightened Hydrant back up
Richard Duncan2015-06-26 07:32:18128 Park StSewer Backup2015-06-26Sewer main had blockage
David-Bryants Plumbing & Heating2015-06-26 13:49:10287 Commonwealth Blvd WSewer Backup2015-06-26City side
Carnada Hannon2015-06-29 10:50:11503 Third St.Sewer Backup2015-06-29
Donna Edwards2015-06-29 10:52:131603 MeadowviewSewer Backup2015-06-29
Jay Frith2015-06-24 00:00:002 Myers LaneBroken meter/valve box lid2015-06-24put new lid on box
Randall Garcia2015-06-26 00:00:00913 Hazel Wood LnOther A fallen tree is resting on a sewer line.2015-06-26
Susan Childress2015-06-30 06:54:461805 Sam Lions TrWaterleak near Meterbox2015-06-30Replaced 55 inches of pipe cracked on bottom Boil Water Notice
Francis Hogg2015-06-30 07:00:46912 Dundee Ct.Low or No Water Pressure2015-06-30Fixed pipe on Sam Lions
Mary Foddrell2015-06-30 08:54:311008 Askin StWaterleak near Meterbox2015-07-01Replaced Meter box put wingnut plug on Cleanout
Marsha-Sells Bogg & Assoc2015-06-30 12:49:061079 Spruce StWaterleak near Meterbox2015-06-30Sewer Backup Cleared
Teresa Farmer2015-06-30 14:25:151152 Sylvan AveBrownish Water Please send someone Wednesday morning2015-07-01Took Dial off left door knocker
Melanie Soulos2015-07-03 11:02:00513 Forest StSewer Backup2015-07-23SEWER has been replaced
Sue Belcher2015-07-03 16:02:001611 Meadowview LnBroken, damaged, leaking water meter2015-07-03Replaced meter
Montell Sanches2015-07-04 09:53:00808 HundleyInternal water Problems shut off at street2015-07-07HAd leak and repaired on owners side
Montell Sanches2015-07-04 16:21:00808 HundleyProblem fixed Turn Water on2015-07-07turned meter back on
Paul Cannaday2015-07-06 10:48:291112 Sylvan AveSewer Backup2015-07-06Bloced on the citys side in C/O
Vicky Morris2015-07-07 06:09:39126 Inman StreetWater Quality Issue2015-07-07Galvnized lines
David French2015-07-07 07:36:53907 Jefferson Cr.Waterleak near Meterbox2015-07-07
2015-07-07 10:13:471100 Fayette StreetBad Smell of Sewer in the area2015-07-07Sewer behind Albert Harris school was blocked in Main
Vickie Morris2015-07-07 13:01:40126 Inman St.Water Quality Issue2015-07-07Galvized lines
Vickie Morris2015-07-07 13:02:28126 Inman St.Water Quality Issue2015-07-07Galvanized line on home owners
Erma Giles2015-07-07 13:05:09804 Parkview AvePuddle in gutter/not draining anywhere2015-07-07
Evelyn Minifee2015-07-08 11:37:18406 Pond streetSewer Overfllow2015-07-08City side had blockage
Dispatch2015-07-13 09:05:43910 Spruce StThere is water coming through the pavement2015-07-13water lateral leaking
Linda Hagwood2015-07-14 07:41:441309 Cardinal LNSewer Backup2015-07-14City side good
Diana Fishel2015-07-14 07:52:361200 Corn Tassel TrFoul odor coming from sewer on city side2015-07-14
Linda Hagwood2015-07-14 08:13:351309 Cardinal LnSewer Backup2015-07-14Blockage on homeowners side
Caller2015-07-14 08:30:39116 Inman StreetLow or No Water Pressure2015-07-14GAlvanized line
Hollingsworth2015-07-14 12:08:351108 Cherokee Ct.Brownish Water and losing pressure2015-07-14MAin water break had to kill 2 valves
James Gasper2015-07-15 06:29:37125 Dupont RdMajor Water Leak also at Bank next door2015-07-152'' main was busted replaced and put valve in
Doug Ramsey2015-07-15 07:21:571234 Lanier RdWet area at meter, possible leak, may need to cut off2015-07-15NO leak everything was ok
Brittany Waller2015-07-16 10:24:551145 Ridge Rd.Water has black particules in it.2015-07-16Took dial off and run outside spigot
Debra Menefee2015-07-16 12:11:12406 Pond StSewer Backup2015-07-16City Side had to replace sewer lateral
Seagal2015-07-17 10:15:40820 Hundley StLow or No Water Pressure2015-07-17water main break on Spruce St.
Mary Craig2015-07-17 10:56:451311 Askin StSewer Backup2015-07-17Blockage on city side
Hairston Pamela2015-07-17 12:46:091151 East Church st Apt 21AWater Quality Issue2015-07-17dirty water
James R Dalton2015-07-20 07:10:391033 Cherry StreetLocate Sewer and Water Connections on Property2015-07-20Found sewer tap no water tap needs to pay for one
Rhonda Shelton2015-07-22 06:09:39263 WoodhavenAll neighbors has black slimy substance in all drains2015-07-22Flushed hydrant
Pam Richardson2015-07-22 06:13:26712 Forest St.Sewer Backup2015-07-22Not on City ROW - advised customer to contact plumber
2015-07-22 07:14:30818 Hundley StLow or No Water Pressure2015-07-22Flushed Hydrant Air in line from water leak
Andrew W Hairston2015-07-23 08:30:34611 Second StSewer Backup2015-07-23Clear on City Side
Sally Miller2015-07-23 13:00:01906 Dundee CtPossible Sewer Overflow at cleanout in driveway2015-07-23
Diana Fishel2015-07-24 07:30:591200 Corn Tassel TrHas air in line esp. if using more than one facet-for a couple of weeks2015-07-24Problem on Home owner Side
Doyle McDaniel2015-07-27 07:41:441220 Rives RdSewer Backup2015-07-27Jetted will return and put solvent in it - Roots
Rachel Harris2015-07-27 10:12:201434 HillcrestSewer Backup2015-07-27Ran water through cleanout cleared up
Bobby Phillips2015-07-27 10:13:56North Side Drive off D&W TrailStrong Smell of Sewer below old Tultex2015-07-27SEWER MAIN WAS blocked jetted line
Dispatch2015-07-28 07:02:03Intersection Roundabout and FayetteWater coming up out of the payment2015-07-28Main was blocked jetted line
William Shelton2015-07-28 07:15:061100 Chatham Heights RdLocate Sewer Line for customer, replacing old pipe2015-07-28Found which way sewer line flowed
Sharon Turner2015-07-28 12:15:25911 Glade StreetSewer Overfllow2015-07-28Blockage on city side
Carolyn Richardson2015-07-28 12:20:381663 Roundabout Rd.Water Quality Issue2015-07-28dirty water took dial off
Danielle Koger2015-07-28 12:57:52110 Northwood CtWater is still yellow.2015-07-28No one home and no outside spigot
Gayle2015-07-29 08:42:531119 Chatham HeightsPossible Sewer Overflow at cleanout2015-07-29Blockage on city side
NA2015-07-29 13:43:05409 Clearview DriveSewer Overfllow2015-07-29Blockage on city side
Gary Hunt2015-07-30 08:07:09913 Hunting RidgeNo Water2015-07-30line broke on home owners side
Stockton2015-07-30 08:24:08105 North StreetReplace manhole cover in back yard behind oil tank2015-07-30Wasn't city's problem
Tracy Barbour2015-07-30 10:14:461003 Columbus St.Water seems to be coming from under the street -Leak2015-08-05Small water leak on the 3/4 galvnized line in road
Marvin Hudson2015-07-30 13:04:311411 Whittle RoadMeet with resident to find spot for irrigatiom service2015-07-30
Rodney Clark2015-07-31 06:19:21616 Branch St.Sewer coming up through clean out behind property2015-07-31Blockage on city side
Caller2015-08-03 05:09:11107 Lakemont CtSewer Backup2015-08-03Jetted and cleaned
Caller2015-08-03 07:19:35209 Thomas HeightsLow or No Water Pressure2015-08-03Main leak on Monroe St had to kill water on THOMAS HGHTS
Linda Clark2015-08-03 13:12:441213 Lanier Rd.Low or No Water Pressure2015-08-03Galvanized water line
Jeff Barrow2015-08-05 06:05:38Cherokee Tr before Lake LanierWater Break on the main2015-08-05WATER MAIN BREAK 3'' AC
Dorothy Still2015-08-05 07:47:491310 Mountain RdSewer Backup2015-08-05Blockage on city side
Roy Waller2015-08-06 07:11:25213 Massey StWaterleak near Meterbox2015-08-06LEak was on hmoe owners side turned meter off
Warren Rogers-Citizens Against Family Violence2015-08-06 07:33:2713 Cleveland Ave -shelter homeLow or No Water Pressure2015-08-06Galvanized water line
2015-07-07 17:27:271605 Spruce Ext Apt 19 B2015-07-07Water main breakage
LaVerta Delp2015-08-07 07:08:04107 E Main St.Low or No Water Pressure2015-08-07 Meter was turned off and they ran from another building to feed her line F
Yasmine White2015-08-07 08:41:08801 Spruce St #2 & #4Sewer Backup2015-08-07
Sharon Wayne2015-08-10 06:22:581706 Spruce St.Water Break on the main2015-08-10water main break
Steve Kendrick2015-08-11 08:40:186 Stratford CtPlease contact customer to flag pipe for digging2015-08-11home owner had to call miss utility
Tonya Pruitt2015-07-07 08:02:351504 Spruce Extension2015-07-07WATER MAIN BREAK
Golden Living Retirement Home Fredriquica Tayor2015-07-07 07:48:13spruce st ext2015-07-07Mian water line break 6'' AC pipe
Mary Craig2015-08-06 12:21:221311 Askin StreetSewer leak in yard2015-08-06Blockage on city side
Tyrone McGill2015-07-05 18:26:24209 McCoy StSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2015-07-05Blockage on city side
none none2015-07-07 07:44:37intersection of beverly way and spruce extension2015-07-07WAter leak 6'' Main AC
Darlene Meeks2015-07-19 18:24:24337 Clearview DrBroken sewer lines2015-07-19stoppage on home owners side
Chase Lawrence2015-07-07 17:53:02110 North Wood Court2015-07-07Dirty water / took dial off meter
911 Dispatcher2015-07-08 03:15:36SPRUCE STREET DR2015-07-08Main water line break 6'' AC
barbie campbell2015-07-09 19:46:05149 brentwood rd2015-07-09County call
Heather Dispatch2015-07-09 22:30:001403 whittle road2015-07-09Meter blowed out
Mary Ellen Young2015-07-12 01:13:091502 Spruce Street ExtensionOther2015-07-12No paid bill
Austin Ford2015-07-12 01:32:48127 Park2015-07-12sewer main had blockage
Candy Kaminsky2015-07-14 23:17:38801 FOREST St Apt 3 2015-07-14water off due to bill not paid
Shannon Compton2015-07-25 01:29:07Water problems2015-07-25
Paula 911 Dispatcher2015-07-26 23:07:48755 Stultz RdBroken water lines2015-07-26
409-527-2195 Joey Binbaux2015-08-01 08:18:37New York Ave2015-08-01Needed gate open for water tank
Tia Hairston2015-08-01 15:45:581112 Sylvan Ave2015-08-01city side had blockage
Bob Vogler2015-08-02 06:59:00301 Oakdale and Monroe StreetBroken water lines2015-08-03water leak on Monroe st 4'' main cast
Lakiesha Paige2015-08-03 20:44:007 Booker St Apt 62015-08-03 water was turned off
Martha Woody2015-08-05 20:04:001105 Cherokee Trail2015-08-05Main water Leak 3'' AC pipe
Patricia Turner2015-08-08 00:37:00405 Swanson St2015-08-08leak on home owners side turned water off
Virginia Burges Property Manager Virginia Burges2015-08-08 16:45:001506 Mulberry Rd2015-08-08leak on home owners side water turned off
Mary Bowman2015-08-08 17:52:001506 Mulberry Road Apt 52015-08-08leak on homeowners side turned water off
Bob Vogler2015-08-02 06:59:31301 Oakdale and Monroe StreetBroken water lines2015-08-02Repaired water main
Lakiesha Paige2015-08-03 20:44:007 Booker St Apt 62015-08-03meter was cut off turned back on
Martha Woody2015-08-05 20:04:571105 Cherokee Trail2015-08-05WATER MAIN BREAK 3" AC
Patricia Turner2015-08-08 00:37:19405 Swanson St2015-08-08Leak on Home owners side/ cut off water
Virginia Burges Property Manager Virginia Burges2015-08-08 16:45:191506 Mulberry Rd2015-08-08Leak on home owners side
Mary Bowman2015-08-08 17:52:191506 Mulberry Road Apt 52015-08-08Leak on home owners side
Audrey George2015-08-12 08:32:05804 Clarke RdLow or No Water Pressure2015-08-12Working on water main
Rebecca Herrera2015-08-13 07:23:16203 Askin StWaterleak near Meterbox2015-08-13Leak on home owners side
Allen Robertson2015-08-13 11:19:55916 Dundee CtWhole in yard due to water. Please contact resdient before going out.2015-08-13dont know
Vicky Stone2015-08-13 12:59:421302 Chatham RdSewage stopped up behind house at transfer box.2015-08-13Blockage on city side jetted main
Jim Hewitt2015-08-14 07:12:39404 Thomas HeightsLow or No Water Pressure2015-08-14water main leak repaired
Harrison Toms2015-08-14 08:52:58931 Mulberry Roadcover off box2015-08-14replaced Meter lid
Bob Vogler2015-08-02 06:59:31301 Oakdale and Monroe StreetBroken water lines 2015-08-03MAIN WATER LINE BREAK HAD TO KILL THOMAS HGTS AND MONROE ST 4 valves were k
Lakiesha Paige2015-08-03 20:44:007 Booker St Apt 62015-08-03water was turned off at meter
Martha Woody2015-08-05 20:04:571105 Cherokee Trail2015-08-05city side blocked
Patricia Turner2015-08-08 00:37:19405 Swanson St2015-08-08Water broke on there side cut water meter off
Virginia Burges Property Manager Virginia Burges2015-08-08 16:45:191506 Mulberry Rd2015-08-08Leak on there side
Mary Bowman2015-08-08 17:52:191506 Mulberry Road Apt 52015-08-08Leak on there side
Thelma Martin2015-08-17 05:39:06924 Ainsley St.Sewer Backup2015-08-17No C/O city side was clear
Harold Gravely2015-08-17 06:16:35123 Park StSewer Backup2015-08-17NO C/O city side was clear
Susan Barbour2015-08-18 09:19:471102 Drewry RdSewer Backup2015-08-18City side was clear main was good no C/O
Caller2015-08-19 09:04:14104 Greyson StSewer Backup2015-08-19Clear on City Side
Bob Shytle2015-08-19 12:59:091534 Mulberry Rd.Water Break on the main2015-08-19Changed meter
Children2015-08-20 08:58:08Cleveland AveLow or No Water Pressure2015-08-20PAVERS GOT LINE LEAKING
Dale Smith2015-08-21 11:38:54212 Holt St.Low or No Water Pressure2015-08-21From leak on Bridge st
Gwen Wingfield2015-08-21 11:45:4820 S. Moss St.Low or No Water Pressure2015-08-21Galvnized lines
Taneka Shuff2015-08-16 12:44:33315 Clift StSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing 2015-08-16City side blocked needs to be repaired
Cindy Cussery2015-08-17 17:46:49833 Banks Rd2015-08-17Blocked on there side
Lisa Carter2015-08-20 07:25:01737 Fayette St Apt B 2015-08-20Leak on home owners side
ALICIA CARTER2015-08-20 07:36:27737 FAYETT ST APT B2015-08-20Leak on home owner side
911 Dispatch2015-08-20 18:01:06Bridge St2015-08-20WATER TAPS BROKE AT MAIN
Marcus Butler2015-08-20 18:03:29737 Fayette st Apt B2015-08-20Water leak on home owners side
Samantha Moore2015-08-20 19:44:58207 Moss StreetLow water Pressure2015-08-20Low Pressure due to leak
Lisa Carter2015-08-21 19:57:04737 Fayette Apt B2015-08-21LEak on home owners side
2015-08-24 07:45:32Moss StWater Quality Issue2015-08-24Low Pressure due to leak
Jack Holland2015-08-24 10:26:27901 Chalmers StSewer Backup2015-08-24Clear on City Side
Joanna Wood2015-08-25 10:51:051602 Sam Lions Tr.Waterleak near Meterbox2015-08-25meter blowed changed meter
Mike Evans2015-08-25 11:52:48Second House on Root Trail Water Leak2015-08-25had leak T/Off called back after hours to T/o would pay bill
Caller2015-08-25 11:53:321908 Dundee LaneCold water is warm2015-08-25on home owners side.
Andre Benton2015-08-26 05:38:241351 Rivermont Ruptured Sewer Line2015-08-26SEWER WAS BLOCKED oN CITY SIDE FLUSHED WITH JET TRUCK
Wayne Tran - Tokyo Express2015-08-26 08:10:091170 Memorial BlvdWater Quality Issue2015-08-26RAN HYD and FLUSHED LINE
Sirloin House2015-08-26 08:11:36530 Commonwealth BlvdWater Quality Issue2015-08-26RAN HYD AND FLUSHED LINE
Southern Finishing2015-08-26 10:17:55801 E. Church StreetLocate water Main2015-08-26Told to call Miss Utility
911 DISPATCHER2015-08-24 04:03:11722 CORNTASSLE TRAILBroken water lines 2015-08-24REpaired water main
Judy Cooper2015-08-25 20:32:071338 root trl2015-08-25leak on her side
John Bowman2015-08-31 08:50:301122 Sylvan AveSewer Backup2015-08-31Nothing wrong on city side ran camera clear
Len Turner-Smart Machine2015-09-02 05:29:08650 Frith Dr.Low or No Water Pressure2015-09-02Water leak in Indutrial park
Chavez2015-09-08 08:29:38735 Indian TrBig puddle of water collecting in the road in front of 735 Indian Tr2015-09-08Fixed main water line
Shelton2015-09-08 09:11:48315 Clift StSewer Backup2015-09-08SEwer was blocked on City side
Rick Gilley2015-09-09 05:16:12470 Industrial Park 470 Industrial Park 470 Industrial Park DrSewer Backup2015-09-09Jetted sewer main
Henry Keatts2015-09-01 20:57:2225 industrial park Low pressure 2015-09-01Water leak in Indutrial park
Joey Martin2015-09-01 22:04:54500 Frith Drive2015-09-01Water leak in Indutrial park
Drake Extrusion Kenneth Emmond2015-09-01 22:26:02790 Industrial Park Dr2015-09-01Water leak in Indutrial park
ATLAS James 276-638-3592 ext 35062015-09-01 23:31:10445 Industrial Park Drive2015-09-01Water leak in Industrial park
Steve Anderson2015-09-02 00:37:231221 Lanier Road2015-09-02Water leak industrial park
Linda Clark2015-09-02 00:54:351213 Linear Rd2015-09-02Water leak in industrial park
Elizabeth Meeks2015-09-02 21:45:24337 Clearview Dr2015-09-02City side blocked jetted line
Martinsville City Police Dispatch2015-09-05 12:33:24Independence Dr2015-09-09GALV 2'' line leaking replaced with 1" and changed meter
Truman Adkins2015-09-09 11:18:231007 B StreetSewer backup in yard2015-09-09wash machine is running in the yard
Peggy Merran-Dr. David Jones2015-09-10 07:46:1125 Cleveland Ave.Low or No Water Pressure2015-09-10Air in the line ran water and it cleared up
Teresa Hairston2015-09-14 06:17:51206 First St.Sewer Backup2015-09-14Stopped up on home owner side
Dominique Gilbert2015-09-10 19:07:55707 Carter StPower outages or no powerWater reconnections 2015-09-10Turn water on for home owner
Joe Brith2015-09-10 19:33:27502 Glandale st2015-09-10Leak on home owner side
Brenda Cochran2015-09-11 07:51:05710 Craig Street2015-09-11leak on home owner side
COMV Municipal Building 911 Dispatch (Heather)2015-09-12 23:23:5855 West Church St. 2015-09-12Roof Leaking due to Repairs
Long Mile Tire2015-09-14 12:50:39904 East Church StreetWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2015-09-14Cut off at Meter
Bill Moorefield2015-09-16 05:53:111424 Spruce St. Ext.Waterleak near Meterbox2015-09-16Leak on home owner side
Owner2015-09-16 07:09:29704 Auburn PlaceStill having problems with Sewer Backing Up 2015-09-09Main was stopped up in back yard
Martha Lync2015-09-16 07:51:591606/1607 Watt StCrack in Road with water comig out of it.2015-09-16Wrong address no water in road on watt
Linda Roberson2015-09-16 11:17:13213 McCoy StSewer Backup2015-09-16City side had a Block
Blue Ridge Aquaculture2015-09-17 07:54:33Industrial Park DriveSewer Backup 2015-09-16Jetted and Cleaned upper end of sewer line
Jim Westmoreland2015-09-14 19:28:411017 Jefferson CircleSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing 2015-09-14City Side - Cleanout had blockage - Jetted sewer main also
Clifford Penn Edwina Flood2015-09-19 15:11:19618 Watts StSewer backup in yard2015-09-19Jetted and Cleaned upper end of sewer line
Jean Thomas2015-09-21 05:47:00101 Emmitt St.Please Check meter to see if there is a water leak2015-09-21Dial wasn't moving - No leak on Homeowners side
Leatrice Jones2015-09-21 11:41:3124 South Barton St.Excessive Water usage - Please Check2015-09-21meter hadnt been read no leak
Cleon Lewis2015-09-23 06:51:291107 Ranson Rd.Waterleak near Meterbox2015-09-23Leak on customer side
Stacy Martin2015-09-23 08:53:17727 Prospect HillWaterleak near Meterbox2015-09-23was leaking on neighbor line 725 we cut water off
Harry Watkins2015-09-23 09:41:291005 D St.Low or No Water Pressure2015-09-23galvinize pipes on home owner side
Brett From Frith2015-09-23 09:50:19Urgent Care East ChurchSewer Backup2015-09-23City side clear
GCS ELECTRONICS2015-09-23 10:43:0523 RAILROAD STLow or No Water Pressure2015-09-21water was turn off on main
Caller2015-09-23 12:30:06505 MulberryExcessive Water usage - Please Check2015-09-23Checked dial. There wasn't a leak on homeowners side
Phillips Collins2015-09-24 05:27:45293 Round HillHole in ground above water line near dusk to dawn pole2015-09-24Just a hole in the ground. Nothing to do with water. Let homeowner know.
TR Properties2015-09-24 05:31:11Fayette and MemorialInstall new Water Service for Dollar Store2015-09-30Installed
Fred Martin2015-09-25 07:25:44202 ClevelandReplace 4 inch Meter with 1 inch2016-01-12install new value.hd supply will up grade meter
Rachel Harris2015-09-25 09:11:231434 Hillcrest AveSewer Backup2015-09-25Had stoppage- line lays flat
Stanley Turner2015-09-28 07:16:06712 Second StSewer Backup2015-09-28Checked cleanout- City side clear
Norma Manns2015-09-20 10:06:41813 Olympia StSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing 2015-09-20City Side had stoppage
Crystal Watts2015-09-21 17:32:021640 Rivermont Heights RdWater reconnections 2015-09-21Meter reader turned water back on
Joseph Compton2015-09-23 19:45:32204 Burgess Ct apt 4 and apt 6Sewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing 2015-09-23City side clear
Byron Coles2015-09-24 19:50:041012 CherokeeWater reconnections 2015-09-24Turned water on
Kimberly Hodge2015-09-26 12:33:19931 Glade StWater shutoffs due to internal problems at the customer side2015-09-26Turned water off- then back on
Dawn Durham2015-09-26 18:59:43316 Forest StSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing 2015-09-26City side had stoppage
Caller2015-09-28 13:40:50201 McCoy StreetLow or No Water Pressure2015-09-28Problem on home owners side.
Nancy Joyce-Stratford Square2015-09-29 09:19:101807 E. Church St Ext #1005Water Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2015-09-29Cut off
caller2015-09-29 10:40:37315 Cliff St.Sewer Backup2015-09-29City Side
Vanessa Williams2015-09-30 09:25:09901 Myrtle RdSewer Backup2015-09-30Ran water. City side good.
Caller2015-10-01 05:06:59904 Weston StreetWater coming out of pavement possible leak2015-10-01Rain water seeping through crack
Terry Mitchell 2015-10-01 07:04:07108 Courtney TerraceSewer Backup2015-10-01City side good
Yvonne Gravely 2015-10-01 09:14:24105 Farmington CtSewer Backup2015-10-01no cleanout/ told homeowner to call plumber
Shirely Bennett2015-10-02 08:25:09804 Hazelwood LaneSewer Backup2015-10-02City side clear. Told home owner
Caller2015-10-02 10:31:08711 Ailcie StreetSewer Backup2015-10-02stop up on city side
Karen Watkins2015-10-05 05:17:521125 Stephens St.Water Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2015-10-05Had small leak on homeowners side. Was told to leave water on
not given2015-10-05 08:39:22203 Union Street(corner of Oak and AskinSewer Backup2015-10-05City side. Lateral lays flat.
Margaret Reynolds2015-09-27 22:58:35APT 1112B Drewry RdWater shutoffs due to internal problems at the customerâï2015-09-27Water turn off
Tangela Hairston2015-10-02 19:58:04902 Independence DriveBroken meter/valve box lid2015-10-10Meter box good
Richard Branch2015-10-03 05:16:23737 Indian TrailSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2015-10-09roots in main
Angela Hairston2015-10-03 09:53:11902 Independence DrWater reconnections2015-10-03turn water back on
Henry county Henry county2015-10-03 11:48:51Starling ave and mulberry rd intersection Other Water standing in the road a lot2015-10-03catch basin stop up
Nancy Hilton2015-10-06 07:11:14Wood StreetStrong smell of sewer please call and meet her there2015-10-06Internal problem. Possibly sewer vent.
Wayne Knox2015-10-06 08:05:38109 Warren CourtLocate Water and sewer service2015-10-07Located
2015-10-06 13:25:13727 Rahlway StreetSewer Overfllow2015-10-06City side
David2015-10-07 09:35:15DillardPothole utilities on Dillard Franklin2015-10-07work in progress
Joyce McGee2015-10-07 12:19:361002 Smith Lake RoadWater coming out of bank across from 1002 Smith Lake Road2015-10-07Rain water
Clifford Penn2015-10-08 05:23:03618 Watt StSewer Backup2015-10-08City side
Chris Morris2015-10-08 05:34:16Franklin StreetLocate Sewer Line on Franklin depth and all lateral locations2015-12-15pot hole for weldon on sewer depths
Forest Park 2015-10-08 13:19:01Mulberry If someone is available Friday morning, they need help finding leak2015-10-09talk to maintenance guy they had water turn off on the leak side.every thin
B. Chochran2015-10-09 11:27:35710 Craig St.Sewer Backup2015-10-09jetted the city side
Dennis Hairston2015-10-09 12:00:47202 Amy AveSewer Backup2015-10-09City Side had blockage
Clifton Scott/Scott Services2015-10-13 09:08:391149 Banner StSewer Backup2015-10-13stop up on home owner side
Mark Crabtree2015-10-13 10:40:111100 Mulberry Rd.Water is coming up from out of the road on Maplewood2015-10-13Water Leak City Side
Pat Swafford2015-10-14 07:57:091017 Columbus StreetCheck pressure at house 2:302015-10-15galvenize pipes
Caller2015-10-14 09:57:501322 Root TrailWater coming out of pavement possible leak2015-10-14Homeowner draining pool
Ronald Nance2015-10-14 12:51:17400 Pond StreetRats have been working around the water meter2015-12-21Filled hole with dirt.
Ronald Nance2015-10-14 12:54:08Craig StreetSewer smell behind Craig Street in ditch over to Rives2015-10-26Manhole overflowing in woods
Chopstix Sewer Line2015-10-14 12:56:02CommonwealthPut pipe patch repair in sewer line near manhole2015-10-14Pipe Patch
Rian Culligan-GCS Electronics2015-10-15 10:01:12229 College St.Water Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2015-10-15cut water off
Rodney Johns2015-10-15 10:52:201203 Roundabout RdSewer Backup2015-10-15City side good
Amanda Vessella2015-10-16 08:22:321343 Rivermont RdSewer Backup2015-10-16City side good
Jonah Martin2015-10-16 12:55:52921 Boden StWaterleak near Meterbox2015-10-16City Side
Franklin Jarrett2015-10-19 05:41:421107 Knollwood PlSewer Backup2015-10-19Blockage on city side.
Tracy Patterson2015-10-19 06:27:20104 Dearborn StLow or No Water Pressure2015-10-19galvinize pipes on home owner side
Larren Hopkins2015-10-19 06:57:37164 Benjarmin RoadExc2015-10-19no leak water pressure was 90 psi
Mrs. Lewis2015-10-19 07:31:251111 Smith Lake Roadmake sure her meter is correct2015-10-19She wanted to know which meter was hers
Shiloh Way of the Cross2015-10-19 09:59:30938 Brookdale StSewer Overfllow2015-10-19City Side
Sharon Kent2015-10-19 10:15:26904 Royal DrSewer Backup2015-10-19dirty water remove dail.
Tamika Shuff2015-10-19 13:31:57315 Clift StSewer Backup2015-10-26
Alma Martin2015-10-21 05:51:21316 Armstead AveWater Quality Issue2015-10-22dirty water removed dail
Andy Lash2015-10-22 07:30:26Sewer Below the Dick and Willie near CommonwealthCamera Line and determine long term solution2015-10-26Ran camera. Sewer main collapsed
Shawm Mitchell2015-10-23 10:46:451406 Spruce st extcheck sewer backing up occasionally2015-10-23sewer open on city side
Floyd2015-10-23 10:55:29Corner of Armstead & FayetteSewer Backup2015-10-23City Side / Grease from Store
Wes Coleman2015-10-26 10:44:37719 Craig StreetBad Smell of Sewer in the area2015-10-26Manhole overflowing in woods. Jetted sewer main.
Samuel Gann2015-10-27 06:30:59916 B Myrtle RdWater Quality Issue2015-10-27dirty water flush hydrants then it clear up
Roy Tillery2015-10-27 09:36:38711 Carter StLow or No Water Pressure2015-10-27spigot stop up an galvanized pipes
Dionne2015-10-27 12:38:59806 Jefferson CircleSewer Backup2015-10-27City side had blockage
Tonja Martin/ATM Motors2015-10-28 07:52:26800 Memorial Blvd NWater had odor2015-10-28Took dial off
Tommy Harris2015-10-30 06:31:461301 Sam Lions TrBig hole near culvert at end of Indian Tr. Near his back driveway 5ft long2015-11-02Told Public Works
Vince Pony Place Apt2015-10-30 12:58:36102 Pony PlacePlease Meet with Vince to locate water shut-offs Monday2015-10-12try to set up time he would not answer his phone call serval times
Caller2015-10-30 13:23:23216 Amy AveSewer Backup2015-10-30Clear on City side
Dallas Hairston2015-10-30 13:35:33906 MyrtleSewer Backup2015-10-30City side had stoppage
caller2015-10-30 13:47:19911 Glade St.Sewer Backup2015-10-30Stopped up in cleanout on city side
Lacy Brown2015-11-02 10:41:291007 Chalmers StreetSewer Backup2015-11-02City Side Clear
William Sater2015-11-02 11:52:52105 Sherwood PlacePlease change meter2016-01-07Replaced meter
Loretta Price2015-11-06 09:08:03121 Park StSewer Backup2015-11-06Blockage on city side
Virginia Millner2015-11-09 08:14:051160 Yorkshire RdSewer Backup2015-11-09No Cleanout
Connie Graves2015-11-10 07:56:071714 Meadowview LnWater Quality Issue2015-11-10Dirty water
Nancy Joyce2015-11-10 12:59:37Stratford Square Apt. 1005Main Shut-off and meter need replacing2016-02-11owner side leak
Melvin Venerable2015-11-12 05:26:54925 Banks RdDetermine where the sewer flow goes.2015-11-12Sewer goes out back
Carolyn Hairston2015-11-13 08:50:031411 Askin StSewer Backup2015-11-13city side had to fix cleanout
Michelle Grant2015-11-16 06:25:14304 Forest StSewer Backup2015-11-16Unstopped Manhole
Jenette Riggan2015-11-16 06:48:21105 Lakemont Ct.Excessive Water usage - Please Check2015-11-16Checked Meter- No leak- Told homeowner
Joseph Nay2015-11-16 11:21:461629 Rivermont RdPlease call schedule at time to check for water leak2015-11-16Met with homeowner. Water leak on homeowners side
Caller2015-11-17 11:11:5914 Booker StreetSewer Backups and low water pressure2015-11-17No cleanout. Had 40lbs. of water pressure
Northview Garden Apts2015-11-18 07:18:15800 Stultz RdSewer Backup2015-11-18City side good
Sara Tinsley2015-11-19 05:28:30707 Mica StSewer Backup2015-11-19City Side
Aaron McClean2015-10-04 12:16:2785 Dover PlaceBroken, damaged, leaking water meter2015-10-04County Call
Angela Willis2015-10-04 16:45:56303 Dye Plant RdSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2015-10-05Jetted Main
Tuiquan Campbell2015-10-07 20:26:081012 Paul StWater reconnections2015-10-07Water cut on
Not Given2015-10-09 20:09:45Forrest Park Country ClubWater shutoffs due to internal problems at the customerâï2015-10-09Cut off
Patricia A2015-10-18 09:37:55510 Forest StSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2015-10-18City Side. Cleanout had stoppage
Braynt Giles2015-10-18 18:34:02817 Olympia StSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2015-10-18City side clear
Mrs. Penn2015-10-21 17:54:40911 Paul StWater shutoffs due to internal problems at the customerâï2015-10-21Turn off
Sharon Turner2015-10-27 17:32:52911 Glade stSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2015-10-27Main had stoppage. Jetted main
Ann Hairston2015-11-04 22:55:3415 Jackson StSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2015-11-04City side clear
Darcell Jacobs2015-11-09 19:27:461103 Mtn RdSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2015-11-09Clear on city side
Christine NA2015-11-09 20:03:481103 Mountain RdSanitary sewer manhole overflowing2015-11-09Clear on city side
Sewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing Lee Trotter2015-11-11 22:14:411403 Whittle Rd.Sewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2015-11-11City Side- Jetted Main - Puored Solvent in cleanout
Victoria Harris2015-11-12 19:02:40204 Willow Ct Low pressure2015-11-12Call should have been PSA
Elvis Moyer2015-11-12 19:25:48224 Wittle CtLow water Pressure2015-11-12Should have been Willow RD. in County
Donna Beauty Salon Donna Gregory2015-11-14 14:05:1746 b east Church St 2015-11-14 City Side - Jetted Main
Tony Turner2015-11-19 07:48:21363 Woodhaven RdExcessive water use please check2015-11-19Break in Line on Owners side
Calvin Kendrick2015-11-19 11:03:52409 Clearview DrSewer Backup2015-11-19Cleanout Had Blockage
Martinizing2015-11-19 11:04:23745 E Church StSewer Backup2015-11-19City Side Clear
Sherman Penn/PCS2015-11-20 06:26:52817 Starling AveSewer Overfllow2015-11-20city side blockage
Mrs. E.H. Turner2015-11-19 22:35:46280 LafayetteOther2015-11-19Lafayette is in the county
Bucks Fuel2015-11-23 05:51:16406 Bridge StreetExcessive water use please check2015-11-23change meter
Rachel Harris2015-11-23 13:38:031434 Hillcrest Sewer Backup2015-11-23city side blockage
Lester-Penn Coal & Oil2015-11-24 09:56:36401 Bridge St between Lester and Ice CoSewer Overfllow2015-11-24city side blockage
Rachel Harrison2015-11-23 17:48:431434 Hillcrest AveSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2015-11-23city side blockage
Jessica Harris2015-11-27 17:11:03739 Stultz Road Martinsville VA 24112Sanitary sewer manhole overflowing2015-11-27water leak on home ownerside didnt cut off
Brain Helbert2015-11-28 22:57:02212 Park StBroken water lines2015-11-28turn water off
Virginia Prater2015-11-30 06:04:26906 Glade StSewer Backup2015-11-30city side blockage
Paul Ross2015-11-30 06:40:33823 Park RdWaterleak near Meterbox2015-11-30wrong address
Angela Willis2015-11-30 06:41:41303 Dye Plant RdSewer Overfllow2015-11-30no cleanout
Phil Collison2015-11-30 07:31:281008 Maplewood Ct.Water dark and low pressure please call before going DOG2015-11-30Took dial off. 80lbs. Pressure at house
Bryant2015-12-01 08:12:52936 Mulberry RdSewer Backup2015-12-01Sewer Main had blockage. Jetted main
Clifton Hill2015-12-01 13:20:09316 Brown StreetLow water Pressure2015-12-01Small leak on customer side
Habitat2015-12-01 13:25:59112 PebbleLocate sewer connection in back of house2015-12-02Marked 4" lateral at manhole in backyard
Edwina Flood2015-12-01 13:31:29618 Watt StSewer smell in area needs repair2015-12-15Fixed sewer lateral
Tina Alderman2015-12-02 05:47:371115 Morris RdSewer Backup2015-12-02City Side. Pushed hose to main.
Thelma Martin2015-12-02 06:53:05735 Stultz RdWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2015-12-02Cut off
James Hairston2015-11-29 13:14:081432 Askin StreetWater shutoffs due to internal problems at the customerâï2015-11-29water cut off leak in basement
Cheryl Gravely2015-11-30 19:34:06111 Endless StOther water is backing up in the basement in the bathroom2015-11-30city side jetted lateral
Lee Trotter2015-11-30 20:09:001403 Whittle RdSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2015-11-30City side
James Harriston2015-12-03 17:15:461432 Askins Street Martinsville Va 24112Water reconnections2015-12-03turn water on
Melissa Williams2015-12-05 01:17:36101 Wood St Apt 1Minor water leaks/seepage2015-12-05water turn off
Nancy Wyatt2015-12-07 10:01:491036 Mulberry RdSewer Backup2015-12-07stop up on homeowners side
Aretta Smith2015-12-08 06:40:561508 Rivermont Rd #ASewer Backup2015-12-08No cleanout
Lorene Wood2015-12-08 10:46:55Intersection of Roy and Wingfield Sewer or Water is up around pole and running down street2015-12-08Possible small water leak????
K & W Properties2015-12-08 11:33:211017 Jefferson CircleSewer Backup2015-12-08City side
Caller2015-12-10 05:17:169 ClevelandSewer Backup2015-12-10No clean out
Blue Ridge Aquaculture2015-12-10 05:19:34Industrial ParkSewer Backup2015-12-10Jetted Lines
Caller2015-12-10 05:20:30418 MulberrySewer Backup2015-12-10Jetted main line
Lily Wade2015-12-10 06:25:08312 Forest StreetPossible Sewer Overflow at cleanout2015-12-10Jetted Sewer Main
Sirloin HOuse2015-12-10 07:31:39530 Commonwealth BLvdSewer Overfllow2015-12-10Unstopped cleanout/ Full of grease
Clifford Penn2015-12-10 07:39:35618 Watt StSewer Overfllow2015-12-10No Water standing in cleanout
Sirloin HOuse2015-12-10 11:45:25530 Commonwealth BlvdSewer Overfllow2015-12-10Unstopped Cleanout/Full of grease
Caller2015-12-14 04:47:27908 Royal DriveSewer overflow behind house2015-12-14Flushed Cleanout
Cora Hightower2015-12-06 02:47:491500 Church St. ExtentionOther2015-12-06Turn water off
none none2015-12-09 17:30:27broken water line under the intersection of corn tassel and sam lyon trail Broken water lines2015-12-09Saddle blowed off. Cut pipe and replaced
Jane Farley2015-12-09 22:42:481601 Sam Lions TrlOther2015-12-09Water main break
Mike Mattingly2015-12-14 07:05:211407 Sam Lions TrailSewer Backup2015-12-14Homeowners side
C Ayers2015-12-14 07:05:59915 Dundee CtSewer Backup2015-12-14City side
Andy Lash2015-12-14 15:33:34Smith River InterceptManhole 50 6 Inch Line needs to be patched2015-12-21Fixed hole in manhole. Layed brick back.
Caller2015-12-16 12:14:46205 Grayson StreetSays water tastes like oil2015-12-16Took Dial off Meter
Nellie Adkins2015-12-17 08:30:17205 Greyson StWater Quality Issue2015-12-17Took dial off Meter
Victoria Webb2015-12-17 12:50:35326 Greyson StWater ithroughout home is muddy2015-12-17Ran water till it cleared up
Caller2015-12-17 13:17:20321 Greyson StWater is muddy2015-12-17Ran water till it cleared up
Caller2015-12-17 13:47:12314 Greyson StWater is muddy2015-12-17Took dial off Meter
Trey2015-12-18 09:22:20909 BanksSewer Backup2015-12-18City side good
Mike Mattingly2015-12-18 09:30:371407 Sam lions TrWater Overflow2015-12-18seen nothing. no one home
Buck Fuels/Mary2015-12-18 09:31:37402 Bridge StDrain across striaght is stopped up also at car wash2015-12-22Catch Basin
Manhole SRI_MAIN_59 2015-12-18 13:27:3436.6506106, -79.85344776" lateral has lots of clear water running in it.2016-11-16Checked and cant find a problerm
Kathlene Mitchel2015-12-13 15:53:491406 Spruce St ExtSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2015-12-13City side
Tonya Pruitt2015-12-15 18:09:421504 Spruce St ExtLow pressure2015-12-21Had water leak on Spruce St. Ext
Theresa2015-12-15 18:58:381605 Spruce St Ext Apt 17Other2015-12-15Had water leak on Spruce St. Ext
April Compton2015-12-15 19:18:55721 Grattan RdOther2015-12-15Had water leak on Spruce St. Ext
2015-12-15 19:46:57708 Grattan RdLow pressure2015-12-21Had water leak on Spruce St. Ext.
Dee McVey2015-12-15 20:44:581605 B Spruce St ExtOther2015-12-15Had water leak on Spruce St. Ext
Marc Worksop Carlton2015-12-21 07:55:521005 Jordan StExcess water use Please check Meter W2231 6975 Last reading2015-12-21Meter reading is 6981. Had very small leak on customer side.
Vann2015-12-22 10:18:59104 Pebble RoadSewer Smell in area, please find where its coming from2015-12-22Checked area. No smell
Phillip Hairston Jr.2015-12-22 13:02:16934 Glade StreetExcessive water use please check2015-12-23Checked meter. Not leaking. Told customer.
Robert Quesenberry2015-12-22 13:25:2337A Hanover DriveLocate Water and Sewer lines near propery2015-12-29No sewer main on Hanover
Marc Workshop2015-12-23 05:41:521005 Jordan StreetReplace Water Meter2016-09-16Changed Meter
Cynthia Spencer2015-12-21 19:24:29619 Mica StWater in meter box2015-12-21Leak on homeowners side
ICF2015-12-22 17:45:1413 Jackson StreetOther 2015-12-22No Cleanout
Caller2015-12-28 05:28:0213 Jackson StreetSewer Backup2015-12-28No Cleanout
C. Ayers2015-12-28 06:26:24915 Dundee CtSewer Backup2015-12-28Sewer main had blockage. Jetted main
JOhn Pedigo2015-12-28 07:22:37930 Glade StSewer Backup2015-12-28No Cleanout jetted main
Rocky Clark2015-12-29 06:29:221115 Ranson RoadSewer Backup2015-12-29City side clear
Thomas Matthews2015-12-29 07:04:271116 Knowlwood PlaceSewer Backup2015-12-29City side had blockage
Little Hearts Day Care - Summer2015-12-30 06:59:39319 Brown StreetVery little Pressure2015-12-30Lateral leak in road. Fixed galvanized line.
Paul Cannaday2015-12-30 07:54:451112 Sylan DriveSewer Backup2015-12-30City side
Jake Spencer2015-12-30 08:56:20510 Third StHole in pipe in yard2015-12-30Cleanout cap was missing next to house
Travis ½ Barbershop2015-12-30 09:53:4761A Fayette St. Sewer Backup2015-12-30City side
Billy Bennett2015-12-31 07:25:31319 Starling AveSewer Backup2015-12-31No cleanout
2015-12-31 07:28:102016-01-04
Cynthia Spencer2015-12-21 19:24:29619 Mica StWater in meter box2015-12-21Leak on homeowners side
Thomas Aquino2015-12-22 17:45:141600 Spruce St ExtOther2015-12-22Milky water. Took dial off. Ran water
Paul Cabiness2015-12-30 22:21:46526 Fayette StOther top of water pipe has blew off2015-12-30Fixed cleanout cap
911 Dispatch2016-01-01 23:21:461801 Church St ExtSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2016-01-01Sewer main had blockage
Ikeshia Harris2016-01-04 09:07:17290 Tanglewood DrSinkhole in yard2016-01-04address in county
Kenny Ashley2016-01-04 09:09:0131 Henry StPossible Water Break2016-01-05Fixed 4" transite
Akilah Carter2016-01-05 08:38:101309 Carver CtWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2016-01-05Homeowner got water cutoff in basement
Nikki Barbour2016-01-05 09:01:331102 Drewry RdSewer Backup2016-01-05City side good
Robert Kellum2016-01-05 13:03:3613 Jackson StPlease Check Cleanout has been installed2016-01-05Cleanout was installed up against house
2016-01-06 09:42:47Castle LnSewer Overfllow2016-01-06City side
Yolanda Horrel2016-01-07 05:20:231414 Mountain RoadWater leak in yard, not sure what the problem is please check2016-01-07Sewer. City side. Fixed cleanout cap
Ted Hatcher2016-01-07 07:03:4624 StarlingExcessive water use please check2016-01-07Leak on inside of building
2016-01-07 07:52:44104 Stoney Ct.Low or No Water Pressure2016-01-07Had 64lbs of presssure.
Martin2016-01-07 08:10:171206 MulberryBad Smell of Sewer in the area2016-01-07Sewer smell was inside house. told homeowner to check p-traps
Loririe Stokes2016-01-07 11:12:44219 Clearview DrivePuddle of water at the end of driveway w/vibration2016-01-07Sewer city side
Jennifer Dodson2016-01-03 13:07:39109 Kings RdSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2016-01-03stop up on home owner side
David Harr2016-01-11 07:30:3597 Dye Plant RoadWater leak in yard, not sure what the problem is please check2016-01-11Got water sample done at Water Plant
Carl Dodson2016-01-13 07:01:5626 Booker RdSewer overflow in road2016-01-13Sewer main had blockage
Janika Hunt2016-01-13 10:40:03204 Arrowhead TrSewer Backup2016-01-13Ran Water city side good
Prices Mini Market2016-01-13 11:00:22407 Bridge StWater is coming up out of the ground2016-01-13Sewer/city side lots of grease in cleanout from Prices Market
Estelle Williams2016-01-14 12:16:22216 Stuart StThere is a large hole in the ground between this property and 214 Stuart St2016-01-14Hole behind curb/ ?
2016-01-19 06:30:49Intersection of E Church St Ext and BondurantWater is coming up out of the ground2016-01-19sewer main stop up jetted an unstop line
Gavin Turner2016-01-19 10:44:10912 Chatham HeightsNo water, not sure why2016-01-19water frozen under the house
Uptown Sweets2016-01-19 11:15:231 E Church StLow or No Water Pressure2016-01-19water frozen in the biulding
Andy Lash2016-01-19 12:29:04Dye Plant Road in Front of Agee MufflerSewer Backup2016-01-19Water Seeping from ground next to building
Ms. Burch2016-01-20 06:47:37108 Wilson StSewer Backup2016-01-20No Cleanout
Mary Helen Cameron2016-01-20 10:36:53809 Corn Tassell TrSewer Backup2016-01-20Flushed cleanout
Owner2016-01-20 13:37:251527 Kenmar DriveWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2016-01-20Water turn off
2016-01-21 05:49:40407 Virginia StSewer Backup2016-01-21Homeowners side. May have septic tank?
Natalie Law2016-01-21 10:06:09516 Fayette St #BMeter is full of water2016-01-21Leak on customer side
Anita2016-01-25 07:32:54524 GlendaleSewer Smell in area please jet main2016-01-25Sewer main was good. No smell. Homeowner said it was more of a gas smell
Tina Alderman2016-01-25 10:52:371115 Morris RdSewer Overfllow2016-01-25stop up on city side jetted it an got unstop
Andy Lash2016-01-25 18:17:46Stream crossing near Redd Levelstabilize the stream bank there with some sedimentation and erosion control2016-01-25silt fence
Shanika Hairston2016-01-13 19:58:07204 Arrow Head TrailSewer Backup2016-01-13Ran water
Power outages or no power Tangela Hairston2016-01-18 08:35:511209 Maxine RdPower outages or no power2016-01-18Not a water call
Power outages or no power Lee Troter2016-01-18 13:54:341403 whittle rdSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2016-01-18Cleanout had stoppage
Milissa Moore2016-01-19 18:41:25Dunlap St behind the Funeral homeSanitary sewer manhole overflowing2016-01-19Unstopped manhole
Jatana Blankenship2016-01-27 05:54:04717 Pace StSewer Backup2016-01-27Sewer smell. Washed manhole out.
Dixie Pig2016-01-27 12:12:08817 Memorial BlvdWater is green2016-01-27Took dial off. Told them to run water
Clark2016-01-28 08:19:14812 Olympia StreetSewer Backup2016-01-28Manhole overflowing. jetted main
Gladys Harris2016-01-28 10:06:501434 Hillcrest AveSewer Backup2016-01-28Ran water in cleanout
Melissa Holland2016-01-28 10:35:13518 Glendale StGas smell in bathrooms. Also in neighborhood2016-01-28Checked all Manholes on street. all are flowing and clean
Anita Cooper2016-01-28 10:37:19907 Holland StSewer coming out of the ground2016-01-28No Holland street in city
Tyler Beam2016-01-28 10:46:11905 Liberty St #2Water Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2016-01-28Cut off
Tim King2016-01-28 13:19:5721 Starling AveLow or No Water Pressure2016-01-28Internal problem
Caller2016-01-29 05:26:04817 Olympia StSewer Backup2016-01-29Homeowners side. Ran water in cleanout
Judy Chitwood2016-01-29 08:34:41800 Augusta StBlack substance coming out of tub in home 2016-01-29Homeowners side
Paul Cabiness2016-02-01 07:14:42526 Fayette StTop has come off of cleanout and tissue is everywhere. Water in basement2016-02-01City side. Stopped up at bottom of cleanout
Blue Ridge Aquaculture2016-02-01 07:22:24555 Industrial Park Dr.Sewer Overfllow2016-02-01Sewer main flowing normal
Judy Campbell2016-02-01 07:30:29906 Bob GregoryPlease Meet with Judy to figure out water usage Tuesday before 8 am2016-02-06Met
Joan Knowles2016-02-01 10:45:28622 Forest StSewer Backup2016-02-01City side. Pushed hose to main turned jet on
Sylvia Dupee2016-02-02 06:06:49503 Fifth StSewer Backup2016-02-02Homeowners side
Deborah Hairston2016-02-02 08:25:27102 Randolph St #6Low or No Water Pressure2016-02-02Internal problem
Tia Jamison2016-01-24 23:10:511605 Spruce Street Ext.Water shutoffs due to internal problems at the customerâï2016-01-24had no pressure on customer side. left water on.
j Harriston2016-01-25 19:05:13711 Alice StSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2016-01-25City side
Cheryl Gravely2016-01-27 17:20:08111 Endless stSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2016-01-27City side
Crystal Farmer2016-01-29 23:43:34709 Oneida StWater reconnections2016-01-29Water turn off
Sue Cannon2016-01-30 10:31:15432 Clearview DriveSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2016-01-30called back and said they go it unstopped in the house
Andy Powers2016-02-03 06:46:46Spruce Street VillageFlow test hydrant in Yard while Alarm system is down2016-02-03100 Static 85 Flow
Buffy Griffin2016-02-03 09:37:39305 Wingfield StSewer Backup2016-02-03No cleanout. Sewer main is flowing
Blue Ridge Aquaculture2016-02-04 05:31:12555 Industrial ParkSewer Overfllow2016-02-04Jetted Sewer Main
Paul Cabiness2016-02-05 08:16:08526 Fayette StSewer Backup2016-02-05City side. Ran Camera 2/8/16 Piece of cleanout cap in lateral
Memorial Hosp - Jerry Spencer2016-02-05 08:42:59320 Hospital DrLow or No Water Pressure-PLEASE CALL2016-02-05internal problem
Roderick Millner2016-02-05 12:49:36912 Askin StSewer Overfllow2016-02-05No cleanout
Jeremy Iminus2016-02-02 18:05:091506 Mulberry RdWater reconnections2016-02-02Water turn on
911 dispatch2016-02-04 19:09:47526 fayette stSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2016-02-04City Side
Dianne Dumphter2016-02-06 08:37:48119 Big Jane St2016-02-06Water leak city side fixed on 2/8/16
Rodrick Millner2016-02-06 12:55:33912 Askin StreetOther Issues with sewer line2016-02-06No cleanout
Marcie Reynolds2016-02-06 15:43:00729 Smith RdSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2016-02-06City side Grease in lines
Caller2016-02-08 12:08:31Stratford Church Street ExtWater line break in front of Apt. 10012016-02-08Property owners takes care of water main inside of property
Chalres Whtifield/First Baptist2016-02-09 06:36:131043 E Church StWater Break on the main2016-02-08repaired sewer main
Patricia Shifflett2016-02-09 08:26:51912 Banks RdSewer Backup2016-02-09No cleanout
Michael Granderson2016-02-10 06:49:071309 Cardinal LnSewer Overfllow2016-02-10City sid blocked
Sandy Carter2016-02-10 11:13:3329 E Main St/Carter\\\'sWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2016-02-10Cut off. Cut back on 2-12-16
Nathan Walker2016-02-10 11:59:26413 Clearview DrSewer Backup2016-02-10city side blockage
Naydene Wells2016-02-11 10:30:42906 D StWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2016-02-11Cut off
Judy Campbell2016-02-11 11:59:05906 Bob GregorgyPlease Replce Water Meter2016-02-11leak on home ownerside
Torrey Morris2016-02-12 06:42:20208 Burgess CtWater Break on the main2016-02-12Cut water off. Leak on homeowners side
Tiffany Sawyer2016-02-12 06:50:10912 Askin StSewer Overfllow2016-02-12No cleanout. landlord dug hole in yard and sewage is stinding in it
Bradley Lopez2016-02-07 09:55:381910 Dundee LaneSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2016-02-07city side. jetted cleanout to main
Paul Cabiness2016-02-07 11:36:34526 Fayette StreetSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2016-02-07city side blockage
Mike Craig2016-02-12 18:27:07307 Sunset AveBroken water lines2016-02-12homeowners side
Larry Law2016-02-13 15:55:231120 Pine Hall RdBroken water lines2016-02-13cut off
Harold Lamm2016-02-17 06:37:501512 Whittle RdWater Quality Issue2016-02-19Milky water. Ran outside spigot
Franklin Jarrett2016-02-17 07:11:331107 Knollwood PlSewer Backup2016-02-17City side. Cut roots out.
Kenneth Engle2016-02-17 07:47:361334 Root Trail (across the streetSewer Overfllow2016-02-17Sewer main was overflowing. jetted main
Caller2016-02-18 05:05:44Spring StWater Leak in road2016-02-19Fixed Break
Ivory Weaver2016-02-18 07:11:291303 Oakgrove AveWaterleak near Meterbox2016-02-18Leak on customer side
Brenda Hairston2016-02-18 07:35:061003 Oak St (abadoned house next door on the right)Water Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2016-02-18Turned off
Katherine Medley2016-02-18 07:43:161120 Askin StSewer Backup2016-02-18City side
2016-02-18 09:33:47114 Salmon St (behind mailbox)Sewer Backup2016-02-18City side
Janet Walton2016-02-18 10:38:372019 Spruce StWater Quality Issue2016-02-18nobody home
Paul Cabiness2016-02-18 12:52:53526 Fayette STSewer Backup2016-02-18City side
Dispatch2016-02-19 05:34:05All of Spring st is wetWater Break on the main2016-02-19Fixed water break
Trevlyn Galloway2016-02-19 13:42:17909 Banks RdSewer Overfllow2016-02-19jetted main an unstop
Dorothea Goren2016-02-22 08:20:46717 Berkshire PlWater Quality Issue2016-02-22inline filter stop up
Betty Hairston2016-02-22 10:01:41209 Stuart StWater in backyard and no water pressure in home2016-02-22Cut water off. Spigot on back of house broke off.
James Stone2016-02-23 07:54:56411 fifth stLow or No Water Pressure2016-02-2360 psi at spigot
Speedweigh Recycling/Johnny Webb2016-02-24 05:42:03100 Pond StSewer Backup2016-02-24Rocks in bottom of cleanout.
Owner2016-02-25 06:48:561115 SylvanSewer Backup2016-02-25City side.
Michael Hankins2016-02-25 07:23:101219 Sam Lions TrWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2016-02-25cut off 'cut back on
Caller2016-02-25 12:55:071000 Block Indian Tr In roadSewer Overfllow2016-02-26found nothing
Wanda Green2016-02-26 06:41:29902 D StSewer Backup2016-02-26stop up on home owner side
Jatna Blankenship2016-02-21 16:09:35717 pace stSanitary sewer manhole overflowing2016-02-21no dodo back up
Krystal Farmer2016-02-21 16:56:28709 Oneida StWater shutoffs due to internal problems at the customerâï2016-02-21cut off
Paula Cabiness2016-02-27 18:39:35526 FayetteSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2016-02-27City side. fixed lateral on Feb 29th
Frances Draper2016-02-29 06:23:491005 Owens roadSewer Backup2016-02-29Had been stopped up. ran cam. cut roots
Dana Silver2016-03-01 07:10:431502 Mountain RdSewer Backup2016-03-01remove plastic piece from main
2016-03-01 08:20:051145 Ridge RdPlease cut water back on2016-03-01cut on
Brian Jessup2016-03-02 10:24:19810 Starling AVeSewer Backup2016-03-02Stuck hose in. Water took off. Put new cap on
Jessica Gauldin2016-03-02 11:18:101014 Griggs RdWater is coming from the top of the rd near Brookdale into the back of yard2016-03-02Rain water
Caller2016-03-04 12:53:16907 Highland StSewer Overfllow2016-03-04City side
Rebecca Wilson2016-03-05 18:08:55Natures Outlet - 294 Commonwealth Blvd Ste BOther toliet bubbles when running water and smells2016-03-05Cleanout goes toward building. Can't jet.
Eilleen Powell2016-03-07 05:13:14918 Vine StSewer Overfllow2016-03-07City side. Had roots. Poured solvent
Carolyn Hairston2016-03-07 05:32:451411 Askin StreetSewer Overfllow2016-03-07Ran water
Rodrick Millner2016-03-07 09:30:53912 Askin StreetSewer Line is in bad shape, not able to put in cleanout2016-03-07hole full of sewage
Caller2016-03-07 09:55:261434 HillcrestSewer Backup2016-03-07jetted
Bessie Campbell2016-03-08 06:55:47804 Newdale StWaterleak near Meterbox2016-03-08Homeowners side
Sams Gutter Shop2016-03-08 08:06:081025 Liberty StSewer Backup2016-03-08Manhole in front of pigs r us had stoppage
Steve Luke2016-03-08 09:16:45813 ClarkSewer Backup2016-03-08Ran water.
Rodrick Millner2016-03-08 09:18:01912 AskinFound Clean out please send jet truck2016-03-08Homeowners needs to install new cleanout
Speedweigh Recycling2016-03-09 07:59:08100 Pond StSewer Backup2016-03-09not going back out there to he fix his part
Shrader2016-03-09 09:22:031029 Mountain RdSewer Backup2016-03-09City Side/ need to camera
Caller2016-03-09 12:49:1618 High StreetSewer Backup2016-03-09City side
Trotter2016-03-10 08:38:301403 Whittle RdSewer Backup2016-03-10City side. jetted main
Gary Hogan2016-03-14 06:18:581509 White Oak CtSewer Break on the lateral-Behind house going into manhole2016-03-14Fixed with full joint of pipe.
Caller2016-03-14 11:22:221317 Hillcrest AveWaterleak near Meterbox2016-03-14leak on home owner side
Alexis Lee2016-03-15 11:26:41Sellers St near railroadSewer Overfllow2016-03-15manhole overflowing. jetted main. spread lime.
Floyd Gravely2016-03-16 10:08:56314 Fayette StreetSewer Backup2016-03-16City side. grease in lateral
Donald Wright2016-03-17 05:54:37104 InmanLow or No Water Pressure2016-03-17Had 70lbs. on outside spigot. Internal problem
Bucks Fuels2016-03-17 11:42:50402 & 406 Bridge StSewer Backup2016-03-18No cleanout. Sewer main is flowing
Patty Preston2016-03-18 07:18:371304 Roundabout RdCap is off2016-03-18Sewer Blockage. Pushed hose in cleanout
Integrity Life Ministries/Roger Dalton2016-03-21 06:50:34509 Fayette StSewer Backup2017-03-03Unkown
Tammy Hicks2016-03-21 06:51:40801 Burgess StWater Break on the main2016-03-21repaired main
Speedweigh Recycling/Johnny Webb2016-03-21 07:02:51100 Pond StSewer Backup2016-03-21jetted laterial
COM Norma Manns2016-03-13 18:23:48813 Olympia St.Other2017-03-13Unkown
Sarah Tinsley2016-03-14 19:54:36707 mica stOther water flooding basement2016-03-14pull root from main
Jessica Whylen2016-03-17 19:54:47109 Emmette StWater reconnections2016-03-17turn water on
Melvin Wade2016-03-19 01:40:561006 Smith Lake Rd Apt EMinor water leaks/seepage2016-03-19cut water off
MIke Walker2016-03-19 14:57:181319 Chatham HeightWater in meter box2016-03-19city side stop up
Chris Pekrul2016-03-19 17:51:191100 Burchland DrOther Sewer and water issue2016-03-19internal problem
Nick Pinkard2016-03-19 23:06:36109 Maple St2016-03-19stop up on ownerside
Jessup & Associates2016-03-21 11:07:34810 Starling AveSewer Backup2016-03-21laterial stop up
Chris Pekrul2016-03-21 11:45:521100 Burchland DriveFound Clean out please send jet truck2016-03-21got laterial line flowing theu was going to replace it
Jane Via2016-03-21 12:56:38404 ForestWater Quality Issue2016-03-21flush hydrant
Joanne Higgins2016-03-22 05:29:26308 Riverview Ct.Rust Water Please Call2016-03-22Took dial off
Patty Preston2016-03-24 11:24:541304 Roundabout RdCap is off2016-03-24Sewer City side. need to run camera
Richard Toller2016-03-24 11:39:57413 Forest StWaterleak near Meterbox2016-03-24Sewer. pipe crushed under meter box. put cleanout in.
Leena Dillard2016-03-24 13:38:24902 Independence DriveExcessive Water usage - Please Check2016-03-24meter was not turning
Jeffrey Wright2016-03-28 12:04:271025 Barrows Mill RoadCheck to see if a new sewer can be installed2016-03-29Marked sewer in front of house
Tonya2016-03-29 05:42:011504 Spruce St. ExtSewer Backup2017-03-29Unkown
Ellen Anderson2016-03-29 13:26:291026 Owens RdSewer Backup2016-03-29City side good
Sara Deal2016-03-30 06:46:25705 Beverly WaySewer Backup2016-03-30City side good. Homeowner said it was bathroom only.
Owner2016-03-30 13:27:55203 ASkin Camera Line and determine long term solution2016-03-31Ran camera. Tracked lateral and main. got depths
N & S RR2016-03-31 08:02:34Broad StSewer Overfllow2016-03-31Unstopped manhole
Caller2016-04-01 05:09:17811 Highland RidgeStrong smell of sewer in the area2016-04-01Homeowners side. Sewer smell inside house.
Tanya Pruitt2016-04-01 06:28:201504 Spruce St ExtSewer Backup2016-04-01City Side
Diane Taylor2016-03-30 22:32:55702 Druid LaneBroken, damaged, leaking water meter2016-03-30Leak on homeowners side. Galvanized line
Evelyn Boldin2016-04-02 08:47:30116 N Beaver St Water reconnections No hot water2016-04-02Homeowners Problem
Jimmy Lewis2016-04-02 19:14:17173 Morrison St2016-04-02Sewer. Jetted Lateral
Young2016-04-05 13:41:54608 Ruffin StreetPlease install water meter, may need to check with Ronald2016-04-05Installed
Nelson Ford Mazda2016-04-07 05:43:01303 W Church StWater Break on the main2016-04-07Sewer. unstopped main
Owner2016-04-07 12:38:321136 Sylvan Ave.Meter Leaking2016-04-07Replaced meter and box
Andy Phillips2016-04-11 07:51:42131 Greyson StWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2016-04-14Cut off
Teresa Langhorne2016-04-14 09:04:011631 Rivermont HeightsSewer backup behind the house2016-04-14No cleanout
Ted Anderson2016-04-14 09:06:24Madison and RandolphWater still running at Apartments after fire2016-04-14Turned off
Kenny Gunn2016-04-15 09:06:501609 Meadowview LnSewer Backup2016-04-15City side
Caller2016-04-18 10:35:301200 Lombardi ct.Sewer Backup2016-04-18City Side. Had roots in cleanout
Victor Millner2016-04-19 09:12:2121 S Barton St (across st beside utility pole across street)Water leak2016-04-19Didn't see water leak. Storm Drain lid was off behind curb. Pushed back on.
Inez Riddle2016-04-19 09:44:50219 Park StSewer Backup2016-04-19City side clear
Ralph Vessella2016-04-19 10:28:371011 Indian TrWaterleak near Meterbox2016-04-19Yard had dried up. Possibly sewer had backed up. no cleanout.
Karen2016-04-20 10:45:52101 Dove LaneWater in Basement not sure why please check2016-04-20No leak on meter. Cleanout dry. Water coming from crack in floor
Christy Manns2016-04-21 09:45:28214 Massey StreetWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2016-04-21Turn off
Johnnie Jones2016-04-22 07:42:561524 Kenmar DrWater Quality Issue2016-04-22Dirty water. Took dial off.
Caller2016-04-25 07:53:061208 Spruce StreetExcess water usage, please investigate2016-04-26Checked meter no leak
FREDDIE CHILDRESS2016-04-17 09:11:04918 ASKIN STMinor water leaks/seepage2016-04-17Sewer. City side.
Richie Laxton2016-04-26 06:12:521527 Kenmar DrSewer Backup2016-04-26City side good
Caller2016-04-26 12:12:42805 Burgess StreetHas had low water pressure since the leak the other day2016-04-26100lbs at spigot.
Dr. Jones2016-04-27 08:56:0225 ClevelandWater in building is having issues, please check2016-04-27Told them to call plumber
Beverly2016-05-02 13:26:29122 VennaSink hole near and around manhole behind house2016-05-03Sewer main callapsed.
Sharon Shepherd2016-04-24 10:52:08908 Hunting Ridge RdBroken, damaged, leaking water meter2016-04-24Water leak behind meter
Deborah Miller2016-04-29 18:59:02913 Glade StreetWater reconnections2016-04-29Turn on
Dispatch Center2016-04-30 13:01:381807 Spruce St Extetntion Broken water lines2016-04-30Water main break
Dee McVey-Mehta2016-04-30 13:05:191605 Spruce St Extension Low pressure2016-04-30Water main break
Jane Moore2016-04-30 13:31:39Corner of Spruce Street and Beverly WayBroken water lines2016-04-30Water main break
Annie Shelton2016-04-30 14:32:431615 Spruce St ExtLow pressure2016-04-30Water break on main
911 operator2016-04-30 15:48:561607 Spruce St extFire hydrant damaged/leaking2016-04-30city had hydrant running cause of water leak
Cynthia Ferguson2016-05-04 08:01:511204 Lombardy CtSewer Backup2016-05-04Homeowners side
Loretta Price2016-05-04 08:14:23121 Park StSewer Backup2016-05-04City side
Johnny Webb2016-05-05 08:03:08310 Hairston StreetSewer Backup in house Please call when you get there2016-05-05sewer main under house had stoppage. Sewer running out of basement
Martin2016-05-05 08:56:27823 New York AveSewer Backup2016-05-05Sewer City side
Lottie Walker2016-05-06 10:50:37102 Roselawn HghtsLow or No Water Pressure2016-05-065o lbs. at spigot. internal problem
Owner2016-05-06 11:51:011107 Highland off ForestSewer Backup2016-05-06City side
Speed weigh Recycling2016-05-06 11:51:36Hairston Main BuildingSewer Backup2016-05-06Cleanout behind building was clear
Harriet Smith2016-05-06 13:01:391207 MaxineSewer Backup2016-05-06Pushed hose in cleanout. run water
Tim Powell2016-05-09 05:12:29814 Highland Ridge RdSewer Overfllow2016-05-09City side
Lee Trotter2016-05-01 07:35:281403 Whittle Road2016-05-01Sewer broke
Annette McRay2016-05-10 05:54:07306 Union StreetSewer behind house see what is going on2016-05-10Fixed Cleanout
Clifton Hill2016-05-12 13:57:06316 Brown StreetLow Water Pressure at times please check2016-05-12low pressure area big house
Caller2016-05-13 06:29:08608 RuffinSewer backed up on City Side - Storage box removed from Cleanout2016-05-13City side
Andrea Wright2016-05-13 08:48:301009 Sheridan Ct.Low or No Water Pressure2016-05-13she had 70psi at house copper pipes inside might be galvinize at meter to h
Dorothy Hendricks2016-05-09 06:34:07407 Clearview Dr2016-05-09City side.
Angela Frasier2016-05-12 17:37:021107 Smith Lake Road Low pressure2016-05-12Leak on homeowners side
Natures Outlet2016-05-12 19:15:22Water and sewage backing up in the toilets.2016-05-12There side
Gordon McGee2016-05-16 08:19:19909 Jefferson CircleSewer Backup2016-05-16Unstopped
Winfield2016-05-16 08:52:25936 Glade StreetSewer Backup2016-05-16No cleanout. Main is flowing.
Kimberly Wimbush2016-05-16 09:22:01511 Armstead AveSewer Backup2016-05-16City side good
Brad2016-05-17 08:31:10Rivermont Apts Bldg 5 or 6Sewer Overfllow2016-05-17nothing to do with sewer. standing rain water
Caller2016-05-18 08:06:161007 Askin StreetSewer Backup2016-05-18No cleanout. No one answered phone.
Maintenance MAn2016-05-18 10:30:331130 Ridge Road(Ridgeview Apts)Sewer Overfllow2016-05-18Manhole stopped up. Grease.
Andy Lash2016-05-19 17:14:29Smith River Intercept below MeadoviewGeotech subs put hole in intercept, need to patch will be out there Friday2016-05-27Fixed.
Katina Dillard2016-05-16 17:21:28907 A St Other2016-05-16Water cut on
Theresa Davis2016-05-19 03:11:32516 Glendale StWater shutoffs due to internal problems at the customerâï2016-05-19Cut off
Rachel Harris2016-05-25 11:35:151434 Hillcrest AveSewer Backup2016-05-25laterial stop up sewer line doesnt have a lot of fall
Cynthia Lang2016-05-26 12:42:22712 Mica StSewer Overfllow2016-05-26City side
Ms. Ferguson2016-05-27 07:25:17221 Fayette StCity did waterline work & now faucet in back wont stop leaking2016-05-27leak on home owner side faucet
Monica Wilkins2016-05-27 07:28:13311 Red Oak StWater Meter lid damaged or broken- won2016-05-27Fixed
Clarence Belcher2016-05-31 09:04:271403 Askin StSewer Backup2016-05-31City side
Brandy Tyler2016-06-01 06:35:19411 Forest StSewer Overfllow2016-06-01Sewer main had blockage. Jetted then sucked manhole out with vac.
Caller2016-06-01 07:10:081411 Cardinal LaneSewer Backup2016-06-01City side had roots
John Lloyd2016-06-06 07:14:36413 Clearview DrSewer Backup2016-06-06No cleanout. Main flowing
Carolyn Hairston2016-06-06 08:11:051411 Askin StSewer Backup2016-06-06City side.
Saul Bevora2016-06-06 08:37:451006 Highland StSewer Overfllow2016-06-06No cleanout. Main flowing
Sue Critz2016-06-08 07:26:021008 Barrows Mill RdSewer Overfllow2016-06-08City side. Cleanout
Betty Clarke2016-05-29 14:31:30114 Salmon Street2016-05-29Sewer stoppage. pushed hose in lateral
No Name No Name2016-06-02 18:23:041034 Mountain Rd #10Water reconnections2016-06-02Water turn on
Ron Brutcher2016-06-03 17:40:38910 Dundee CtWater in meter box2016-06-03Changed meter
Wyatt Jones2016-06-09 11:30:35237 ClearviewPlease turn on water for a few so he can check for leaks2016-06-09Left water on
GCS2016-06-09 11:31:42229 College StreetLow or No Water Pressure2016-06-09We had water off on railroad and part of college st
Maintenance MAn2016-06-09 11:33:021006 Smith Lake RoadActs E & G have excess water in meter vault, please check2016-06-09Leak on property owner side
Robert Canupp2016-06-13 13:51:49903 Hazelwood LaneRoaches comping up from sewer2016-06-17Checked manhole. No more roaches than normal.
Owner2016-06-13 13:53:25709 Indian TrailWater leak at end of Driveway2016-06-13Need camera
Martinsville Block2016-06-13 13:54:21530 HairstonWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2016-06-14Turn water off for leak
Landon Dixon2016-06-14 10:36:08300 Roundhill RoadPlease Check water pressure and flow on Wed 6-15 after 11:00 am2016-06-14galvinize pipes on home owner side
Mary Green2016-06-14 11:12:28112 Echols StreetTurn the water ON2016-06-14Turn water on had to turn water off leaking under house
Linda Hager2016-06-17 07:19:105 Stratford CtSewer Backup2016-06-17City side good
Doug Graham2016-06-17 08:12:161523 Grandview RdWater Quality Issue2016-06-17removed dail dirty water
Caller2016-06-17 09:04:541523 GrandviewRusty colored water2016-06-17dirty water move dail
101 Tanglewood Dr2016-06-17 10:21:05Paul HarrisonWater Quality Issue2016-06-17flush hydrant
Linda Robertson2016-06-17 11:02:58213 McCoy StSewer Backup2016-06-17City side
Latoria fitzgerald2016-06-12 20:25:06821 OLYMPIA ST2016-06-12Sewer backup. Jetted
Dominick Mitchell2016-06-15 18:40:21814 Keel St2016-06-15Water Cut on
Rebecca Craighead2016-06-18 19:15:58674 Rosewood AveBroken, damaged, leaking water meter2016-06-18Cut off. Leaking behind meter
Tom Hairston2016-06-20 08:45:19805 Joya StreetLow or No Water Pressure/ contact user has had some pipes replaced2016-06-22Put new T in on main
Blue ridge AquaCulture2016-06-20 11:15:25555 Industrial Park driveSewer Backup/ Jet out line at Blue Ridge aquaCulture2016-08-18Jetted
Ms. Hairston2016-06-20 12:48:40601 Starling AveSewer Problems need to camera and determine condition of Line2016-06-21No Cleanout. Ran camera in sewer main. Main flowing. Marked lateral
Trinity Support Services2016-06-21 06:16:46601 Starling AveSewer Backup2016-06-21No cleanout. Sewer main flowing
Michael Hairston2016-06-22 11:53:291202 Top StSewer Overfllow2016-06-22Not sewer. Storm drain issue
Reflections Day Spa 2016-06-23 10:51:50Patrick Henry MallWater Dingy please call Sandra, Terry or Melody2016-06-23remove dail
Caller 2016-06-24 07:53:531810 Spruce APT #105Water quality issue please call when checking2016-05-27Odor in house women crazy we found nothing
Barry Joyce2016-06-22 19:17:07280 Woodhaven RdOther Water not on2016-06-22cut water on
Erica Preston2016-06-25 19:03:02119 Inman StBroken, damaged, leaking water meter2016-06-25Replaced meter. Bottom of meter was blowed out
Wayne Ayres2016-06-27 06:47:591040 OwensExcessive water usage2016-06-27Customer had leak inside
Greg Hart2016-06-27 06:51:09719 Indian TrDrain is not storm drain at end of driveway backed up2016-06-27
Carman McDowell2016-06-27 10:33:51801 Wind Dancer LaneCamera Storm Drains to determine condition2016-08-04Ran camera.
David Joyce2016-06-29 07:59:3757 Fireside LnWater Meter cover is broken2016-06-29Replaced meter box
Priscilla Martin2016-06-29 10:15:111151 E Church St #6ALow or No Water Pressure2016-06-29water main break on customer side
Alberta Walker2016-06-29 12:37:04719 Windsor Ln #BSewer Backup2016-06-29no cleanout. sewer main good
Caller 2016-07-01 05:20:49811 Spruce StreetSewer overflowing manhole in sidewalk2016-07-01City side. Jetted
Elliott Stone2016-07-01 08:38:44117 Salmon StSewer Overfllow2016-07-01Jetted main
Linda Robertson2016-07-05 12:52:37213 McCoy StSewer Backup2016-07-05City side. Ran camera. Had roots. Poured sewer solvent.
Janice Wishnevsky2016-07-06 09:47:39396 Dye Plant RdSewer Backup2016-07-06Homeowner complained about sewer smell coming from manhole
Charles Lewis2016-07-06 09:54:16800 Corn TasselCheck sewer line.2016-07-06Homeowner said rock came from city sewer and messed her seer pump up
Ted Kucdinski2016-07-06 10:41:45609 & 610 Clift StSewer Overfllow2016-07-06Catch basin was stopped up. Told public works
ELIZABETH MEEKS2016-06-26 20:27:08337 CLEARVIEW DROther2016-06-26stop up on home owner side
VIRGINIA PRATER2016-06-28 23:50:04906 Glade Street2016-06-28Sewer back up. had roots in line
Megan Smith2016-06-29 20:10:121151 East Church St Apt 13ABroken water lines2016-06-29Water main break on customer side
PAM ALLEN2016-06-30 18:05:531005 corn tassel trBroken water linesStreet drainage problems2016-06-30Water main break
Betty Newhill2016-06-30 19:20:011118 Drewry Road Apt B Water shutoffs due to internal problems at the customerâï2016-06-30Turned water off
Martha Drain2016-06-30 21:43:361515 Lake View TrailOther2017-06-30
Fred Gehrke2016-06-30 22:43:341013 Corncastle TrlLow pressure2016-06-30Water leak on main
Mrs Galvin2016-07-02 15:25:11145 Riverview CtBroken, damaged, leaking water meter2016-07-02Installed new meter
NCI2016-07-07 10:04:07Fayette STFire Hydrant during out water Fayete at Dunlap.2016-07-08city Had hydrant running
Gauldin2016-07-07 12:24:29145 Riverview Ct.Water meter was replaced, never finished filling in around box2016-07-08put dirt back
Carlos Penn2016-07-08 06:06:02420 Overland AveSewer Backup2016-07-08Cleanout was good
Yasmine White2016-07-08 11:22:35801 Spruce St #4Water Quality Issue2016-07-08took dial off
Richard Martin2016-07-09 19:05:061004 Smith Lake RdBroken, damaged, leaking water meter2016-07-09Turned off water.
Jaylan D2016-07-09 19:56:13221 Fayette StLow pressure2016-07-09Plenty of pressure at meter
Deborah Vaughn2016-07-11 06:22:43102 Melrose PlWater coming down road and washing out sidewalk2016-07-11Public Works issue.. Told Gary Reeves about it.
Brandon Sherill2016-07-11 10:48:421006 Corn Tassel TrailLow or No Water Pressure2016-07-12water turn off in house
Richard Howell2016-07-11 10:50:55909 Highland RidgeHigh water usage please check2016-07-11Checked meter. Dial not turning. Nobody home.
Caller2016-07-11 12:58:11117 InmaWater running in back yard not sure why2016-07-11draining a pool next door
Chris Kidd2016-07-12 11:29:161273 Lanier RdSewer Backup2016-07-12City side good
Many from UB2016-07-12 11:34:15120 E MainTurn Water on 2016-07-12turn meter on
Patricia Crummie2016-07-12 12:13:26215 Spring StWater meter top broken2016-08-23Replaced with new box
Conrad Hairston2016-07-12 12:34:23110 Marshall StSewer Backup2016-07-12No cleanout
Millner2016-07-18 06:05:10921 Boden St.Sewer Backup un house2016-07-18Sewer Main had stoppage. Jetted. Poured solvent
Millner2016-07-18 06:06:261003 B StreetSewer has hole in top, someone puts rocks in hole Stopped up sewer2016-07-18no clean out
Richard Martin2016-07-10 12:33:031004 Smith Lake RoadBroken, damaged, leaking water meter2016-07-10Leak on homeowners side
Terry Moore2016-07-10 13:54:301412 Spruce Street ExtensionBroken, damaged, leaking water meter2016-07-10Put new meter in
911 Dispatch2016-07-10 21:11:29216 College StreetBroken, damaged, leaking water meter2016-07-10Didnt find anything
Brandon Sherrill2016-07-11 18:36:501006 Corn Tassel TrailLow pressure2016-07-11main valve in house not on
CARLITA ROBERTS2016-07-12 18:35:08708 AILCIE STWater reconnections2016-07-12Cut on
Kenneth Downing2016-07-18 06:41:40917 Corn Tassel TrSewer Backup2016-07-18Checked cleanout city side good
GCS Electronics/Smith Wholesale2016-07-18 07:53:5123 Railroad StLow or No Water Pressure2016-07-18Valve was off in street
Caller2016-07-18 08:04:42432 Clearview DrWater Quality Issue2016-07-18flush hydrant
Terah Coud2016-07-18 08:26:20403 Clearview DrWater Quality Issue2016-07-18flush hydrant
Caller2016-07-18 11:39:34500 ClearviewSewer Backup, Please call2016-07-18Stoppage on homeowners side
Speedweigh Recycling2016-07-20 05:48:23100 Pond StSewer Backup2016-07-20Jetted. Rocks still in bottom of cleanout
Cynthia Lang2016-07-21 05:17:17712 Micah StSewer Backup2016-07-21Stoppage in main. cut roots out
2016-07-21 06:50:50Railroad St50 yards from Broad St water is seeping from road2016-07-21Had water leak on 1" main. Fixed
Cynthia Lang2016-07-21 12:30:37712 Mica StSewer Overfllow2016-07-21Stoppage on main. cut roots out
ESSIE TURNER2016-07-19 18:24:241130 RIDGE RD APT 407Water reconnections2016-07-19turn water on
James Johnson2016-07-21 20:01:551425 Greensboro RoadBroken water lines2016-07-21Fixed 1" line
N/A N/A2016-07-22 17:14:30712 MicaSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2016-07-22City side good.
Annette Huckfeldt2016-07-22 17:46:371014 Morning sideOther Rust color water2016-07-22Flushed hydrant
Vicky Smith2016-07-23 19:09:10Inman StreetSanitary sewer manhole overflowing2016-07-23sewer stop up on city side
John J2016-07-23 20:29:56Oneida StSanitary sewer manhole overflowing2016-07-23sewer main stop up jetted an unstop line
Curtis Solomon2016-07-25 07:47:041522 Grandview RdWater Quality Issue2016-07-25Flushed hydrant
Lucille Weaver2016-07-25 11:24:081207 Mountain RdWater Quality Issue2016-07-25Flushed hydrant
Mark Phillips2016-07-26 05:34:20401 Union StWater Quality Issue2016-07-27Internal Problems
Maria Zaldivar2016-07-26 13:25:09100 Elwood StWaterleak near Meterbox2016-07-26Leak on homeowners side
Peoples Choice Beauty2016-07-28 05:18:2834 E. ChurchCut off water internal customer Problem2016-07-28turn water off
Delebra Hodge2016-07-28 10:44:35903 Jefferson CircleDirty Water Please Check2016-07-28Flushed hydrant
Truman Adkins2016-07-28 11:26:05907 MyrtleMeter next door has water gushing out of it2016-07-28Leak behind meter
Beverly Cecil2016-07-28 12:35:39622 Mulberry RdWater Quality Issue2016-07-28Took dial off
Tony Wright(Funeral Home)2016-07-29 11:24:30Memorial BlvdGo by and see whats going on2016-07-29Showed him were city water line was
Speedweigh Recycling2016-08-01 05:31:43100 Pond StSewer Backup2016-08-01city side. jetted cleanout to main
Roxanne Martin2016-07-30 13:00:27196 Shumate driveOther high pressure & muddy water2016-07-30county of henry problem
911 Dispatch2016-07-30 15:18:39corner of Liberty and ClearviewSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2016-07-30Storm drain. unstopped
JoAnn Goggins2016-08-01 12:14:41936 Blankenship RdSewer Backup2016-08-01Sewer main had stoppage
Patsy Carter2016-08-02 07:08:09609 Clift StSewer Backup2016-08-02Storm drain. not sewer
Paul Cabiness2016-08-02 08:42:04526 Fayette StWater Quality Issue2016-08-02flush hydrant
Sirloin House2016-08-02 08:48:02530 Commonwealth BlvdWater Quality Issue2016-08-02Flushed Hydrant
Tokyo Express2016-08-02 09:03:171170 Memorial BlvdWater Quality Issue2016-08-02Flushed hydrant
George Gravely2016-08-02 10:55:28412 Swanson StWater Quality Issue2016-08-02flush hydrant
American National University2016-08-02 11:21:18905 Memorial Blvd NWater Quality Issue2016-08-02flush hydrant
Lolitha Penn2016-08-02 12:03:541159 Yorkshire Rd #4Water Quality Issue2016-08-02flush hydrant
Wayne Mitchell2016-08-02 12:07:511217 Maxine RdWater Quality Issue2016-08-02flush hydrant
Mazie Mitchell2016-08-02 12:08:361300 Carver CtWater Quality Issue2016-08-02pull dial off
Tony Patton2016-08-03 07:44:12226 Pine StWater Quality Issue2016-08-03flush hydrant
Joyce Young2016-08-03 08:28:56601 Mulberry RdWater Quality Issue2016-08-03No one home. Checked outside spigot. Water was clear.
Jean Hairston2016-08-03 09:10:27403 3rd StreetPlease flush hydrant at 3rd and B2016-08-03Ran hydrant
Joseph Zuchausaus2016-08-03 11:18:161100 Fayette StWater Quality Issue2016-08-03flush hydrant
Ronald Mitchell2016-08-04 05:20:191307 Carver CtStill having issues with water quality2016-08-03 Spigot was clear. Told homeowner to run water to flush out pipes
Speedweigh Recycling2016-08-04 07:06:39100 Pond StSewer Backup2016-08-04stop up city side
Hope and Christ Ministries Henry Hairston2016-07-31 09:09:29900 Adelle St Broken, damaged, leaking water meter2016-07-31cut off
Dennis Hairston2016-07-31 10:00:07204 AMY STSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2016-07-31city side. jetted cleanout to main
Earleen gravely2016-07-31 15:52:48755 stulz rdMinor water leaks/seepage2016-07-31could not turn complex off
Loren Wood2016-08-01 21:16:31804 Roy Street2016-08-01cut off on homeowner side
Casey Anderson2016-08-02 02:11:41209 Burgess CourtBroken water lines2016-08-02cut off on homeowner side
Sabrina Sigmon2016-08-03 21:07:06701 Corntasle Apt 11Water shutoffs due to internal problems at the customerâï2016-08-03cut water off
Bobby Spratt2016-08-04 22:17:441415 Rivermont Heights Rd Apt AWater shutoffs due to internal problems at the customerâï2016-08-04problem on his side no hot water
Caller2016-08-08 07:45:541316 Edwards LaneBroken Water line near storm drain2016-08-08repaired main
Caller2016-08-09 07:05:40741 Stultz RoadLow Water Pressure 2016-08-09galvinize pipes on home owner side
Donna Rivera2016-08-09 11:35:4930 BartonLow Water Pressure2016-08-09Replaced meter
Debra Poirier2016-08-09 11:47:171810 Spruce #105 2nd level on leftOdor can2016-08-09city side good
Willie Price2016-08-09 12:16:11826 New York AveSewer Backup2016-08-09city side good
Webb2016-08-09 12:25:54326 Greyson StreetWater Quality Issue2016-08-09Took dial off.
Blue Ridge Aquaculture2016-08-09 14:44:58Industrial Park DriveSewer getting slow need to jet2016-08-16Jetted
Glenda Hager2016-08-10 08:27:535 Stratford CtWater Quality Issue2016-08-10pull dail
Lisa Turner2016-08-11 06:49:22107 Lakemont CtWaterleak near Meterbox2016-08-11Leak behind meter
Diane Canupp2016-08-12 08:10:40323 Clearview DrWater Quality Issue2016-08-12Water had cleared up. They were flushing that area.
JoAnn Sanders2016-08-15 12:18:461216 Mulberry RdSewer Backup2016-08-15City side. unstopped
Kirsten2016-08-16 05:51:04405 Minor StreetLow Water Pressure Please go on Friday between 12:30 and 2pm2016-08-1950lbs at spigot
Chip Wyatt2016-08-16 06:32:38Market & StarlingClean out needs nth repair and roots in terra cotta pipe2016-08-16Put cleanout back on Fernco. Poured solvent
Vernon Ingram2016-08-18 08:24:58819 Corn Tassel TrSewer Backup2016-08-18Jetted Main Unstopped
Thomas Kendall2016-08-18 09:06:58218 Pine StWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2016-08-18Cut off.
LeAnn Holland2016-08-18 10:25:061011 Askin StMan mowing yard broke lid2016-08-18Put new lid on
Sherman2016-08-19 06:23:501611 Rivermount heightsBottom Blown out of Water Meter2016-08-19Replaced meter
Charles Aaron2016-08-19 11:12:08900 S Memorial BlvdSewer Backup2016-08-19Stoppage on city side. Jetted
Caller2016-08-22 05:35:30Lakemount CtWater leaking in yard, please check2016-08-22Leak on homeowners side.
Mary Brimmer2016-08-22 07:33:341010 Chatham Heights RdWater Quality Issue2016-08-22Water was dingy. took dial off
Caller2016-08-22 08:22:03319 Greyson StreetSewer Backup2016-08-22No cleanout. Jetted main. City side good
Sherry Carter2016-08-24 12:57:3770 Benjamin RdWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2016-09-24cut water off
Caller2016-08-29 05:27:341325 MulberryWater leak at end of Driveway2017-08-29Sewr
Amber Hunt2016-08-17 18:14:301400 Lee StBroken water lines2016-08-17Leak on homeowners side
Mada Smith2016-08-18 20:19:10930 Banks Rd Apt #3Other no water2016-08-18homeowner was on cut off list. showed paid reciept
Candace Hairston2016-08-20 08:26:461010 William StreetOther Brown Water2016-08-20took dial off
Abercrombie Oil NA NA2016-08-20 10:18:30Al PhilpottMinor water leaks/seepage2016-08-20psa problem
Cato George Law2016-08-20 12:31:11832 Commonwealth BlvdFire hydrant damaged/leaking2016-08-20rebiult hydrant
Stop In2016-08-20 19:32:351506 Greensboro RdBroken water lines2016-08-22low water presure wrights funeral home cut line into
STOP IN KIMBERLY ARELLANO2016-08-21 12:25:181506 GREENSBORO RD Other2016-08-22mud in waterline
Nathaniel Trent2016-08-21 21:37:281506 Greensboro Rd Other no water2016-08-21PRV stopped up
R Coleman2016-08-22 22:22:44603 Mulberry RoadOther2016-08-22Water meter problem
Caller 2016-08-30 06:13:38912 BrookdaleWater leak around water meters2016-08-30Leak on customer side
Amanda Adams2016-08-30 06:58:511518 Rivermont HtsWater Quality Issue2016-08-30Took dial off
Lisa Harville2016-08-30 06:59:451520 Rivermont HtsWater Quality Issue2016-08-30Took dial off
Yome O\2016-08-30 08:40:38121 Clearview DrSewer Backup2017-06-30main stop up
Macy Hyde2016-08-30 12:37:19103 Maple St #2 & #4Low or No Water Pressure2016-08-30Had problem in basement
2016-08-30 12:39:42Main StWater Break on the main2016-08-30DF and TT was flushing.
Martin2016-09-02 07:02:20930 Myrtle RoadSewer Backup2016-09-02roots in sewer laterial
Ebony Preston2016-09-02 07:26:09503 Armstead AveSewer Backup2016-09-02city side blockage
Ann Long2016-09-02 10:32:05908 Royal DriveSewer Overfllow2016-09-02Sewer main had stoppage. Jetted
Judy Hodges2016-09-06 05:40:34901 Clarke RdLow or No Water Pressure2016-09-06galvinize pipes on home owner side
Caller 2016-09-06 06:20:19103 Northwood Ct.Water coming out of ground behind house2016-09-06Fixed 4" water main
Latortha Hunt2016-08-28 21:15:44737 Fayette St apt BWater shutoffs due to internal problems at the customerâï2016-08-28change angle stop
Janice Clingenpeel2016-09-03 10:49:46314 Fairy Street ExtensionBroken water lines2016-09-03leak at biulding
David Joyce2016-09-07 09:27:07107 Clearview DrWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2016-09-17
Jeff2016-09-08 05:22:18509 MonroeExcess water usage please call and see whats going on2016-09-08toilet leaking
A. Jones2016-09-08 07:10:40304 Forest StRequesting sewer line be flushed2016-09-08No cleanout. Sewer main flowing
Fred Akers2016-09-09 13:37:5950 E. Church(the Henry)Dirty Water Please Check2016-09-09Water was dirty due to Hydrant Flushing now clear
Anna Estes2016-09-05 18:20:14701 Corn Tassel trlOther no water2016-09-05Water main break
Daniel Martin2016-09-05 19:03:49910 Clark RoadOther2016-09-05
Juanita Mayhan2016-09-05 19:10:531153 Banner stSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2016-09-05roots in laterail
George Harris2016-09-05 19:51:501220 Sam Lions TrailBroken water lines2016-09-05repaired main
unknown unknown2016-09-06 17:41:25Dunlap and Fayette StSanitary sewer manhole overflowing2016-09-06city side blockage
Joseph Pannell2016-09-06 17:43:50102 North Wood CourtOther not clear2016-09-06water main break
Chester Dillard2016-09-06 18:09:581305 Askin St Broken water lines2016-09-06sewer stop up on city side
Richard Amburn2016-09-06 18:13:131214 Lawson StBroken water lines2016-09-06Lateral broke. Fixed
2016-09-07 04:00:521211 Lawson StWater shutoffs due to internal problems at the customerâï2016-09-07gity side water leak
Theresa Rhodes2016-09-09 18:15:52605B Spruce St Ext Apt 17Low pressure2016-09-09leak on home owner side
Linda Stegall2016-09-09 19:15:071511 Lakeview TrailLow pressure2016-09-09took dail off flush lines
Isla Wilk2016-09-09 19:44:29759 Indian TrailLow pressure2016-09-09took dail off flush lines
Wayne Sharon Gilbert2016-09-10 12:17:11904 Clark RdOther Water is dengue2016-09-10took dail off flush lines
Truman Adkins2016-09-12 11:24:33904 Fayette StSewer Backup2016-09-12No cleanout jetted main
Richard McNeil 2016-09-12 14:01:531002 River forest Placefound Clean out Please sent flusher truck2016-09-14Run water. City side good. Homeowner said it was bathroom only
Ralph Vessella2016-09-13 07:07:05120 Maple StWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2016-09-13turn water off
Tina Barrett2016-09-14 05:38:36117 Emmette StWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2016-09-14turn off
Btrenda Trotter2016-09-14 08:23:481204 Bethel LnWater Quality Issue2016-09-14flush hydrant
Vince Hairston2016-09-14 10:40:59622 Stultz Rd (in front of carwash)Waterleak near Meterbox2016-09-14Worked valve. Stopped leaking.
Virgil Powell2016-09-15 10:56:121016 Adele StLow or No Water Pressure2016-09-1528lbs.
Biscuitville/Kathy2016-09-16 07:20:271121 S Memorial BlvdWater Quality Issue2016-09-16Ran water till it cleared
Gary Fox2016-09-16 07:58:3933 Circle Dr.Low or No Water Pressure2016-09-16115pressure at spigit no one home
William McIntosh2016-09-16 08:02:181503 Rivernmont HtsPlease call2016-09-16flush hydrant
H Martin2016-09-16 08:24:411323 Rivermont HtsWater Quality Issue2016-09-16flush hydrant
Tina Hairston2016-09-16 10:03:381517 GrandviewSewer Backup2016-09-16City side good.
David Bell2016-09-16 10:05:171334 Rivermount HeightsDirty Water in area Please Check2016-09-16flush hydrant
Meritha Worker2016-09-11 19:18:52816 Parkview Avenue Water shutoffs due to internal problems at the customerâï2016-09-11cut water off
Amy Carol2016-09-17 15:21:44403 3rd streetSanitary sewer manhole overflowing2016-09-17Vaccant lot. Didn't see nothing. No one would answer phone.
Deborah Wright2016-09-17 21:34:011020 Oak StSewer backups, blocked sewer lines or sewer overflowing2016-09-17City side. Grease in line really bad
Caller 2016-09-19 07:12:25907 Askin StreetWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2016-09-19Cut off
Ebony Preston2016-09-19 10:49:20503 Armstead AveSewer Backup2016-09-19stop up on city side
Texas Steak House2016-09-19 12:27:23CommonwealthSewer Backup2016-09-19clear on city side
Nicki Love2016-09-19 12:57:25724 Prospect Hill DrWaterleak near Meterbox2016-09-20Replaced meter. Leak on homeowners side
Theodore Lathum2016-09-20 07:28:29404 Pond StSewer Backup2016-09-21stop up on home owner side
Bndesh2016-09-20 10:52:501508 Grandview roadPlease locate Sewer Lateral2016-09-21located line
David Collie2016-09-20 13:28:12103 Ashwood CtDavid call David and help him locate2016-09-21located line
CALLER2016-09-21 10:15:47715 Carter StWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2016-09-21turn water off
Latoya Cole2016-09-21 11:08:5929 Dunlap StSewer Backup2016-09-21no clean out the main was flowing
Caller2016-09-21 13:56:22406 Third StreetSewer Backup2016-09-22Said it was a sewer smell outside. But it was gone.
Caller2016-09-22 07:57:29618 Watt StreetSewer Overfllow2016-09-22City side. Fixed lateral 9/23
Chris Kidd2016-09-27 08:59:101273 Lanier RdWater leak in driveway (please call)2016-09-27cut water off laterail leaking
Kelly Cobbler2016-09-27 12:32:591057 Graves StResident on feeding tube-needs to be flushed2016-09-27took dail off flush lines
Lakenya Crump2016-09-28 12:29:091121 Askin StLow water pressure and dingy water since Monday2016-09-28remove dail
Dennis Elmore2016-09-29 05:42:341203 Askin StreetLow or No Water Pressure2016-09-29Changed meter. 80psi.
Harold Gravely2016-09-29 09:52:03802 Second StSewer Backup2016-09-29he had septic tank
Josh Wilson2016-09-30 08:49:26Womack Elc- W Church StSewer Overfllow; sewer coming out & over cover in front of entrance2016-09-30city side blockage
Josh Wilson2016-09-30 08:53:56Womack Elc- W Church StSewer Backup2016-09-30city side blockage
David cole2016-10-03 07:56:551163 Spruce St.Excess Water usage please check2016-10-03no leak
Dennis Mahan2016-10-04 05:40:53106 Village StWater Quality Issue2016-10-04told him todrain hot water tank check ch in water was 0.49 -0.57
Karen Creasy2016-10-04 08:57:351235 Mulberry RdSewer Backup2016-10-04homeowners side
Caller2016-10-05 06:09:051706 Spruce Street Ext. Unit 1Excess Water usage please check2016-10-05no leak
Betty2016-10-05 07:16:191109 RansonExcess Water Usage please Check2016-10-06no leaks
Virgil Powell2016-10-06 07:30:501016 Adele StLow or No Water Pressure2016-10-0628 psi
Joyce Rumley2016-10-06 11:38:081604 Old Chatham RdLow or No Water Pressure2016-10-26change meter
Charles Lampkins2016-10-11 06:42:421133 Stephens StSewer Backup2016-10-11broken cleanout cap
Caller2016-10-11 10:20:05934 Glade StreetPlease call before checking out water quality2016-10-11took dail off flush lines
Chris Smith2016-10-11 11:30:03907 Askin StWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2016-10-11turn water off
Darcells Car Wash2016-10-12 06:59:03628 E Church StWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2016-10-12Darcell wanted water left on
Eggleston2016-10-13 06:51:22710 Barrows Mill Little HousePlease turn off water so owner can do repair2016-10-13Turn off
Debra2016-10-13 10:13:131020 Oak St.Sewer Backup2016-11-13homeowners side
Angela Frazier2016-10-14 08:13:491107 Smith Lake RoadExcess Water Usage please Check2016-10-14leak on ownerside
Anderson2016-10-17 06:13:171221 LanierSewer Backup2016-10-17stop up on home owner side
Amanda Grey2016-10-17 07:42:11222 Rives RoadWater Leak Please check2016-10-17leak on home ownerside
Bob Sharpe2016-10-17 13:21:541124 OakgroveSewer Backup2016-10-17Pushed hose in cleanout. Run water
David Riddle2016-10-19 06:41:481897 Chatham RdLid is off of meter2016-10-19Antenna wouldnt allow lid to set down. Bronco was supposed to fix
Joe Ratliff2016-10-19 07:27:231015 & 1017 Adele StLow or No Water Pressure2016-10-1928lbs
Bill Dalton2016-10-20 07:15:461111 Rives RdPlease call issue with meter2016-10-20leak on home ownerside
Joe2016-10-21 07:37:40Bottom of AdeleLow water Pressure Please call and check out2016-10-2128lbs
Tom Clay2016-10-21 09:15:54706 Craig StreetWater Leak Please check Mrs. Clay knows where the shut off valve is inside2016-11-21showed her
Kimbell Williamson2016-10-24 08:42:331033 Owens RdSewer Backup2016-10-24Floor drain
Brad Divers2016-10-24 09:53:21307 Oakdale StLow or No Water Pressure2016-10-24
Martinsville Concrete2016-10-24 13:57:28HairstonWater s brown with grit after meter change please go by first thing Tuesday2016-10-25Leak on customer side
OWNER2016-10-24 14:01:351202 AND 1273 LANIERBOTH ADDRESSES HAD WATER LEAK PLEASE CHECK CONDITION2016-10-25Got readings on dials
Community Market2016-10-26 08:13:19312 Fayette StWaterleak near Meterbox2016-10-26Sewer City Side
Cavalier Pharmacare2016-10-26 12:12:38806 S Memorial BlvdLid is broken2016-10-26Put new lid on
James Farris2016-10-27 05:16:371303 Askin StSewer Backup2016-10-27City Side
Fuller2016-10-27 11:50:581300 1/2 Middle StreetPlease find leak if there is one2017-10-27water froze up
Trent Bowles2016-10-28 13:05:331016 Morningside LaneSewer Smell from manhole and holes around manhole and rats2016-10-31No Smell. Filled in holes
Robert2016-10-31 09:13:08116 Maple St.Sewer Backup2016-10-31City side good
Blue Ridge Remodelling 2016-11-01 05:58:17311 Forest StreetSewer Backup2016-11-01City Side. Pushed hose
Greg2016-11-01 12:32:011317 Askin Near Stephens StSewer overflow near Stephens Street.2016-11-01sewer main had stoppage. jetted
Marie Hairston2016-11-01 13:48:51111 VillagePlease chec for excess water usage last read 15952016-11-07Leak on Home Owners side
Imogene Draper2016-11-02 05:47:12Brookdale Culvert Pipe in Ditch going to easement needs to be replaced Please cal2016-11-02put dirt around pipe
Clyde Hairston2016-11-02 12:59:11112 Massey StThere is puddle on the left side of the house2016-11-03Leak on homeowners side
Carolyn Drew2016-11-03 05:42:45310 5th StWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2016-11-03Cut off
Stacey Thomas2016-11-03 06:58:07208 Wilson StSewer Backup2016-11-03No clean out. Sewer main flowing.
Loise Carter2016-11-03 11:19:431119 Corn TassellWater Gushing up from ground2016-11-03Broken line homeowners side
Joanna Gilbert2016-11-04 11:24:24101 Park CtSewer Backup2016-11-04City side
Harold Gravely2016-11-07 09:01:07311 Greyson StreetSewer Backup2016-11-07Homeowners side
Jerry Sharpe2016-11-08 11:18:25605 Orchard StWaterleak near Meterbox2016-11-08Sewer problem
Doris Deshazo2016-11-09 10:53:45117 Pony PlaceSewer Backup2016-11-09City side had blockage.
Sandra Pullium2016-11-09 13:43:28Royal Oaks Town Home 104Sewer Backup - Top is off Clean-out Roots need to be removed2016-11-14City side. Grease.
Wade2016-11-14 06:04:541202 Spruce StreetSewer Backup2016-11-14City side good
Donnie Brooks2016-11-14 06:31:41916 Highland StSewer Backup2016-11-14Sewer smell. Sewer main had blockage. Jetted
Siana Hairston2016-11-14 06:51:011217 Pine Hall RdSewer Backup2016-11-14no cleanout
Giggets2016-11-14 11:09:421401 Askin streetSewer Backup2016-11-14City side
Don Wade2016-11-15 06:00:30123 Pony PlaceWater Pressure too high2016-11-15105psi at house. Something wrong with there PRV
Pearson2016-11-15 10:43:43729 Indian TrLow or No Water Pressure2016-11-15Homeowners side
Caller2016-11-16 07:02:13815 BelmontPlease check to to if water is off meter 34782016-11-16had to turn water off
Andy2016-11-16 07:39:31Intersection of Hairston and PondSewer Backed up close to overflowing2016-11-16Pumped manhole out
Mary Williamson2016-11-17 11:31:07205 Fairy StSewer Backup2016-11-17City side
Demetrus Williamson2016-11-18 07:53:56511 Armstead AveSewer Backup2016-11-18City side
Stone Dynamics/Shana2016-11-18 10:52:121220 S Memorial BlvdLow or No Water Pressure2016-11-18need bigger water tap
911 Center2016-11-18 20:07:20Mulberry And Thomas HgtsWater Break on the main2016-11-18Wasnt water. sewer main was backed up
Charlotte Hunt2016-11-20 09:16:08710 Forest St.Water flowing on hillside beside house.2016-11-20Water main break
Derreck Young2016-11-21 08:21:51107 Big Jane StWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2016-11-21Cut water meter off leak on home owner side
Sammy Redd2016-11-21 08:36:05303 Oakdale StWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2016-11-21Cut water meter off leak on home owner side
Owner2016-11-21 10:20:07715 PerdueTry to locate Possible Sewer connection if not determine where it should go2016-11-22RAN CAMERA
Stone Dynamics2016-11-21 10:21:19Memorial Blvd(Old Coca-Cola)Get with GL and determine place to put new 2 Inch Service2017-01-05Installed new 1.5 Inch meter
911 Dispatch2016-11-22 05:14:31900 E Church StWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2016-11-22Cut off
Latoya Fitzgerald2016-11-22 05:32:48821 Olympia StSewer Backup2016-11-22city side blockage
Stacey Belcher2016-11-22 06:01:03710 Forest StreetClean up yard after pipe 2016-12-01Fixed yard.
Blue Ridge Aquaculture2016-11-22 08:54:10Industrial Park Sewer biking up Please clear2016-11-22Jetted
Berry Elliot2016-11-22 08:58:22903 Jefferson CircleSewer Backup2016-11-22Jetted city Main sewer was stopped up on home owners side they didn't have
Robbie Divers2016-11-23 07:26:59715 Craig StWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2016-11-23laterial broke cut off
911 Dispatch2016-11-23 12:37:31900 E Church StWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2016-11-23turn off
Dr. Scouras2016-11-25 13:36:131221 Sam Lions Trailsewage backup2016-11-25homeowners side
Edith Ziglar2016-11-28 08:23:101427 Rivermont HgtsSewer Backup2016-11-28line not stop up just a sewer smell
David Enniss2016-11-28 08:48:28Around 1218 & 1220 Knollwood btwn Lanier & KnollwoodOverflow in woods2016-11-28Unstopped main
Eric Monday2016-11-28 11:00:32936 Mulberry RdSewer Backup2016-11-28Jetted had roots. Poured solvent.
Caller2016-11-28 11:02:09705 Auburn PlaceNo water Pressure since meter change2016-11-29
Jackie Hodge2016-11-29 12:33:54501 Fayette StreetExcess Water usage please check2016-11-29
William Wright2016-11-30 10:14:06Knowl StreetSewer Line Broken Behind Bakery and Martisnville Glass2016-11-30Fixed 8" pipe at creek.
Elizabeth Hairston2016-11-30 11:55:181213 Chatham HgtsWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2016-11-30sewer pipe was broke under house
Gregory Inman2016-12-01 06:56:02107 Inman StSewer Backup2016-12-08City Side good 12/1/16
Amanda Redd2016-12-01 10:37:031055 Rives RdPlease check for potentail leak and call2016-12-01Didn't find anything. Called #. No one would answer.
Dr. Maureen Aaron2016-12-01 12:35:03909 Hazelwood LnSewer Backup2016-12-02Main and Cleanout both clear
Mrs Hairston2016-12-03 00:18:29333 Clearview Dr2016-12-03Worked wreck
Nationwide Homes2016-12-05 05:27:161100 Rives RoadLack of Pressure in One Building2016-12-05Nationwides side
Lucy Wilson2016-12-05 05:42:371008 Sheridan CtAntena on Meter is Tripping hazard2016-12-05Ground leters down on meter lid.
Arrie Fountain2016-12-05 11:11:56707 Barrows Mill RdSewer Backup2016-12-05City Side good.
Jessica Carter2016-12-06 07:51:14103 Roselawn HeightNo water2016-12-06Changed meter
2016-12-06 08:24:26226 Dupont Rd (white warehouse on the corner)Sewer Backup2016-12-06City side
Caller2016-12-06 10:17:17120 E Main StreetExcess water usage please call and see whats going on2016-12-07Leak upstairs on Fred Martins building.
Charlie Hairston2016-12-06 12:20:51107 Ashwood CtSewer Backup2016-12-06Homeowners side. Had sewer pump
Sabrina Wray2016-12-07 11:29:31309 Hairston StSewer Backup2016-12-07Pumped out manhole
Virgil Powell2016-12-08 07:51:191016 Adele StLow or No Water Pressure2016-12-08installing new line
Travis Barber Shop2016-12-09 06:00:2061 Fayette StreetSewer Overfllow2016-12-09Ran water
Mary\ilyn Martin2016-12-09 07:48:44912 Myrtle RoadLow or No Water Pressure2016-12-09good pressure at the meter
Roger Adams2016-12-09 08:50:28Hooker Plant on Hooker StSewer Overfllow2016-12-09Sewer main overflowing. Jetted
mandy2016-12-09 11:14:423 Dudley StWater Quality Issue2016-12-09
Caller2016-12-09 13:52:11811 Olympia StreetSewer Backup2016-12-13City side good
Bernice Martin2016-12-12 09:05:141669 Roundabout RdSewer Backup2016-12-12No cleanout
Caller2016-12-12 13:00:53127 Pony PlaceSewer Backup2016-12-12Sewer main had blockage. Jetted
Caller2016-12-13 07:28:491104 Chatham heightsNo water 2016-12-13Meter guys was changing meter
Mrs Hall2016-12-13 10:24:251009 Cherokee TrailFrog keeps showing up in toilet2016-12-13Tree frogs. Getting in from roof vent
Vince Galante2016-12-13 11:36:191127 Chatham RdCALL RESIDENT2017-01-02sewer problem
Joe Ratliffe2016-12-14 05:54:231017 Adele StLow or No Water Pressure2016-12-14installing new line
Nancy Festa2016-12-14 07:39:18313 Brown StLow or No Water Pressure2016-12-14guys changing meter out
Bill Whitlock2016-12-14 08:07:18Ridgeway - Blue Ridge AuqaculturePot Hole line to see how deep vault needs to go2016-12-14found lines
Owner2016-12-15 10:46:03105 Sherwood PlaceMeter box is broken needs to be replaced2016-12-21Replaced
Lillie Smith2016-12-17 09:23:30808 Barrowmill Roadwater spraying from meter2016-12-17Homeowners side galvanized line
floyd Penn2016-12-18 09:24:481009 Independence DriveSewer Backup2016-11-18City side jetted
Starling Baptist2016-12-19 10:42:3823 starlingWater Leak near Oakdale on Mulberry2016-12-19Sewer Backed up Jetted
Starling Baptist2016-12-19 11:53:0923 starlingWater Leak near Oakdale on Mulberry2016-12-19Sewer backup. Jetted
Joe Ratliff2016-12-20 06:49:011015 Adele StLow or No Water Pressure2016-12-20installing new line
Joe Ratliff2016-12-20 06:50:371017 Adele StLow or No Water Pressure2017-01-20in stalling new line
Joe Ratliff2016-12-20 06:51:441022 Adele St Low or No Water Pressure2016-12-20in stalling new line
Caller2016-12-20 08:17:391017 Adell StreetWater is Brown 2017-01-18Started Replacing line
John Lloyd2016-12-21 07:03:09413 Clearview DrSewer Backup2016-12-22Fixed broken sewer main.
Caller2016-12-27 05:28:47945 MulberryPlease cut off water to internal problem at 9 am2016-12-27Turned off
Karen Martin2016-12-27 06:52:241033 Graves StSewer Backup2016-12-27sewer main had blockage
Ollies Eanes2016-12-27 06:53:081016 Graves StSewer Backup2016-12-27Sewer main had blockage
Caller2016-12-27 12:49:44824 Keel St.Sewer Backup2016-12-27City side. Jetted
Janice Beal2016-12-29 11:10:52207 Fairy StSewer Overfllow2016-12-29Homeowner said everything was good now
Blue Ridge Aqua Culture2016-12-29 13:29:12550 Industrial Park DriveSewer Overfllow2016-12-30Jetted top side to the Carlisle lot.
Caller2016-12-30 05:41:53117 Pony PlaceSewer Backup2016-12-30Ran water. City Side was good
Jane Toler2016-12-30 06:34:161007 Owens RoadSewer Backup2016-12-30Ran water. City Side was good.
Ebony2016-12-30 06:53:17503 ArmsteadSewer Backup2016-12-30City side jetted
Teresa Esters2016-12-30 08:57:49904 Owens RdSewer Overfllow2016-12-30City Side good. Cleanout dry.
Caller2016-12-30 11:24:49Across from DMVWater Break on the main2016-12-30Sewer. Jetted lateral.
Dollar General2017-01-03 08:34:13114 Clearview DriveSewer Backup2017-01-03stop up on city side
Jo Bonniwell2017-01-03 11:00:59103 Mulberry CtSewer Backup2017-01-03
TAMMI2017-01-03 11:05:07832 Banks RoadLo water pressure since meter change please check2017-01-03air in line
Caller2017-01-03 13:25:22515 ArmsteadSewer Backup2017-01-03city side blockage
Sabrina Joyce2017-01-04 06:38:521118 Memorial BlvdCap is busted2017-01-04Concreted new lid on
Millicent Walton2017-01-04 07:31:04838 Smith StSewer Backup2017-01-04City side good
ZE Powell2017-01-04 08:04:431016 Adele StLow or No Water Pressure2017-01-04in stalling new line
Caller2017-01-04 12:12:488078 HazelwoodWaterleak near Meterbox2017-01-04fix leak
Roger Adams2017-01-05 05:38:35Hooker Plant on Hooker stSewer Overfllow2017-01-05jetted main an unstop
Maria Escalante2017-01-05 05:50:111607 Chatham HtsWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2017-01-05cut water off
Relda Chaney2017-01-05 06:31:42908 Bob Gregory StLow or No Water Pressure2017-01-05galvinize pipes on home owner side
Coleman, Nick2017-01-06 05:27:401012 Mulberry RoadWater Quality Issue2017-01-06
Shannon Preston2017-01-06 07:32:38302 Sellers StWater pooling in front of driveway; busted pipe? water break?2017-01-06fixed water leak
S & T Towing2017-01-09 09:17:25403 S Memorial BlvdWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2017-01-09Owner cut it off
Ronald Bouldin2017-01-09 11:11:39Prospect Hill towards Indian TrWater Break on the main2017-01-09repaired main
Barb2017-01-09 13:51:00813 ClarkePlease help figure out excessive water usage 2017-01-10No leak. Meter Reading 1922.07
Crystal Farmer2017-01-10 08:56:09709 Oneida StWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2017-01-10Turned off
Daniel Flippen2017-01-10 10:18:08707 Oneida StWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2017-01-10cut water off
William Howell2017-01-10 11:13:37938 Bethel LnSewer Backup2017-01-10laterial stop up
James Draper2017-01-10 12:40:011005 A StWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2017-01-10
Shirley Oliver2017-01-11 06:35:5712 Massey StMan hole cover in resident2017-01-11Put gas valve lid back on
Caller2017-01-12 05:53:01203 George StreetWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2017-01-12cut water off
Caller2017-01-12 05:53:381239 LanierSewer Backup2017-01-12City side good.
Mandy2017-01-12 09:09:01407 Virginia StreetWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2017-01-12cut water off
Rivers Brown2017-01-12 13:31:29201 East Main StreetSewer backup - Cleanout on Lester Street2017-01-12stop up on city side
Melvin Porter2017-01-17 06:45:271108 Drewry Rd #BWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2017-01-17Cut off
Roger Adams2017-01-17 06:46:17Hooker Furniture Hooker StSewer Overfllow2017-01-17main stop up
Maargaret Hughes2017-01-17 07:13:401023 Independence DrSewer Backup2017-01-17on the home owne rside
Caller2017-01-18 08:33:45807 HazelwoodWater leak near meter2017-01-18meter leaking
Susan2017-01-18 08:35:06Church Near Rives Brown and Main St.Meter lids with antennas off of meter2017-01-18Antenna was broke. Hit by plow
ESCALANTE MARIA DEL ROSARIO2017-01-18 12:56:141607 Chatham HeightsWate Leak at Meter2017-01-19Water was off
2017-01-19 06:10:09Bridge St at Old Nappa BldgWater Break on the main2017-01-19Water leak
Lakeshia Davis2017-01-19 07:51:411005 Valient LnSewer Backup2017-01-19City side good
James Hairston2017-01-19 11:04:501023 Mountain RdSewer Backup2017-01-19stop up on home owner side
Caitlyn 2017-01-19 11:49:531100 Cherry StreetManhole cover off of manhole2017-01-19put lid back on
Vernon Ingram2017-01-20 05:34:19819 Corn Tassel TrSewer Backup2017-01-20city side clear
Mrs. Blair2017-01-23 08:17:29405 E Church Stcheck meter- see if there2018-01-23leak on home owner side
Clark2017-01-23 08:18:441103 Roundabout RdSewer Backup2017-01-23city side clear
Hairston2017-01-23 08:19:251023 Mountain RdSewer Backup2017-01-23property owners side main clear
Bowles2017-01-23 08:26:34807 Hazelwood LnWaterleak near Meterbox2017-01-23small leak on property owners side
Thelma Hairston2017-01-23 10:17:5623 S Barton StSewer Backup2017-01-23no clean out main was clear
Catina Morehead2017-01-24 11:30:39612 Clift StLow or No Water Pressure2017-01-24hot water problem only not overall pressure
Martin Travel2017-01-25 10:54:03156 E Market StSewer Backup2017-01-25sewer on property owners side was blocked
Call2017-01-26 06:46:241411 Sam LionsLow or No Water Pressure2018-10-04UNKOWN
Caller2017-01-26 08:21:27Hooker FurnitureSewer Overfllow2017-01-26unstop main
Krista Hodges2017-01-26 11:55:42DRBAWants to plant Black Willows around reservoir2017-04-13Planted Trees by power line
Rosa Venable2017-01-27 05:48:18Between 302 & 304 Sellers StSewer Overfllow2017-01-27repaired water leak
CAller2017-01-30 07:45:12Bridge StWater in road may be leak2017-01-30Water leak
Caller2017-01-30 08:05:241051 Spruce St, Martinsville, VA 24112Meet realtor at Bowling alley 8 am 1-31-2017,turn on to test for any leaks2017-02-09Turned on
Roderick Anglin2017-01-30 12:44:00600 W Church StLow or No Water Pressure2017-01-31Opened valve
Caller2017-01-30 13:12:31116 Moss St.Sewer Backup2017-01-31Sewer lateral was broke. TJ fixed lateral next day
Bill Vaughn2017-01-30 13:17:21Patrick Henry Mall near Wild MagsSewer smell from time to time Please call when going2017-02-01Jetted sewer mains. Poured solvent
Warren Jackson2017-01-31 06:44:511107 Fayette StWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2017-01-30Cut off
Sandra Henry2017-01-31 07:07:20935 Banks Rd #2Sewer Backup2017-01-31City side good.
Jonah Martin2017-02-01 07:24:15214 College ST #ALow or No Water Pressure2017-02-01water was off
Caller2017-02-01 10:26:111205 Lawson StreetMeter Lid is broken, needs to be replaced tripping hazard2017-02-01Replaced lid
Doyle McDaniel2017-02-01 11:13:071220 Rives RdSewer Backup2017-02-01City side good
Dan Wilson2017-02-06 09:08:261100 Cherokee TrToilet paper coming out at cleanout- please let them know what to do2017-02-06Plumbers done unstopped
George Farris2017-02-06 10:39:271223 Chatham HeightsSewer Backup2017-02-06No Clean out. Sewer main flowing.
Chris Morris2017-02-06 11:02:48Storm Drain on Edwards Near HllcrestPlease camera Storm Drain on Tuesday Morning at 8:302017-02-07Met with Chris
Caller2017-02-06 11:09:06110 Salmon StreetWater in road in front of house2017-02-07Valve had been leaking. done stopped
Ronald Nance2017-02-06 11:16:311004 Mountain roadMeter leaking at setter started when meter was changed2017-02-06Tightened
Chip Wyatt2017-02-06 12:02:38208 Starling Ave. Sewe backup Please find long term solution2017-02-06Jetted cleanout
Sharrika Kent2017-02-07 05:35:431605 Spruce St #13Low or No Water Pressure2017-02-07Broken water main at 1607
Thelma Hairston2017-02-07 08:27:4423 S Barton StSewer Backup2017-02-07no cleanout. Main clear
Brian Jessup/Jessup & Associates2017-02-07 08:48:44810 Starling AveSewer Backup2017-02-07City side good
Andre Page2017-02-07 11:23:31203 George StPlease cut water back on2017-02-07cut on
Caller2017-02-08 06:43:161003 B StSewer Backup2017-02-08No cleanout. contractor was replacing - CONTRACTOR HAS FINISHED JOB 2 CLNTS
Chatham Heights Church2017-02-08 08:00:121223 Chatham HeightsFound Cleanout Need Jet truck2017-02-08Flushed out
Blue Ridge Aqua Culture2017-02-08 14:11:29555 Industrial Park Dr.need to jet out sewer line2017-02-09Jetted line got 2 big rocks out
Ann Saunders2017-02-09 05:14:471035 GravesSewer Backup2017-02-09Main had blockage
Mary Blankenship2017-02-09 09:11:151514 E ChurchReplace water meter with 3/4 inch2017-03-29Replaced Meter with 3/4 inch
Tonya2017-02-10 11:52:311504 Spruce Street ExtLow water pressure since leak2017-02-10over 100 lbs at spigot. Hot water only.
Carlton Journagan2017-02-13 05:22:39904 Dundee CtSewer Backup2017-02-13City side. Jetted
Dennis Reeves2017-02-14 11:56:21106 Courtney Terracegurgling sound near meter. bad tasting water2017-02-14Seen nor heard nothing
Gladys Clark2017-02-15 08:42:051103 Roundabout RdSewer Backup2017-02-15city side clear
Debra Schmidt2017-02-15 09:54:29619 Mulberry roadWater leak near meter2017-02-15Turned off
Sharon Sheppard2017-02-15 11:29:19Old Sears BuildingPlease Check out sewer line2017-02-16City side is clear
Caller2017-02-15 12:57:49720 Barrows MillLow water pressure please call before going 2017-02-15Mate said address didn't excist
Peggy Vernon2017-02-15 13:23:2011 Booker RoadPlease go by on Thursday morning and figure high water usage2017-02-16Homeowners side had leak
Charlotte Inman2017-02-17 05:02:00200 Inman StSewer Overfllow2017-02-17Sewer main had blockage. Jetted
Viicky Martin2017-02-17 05:16:39124 or 126 Inman StSewer Overfllow2017-02-17Sewer main had blockage. Jetted
Mike Kahle2017-02-21 08:10:12Lateral from mWhite OakManhole is stopped up needs jetting2017-02-21Unstopped
Frank - Pepsi - Fridays 2017-02-21 12:22:43Memorial BlvdToo much Cl2 in Water Please Check Cl2 Reading2017-02-22Chlroine has been high will reduce Chlorine in near future
Rachael Harris2017-02-21 12:38:201434 Hillcrest AveSewer Overfllow2017-02-21City side good
Eugene Spencer2017-02-22 10:51:401109 West Fayette StreetSewer Backup2017-02-22cityside
Travis Barbershop2017-02-22 14:45:5261 Fayette StSewer Backup2017-02-22City side jetted
Caller2017-02-22 15:43:511013 Paul StreetTrucked backed into driveway please check to see if water meter is damaged2017-02-22NOTHING wrong meter box was good
Giles Smith2017-02-23 20:02:321101 Country ClubLow water pressure Check meter for obstruction2017-02-2470lbs on Spigot. 50lbs on 2nd spigot
Rocky Clark2017-02-24 13:09:261115 Ranson RdSewer Backup2017-02-24City side good
Mack Evans2017-02-27 09:04:10Sewer line from Valient LaneSewer overflowing from Vailent lane into Evans lake2017-02-27Broke on homeowners side
Blue ridge Aquaculture2017-02-27 11:14:03Industrial ParkSewer Backup2017-02-27Jetted
Sandy Puliium2017-02-27 11:36:44104 Royal OaksWater Pressure has gone down recently please check2018-09-03Galv lines
?CC Johnson2017-02-27 15:05:001507 White CourtLow or No Water Pressure2018-09-03main water break
Caller2017-02-27 15:20:121402 Whittle roadWater meter has water shooting out of it2017-02-27meter leaking
Caller2017-02-27 15:34:19603 Starling Turn on Water - Repairs made2017-02-27Turned On
Ron cox2017-02-28 08:07:52213 OakdaleLow or No Water Pressure2017-02-28pressure came back
Patricia Foster2017-02-28 08:35:33500 Mulberry RdLow or No Water Pressure2018-09-03main water break
Dian@georgiapacific2017-02-28 08:52:15industrialparkExcess water usage please check2017-02-28no leak
David Cobbler2017-02-28 08:53:11106 Park StreetSewer Backup2017-02-28City side clear
Doug Little2017-02-28 14:19:07705 Melody LnSewer Backup2017-02-28City side. Unstopped
Carl Dodson2017-03-01 10:09:17817 Starling AveSewer Backup2017-03-01Jetted cleanout
Elizabeth2017-03-01 10:52:571205 Country ClubSewer Backup2017-03-01Jetted. Had gas line in lateral. Gas Co. fixed on 3/17
Mandy2017-03-02 16:36:27Foxtree ApartmentsMeter stopped reading2017-03-07Changed register. Reading in 1000's
Jordan Willard2017-03-03 10:13:271026 Mountain RdSewer Overfllow2017-03-03City side. Jetted.
R Foster2017-03-03 14:10:08605 First StWater Quality Issue2017-03-03Homeowner had hot water tank issue.
Eugenepenser2017-03-06 08:26:331109 West Fayetteville StSewer backup clean out behind house2017-03-06Couldnt find cleanout
Ron Moorman2017-03-06 08:35:3724 Booker RdSewer Backup2017-03-06Jetted
John Wade2017-03-06 08:56:42612 Cliff StreetSewer Backup2018-09-02City side stopped up jetted
Monique Harris2017-03-06 09:14:11621 ForestLow or No Water Pressure2017-03-07Problem on her side
Howard Pinkard2017-03-10 09:54:22202 First StWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2017-03-10Cut water off
Phillip Hairston2017-03-10 11:22:17934 Glade StLow or No Water Pressure2017-03-10Customer had over 100 lbs of pressure
Roger Adams2017-03-13 09:26:39Hooker Plant on Hooker StSewer Overfllow2017-03-13Jetted
Sherry2017-03-13 12:21:21816 HundleySewer Overflowing at Cleanout2017-03-13City side jetted
Tim from Potter Construction2017-03-13 16:09:55The mallGet with Tim and see where to put Sewer Connection for Suntrust2017-03-14Met with Him and worked out locations for Water and sewer Service
Caller2017-03-16 09:56:45802 Ainsley Water making noise please call before going over2018-09-02air in lines
Dewey 2017-03-16 12:57:51702 Barrows Mill Apt 10Please call before turning water on2017-03-16Cut on. Had valve in closet
Chris Hanes2017-03-16 15:35:46311 Granville StWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2017-03-16cut water off
Ronald2017-03-20 08:05:4724 Booker RoadSewer Backing up again2017-03-20City side. Ran Camera. Roots. Poured solvent
Harvey Dowell2017-03-20 09:18:56413 Winston Street end of LavendarWater Leaking out of Pavement2017-03-20repaired main
Dalton2017-03-20 09:58:19214 AmySewer Backup2017-03-20homeowner side
Roger Adams2017-03-20 10:09:48Hooker PlantSewer Overfllow2017-03-20City side. Jetted. Needs to be fixed
Prilliman and Pace2017-03-20 10:10:541106 A StSewer Backup2017-03-20no clean out
Caretta Price2017-03-20 13:45:39121 Park StreetSewer Backup2018-09-02jetted city side
Danny Winn2017-03-21 08:23:04116 EmmetteSewer Backup2018-09-04jetted city side
Marathon2017-03-21 12:44:21101 Commonwealth Turn Water On2017-03-21Turn on
Sutton Prop/Kenny2017-03-21 14:16:00305 Rives RdSewer Backup2017-03-21City Side. Had grease. Pipe dropped also.
Cox2017-03-23 14:01:32Last House on Left AugustaSewer Backup2017-03-23cleanout was good at this address. Jetted cleanout across street.
Laura James2017-03-24 11:40:52813 Burgess CtSewer Backup2017-03-24Jetted cleanout. Poured solvent
Pam Clark2017-03-24 15:32:541201 Spruce St #309Water Quality Issue2017-03-24on their side
Virginia Flood 2017-03-24 16:56:2622 High StreetPlease go by on Monday see if you can help figure where the water is going2017-03-27Leaking toilet
Potisha McDonald2017-03-27 13:49:391005 Askin StreetSewer Backup2017-03-27Jetted
Caller2017-03-27 16:06:291316 S AskinPlease turn water on Repairs made2017-03-27Turn on
Dispatch2017-03-28 13:46:38Church St EXtWater Break on the main2017-03-28Catch basin had stoppage
Caller2017-03-29 14:34:451117 Chatham HeigthsExcess water usage please help find2017-03-29Leaking toilet
Blue ridge Remodeling2017-03-30 15:21:28311 Forest StreetSewer Backup2017-03-30Jetted cleanout
Buck Kester2017-03-31 15:18:05609 JeffersonMeter is broken needs repair2017-03-31Put cone on box. Fixed on 4/4/2017
Home Owner2017-04-03 11:51:46121 Clearview DriveSewer Backup - roots2017-04-03Poured solvent
Sidney Lee2017-04-04 14:14:11122 Sellers StSewer Overfllow2017-04-04Unstopped sewer manhole at railroad tracks
Abbott2017-04-05 11:44:491005 Highland streetSewer Backup2017-04-05City side good
Robert2017-04-05 15:21:18116 Maple StreetWaterleak near Meterbox2017-04-05sewer stop up on city side
Caller2017-04-06 08:14:36Top of the road Auburn PlaceManhole lid off - could be dangerous2017-04-04valve lid
Tina Barrett2017-04-07 13:50:06117 Emmette StDraining slowly just in kitchen2017-04-07No cleanout
Moorman2017-04-10 08:00:3824 Booker roadSewer still having problems please clean-out broken and leaking2017-04-10Jetted
Owner2017-04-10 08:19:45926 BlankenshipTurn Water off after 11 am2017-04-10turn off
Terry Wilson2017-04-10 12:37:12902 Meadow Lane #4Water Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2017-04-10turn off
Ao-1 Heating and Cooling - Brian Dillard2017-04-10 16:58:589 Roanoke StWater Break on the main2017-04-10replace setter
Debbie Menefee2017-04-11 09:09:29202 Fairy StSewer Backup2017-04-11no cleanout
Toni Hairston2017-04-11 10:18:184 Aaron StLow or No Water Pressure2018-09-05pipes are galv
Blue Ridge Bank - Sherry Sours2017-04-11 13:57:37433 E Commonwealth BlvdSewer Backup2017-04-11Sewer smell. P trap may be dry
Owner2017-04-11 16:21:58926 BlankenshipPlease turn off water at 9 am on Wednesday so owner can make repairs2017-04-11TURNED OFF
Tiffany Hayworth2017-04-12 13:54:42832 Banks RdSewer Backup2017-04-12Drain issue
Sherry Hand2017-04-12 15:55:49816 Hundley StSewer Backup2017-04-17
Dennis Belcher2017-04-17 16:17:02811 Olympia StSewer Backup2017-04-17city side. jetted cleanout to main
Terry Wilson2017-04-18 09:10:56902 Meadow LnWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2017-04-18CUT OFF. RH cut back on that afternoon
Ann Lackey2017-04-18 09:59:431008 Cherokee TrSewer Overfllow2017-04-18replaced cleanout
Caller2017-04-18 13:35:25902 Meadow Apt 3Desnt d\have water and doesn2017-04-18Cut on water
Aubrey Belcher2017-04-18 13:46:2314 Dunlap StSewer Overfllow2017-04-18Fixed lateral
Betty Nugent2017-04-18 15:00:50894 Glade StSewer Backup2017-04-18City side. jetted
Virginia Green2017-04-19 08:59:26100 S Beaver StSewer Overfllow2017-04-19cleanout stop up
Bill 2017-04-19 11:44:14715 ClarkeTurn off water at meter2017-04-19turned off
Jamie Voaklander2017-04-19 15:16:03102 Massey StSewer Backup2018-09-05jetted city side
Annette Hairston2017-04-20 09:23:17816 Forest StLow or No Water Pressure2017-04-2070lbs. inside problem
Crystal Martin2017-04-20 11:52:06930 Myrtle RoadSewer Backup2017-04-20City side jetted. left message
Crystal Martin2017-04-20 16:20:34930 Myrtle RdSewer Overfllow2018-09-02jetted city side
Barbara West2017-04-21 10:28:18906 Hazelwood LnSewer Backup2018-09-04jetted city side
Tinsley2017-04-24 10:58:33305 Rives RoadWater leak somewhere please check2017-04-24leak on home owner side
Sams Gutter2017-04-24 12:22:43Liberty StreetSewer Backed up close to overflowing between Sams and Checkered Pig2017-04-24Jetted
Roger young2017-04-24 12:51:19Ruffin StreetWaterleak near Meterbox2017-04-24Plumbers fixed
Clarence Hill2017-04-26 08:34:02419 Overland DriveSewer Backup2017-04-26Jetted.
Mark Price2017-04-26 08:51:20931 Bethel Ln (leak on Joya St side behind church)Waterleak near Meterbox2017-04-26Small leak on church side
Ronald Spencer2017-04-26 09:11:07906 Highland StSewer Backup2017-04-26City side good
Hubert Poole2017-04-26 09:51:33219 Stuart StLeak in backyard from drain2017-04-26Storm drain issue. Told Randy G.
Shelia Rodriguez2017-04-26 09:57:20722 Oneida StPlease cut water back on2017-04-26Cut on
Glen Powell2017-04-26 15:13:28323 Clearview DrWater Quality Issue2017-04-26Inside issue
Roger Adams2017-04-27 09:17:03Hooker Plant on Hooker StSewer Overfllow2017-04-27Jetted
Caller2017-04-27 09:55:02722 Oneida StPlease turn water back on2017-04-27Turned on
Vanessa Hairston2017-04-27 11:22:04906 Highland StSewer backup and pipe sticking out of ground please call2017-04-27City Side good again. Lowered cleanout
Dalton from Sutton Properties2017-04-27 11:38:43305 Rives RoadLeak between main and meter2017-04-27leak on home owner side
Jerry2017-04-28 09:31:32715 Fayette StPlease turn water on2017-04-28Turned on.
Clifton Hill2017-04-28 09:51:2716 ClearfieldHelp resident find leak2017-04-28Leak on lot beside home. Turned off in basement.
Lonnie Carter2017-04-28 11:30:221049 Barrows Mill RdWater meter damage2017-04-28Put new lid on. Set cone on meter box. Needs Replacing.
Lionel Woodall2017-04-28 14:15:37708 Windsor LnSewer Backup2018-09-06jetted and cleared
Martha Soots2017-04-28 14:42:19100 Pond StSewer Backup2017-04-28Jetted cleanout.
Lynell Barksdale2017-04-28 15:36:05807 Royal Drive #BLeak at porch2017-04-28Leak on Homeowners side.
caller2017-05-01 09:22:46505 ForrestSewer backup front and back2017-05-01City Side Clear no Cleanout
Linda Cook2017-05-02 09:12:22327 Greyson StSewer Backup2018-09-13jetted city side
name2017-05-02 09:30:35707 corn tasel trailcan not find valve to turn on water2017-05-02showed them were water meter was
Darell Jones2017-05-03 15:46:56409 Swanson StTop is missing on pipe-Brick piece is on top to cover up2017-05-03Put cap on
Matlinda Pitzer2017-05-04 10:11:111102 Roundabout RdSewer Backup but call before going out2017-05-05Jetted cleanout
Caller2017-05-04 10:57:17907 Highland Low or No Water Pressure2017-05-04water filter stop up
Mandy Glass2017-05-04 11:08:50621 Fayette StreetLow or No Water Pressure2017-05-0550lbs at spigot
Charlie Chaney2017-05-05 14:08:33241 Clearview DriveSewer Backup2017-05-05Sewer main had blockage. jetted
Pamela Carter2017-05-05 14:09:411202 Pine Hall RdSewer Backup2017-05-05Storm drain issue
Jim Westmoreland2017-05-09 08:29:111017 Jefferson CircleSewer Backup2017-05-09sewer broke
Rhonda Richardson2017-05-10 13:37:10505 Forest StSewer Backup2017-05-10owner side stop up
Austin Cannaday2017-05-12 09:23:18907 Owens StSewer Backup2017-05-12cleanout stop up
Laura James2017-05-12 10:23:18813 Burgess StSewer Backup2017-05-12City side good
Cunningham2017-05-15 09:19:14810 HundleySewer Backup2017-05-15City side jetted
Caller2017-05-15 12:05:07B Street between 1 and 2Water Leak long the side2017-05-15Rain water?
Kenneth Dalton2017-05-15 15:51:22305 Rives RdSewer Backup2017-05-15City side. Jetted. Fixed lateral on 5/18
Kevin Smith2017-05-16 08:02:54919 Corn TasselLow or No Water Pressure2017-05-16Galv lines
Caller2017-05-16 10:44:24712 Melody Ct.Please check sewer line 2017-05-16City side good
Vanessa Hairston2017-05-16 14:05:37906 Highland StSewer Backup2017-05-16Ran water
Earnest Jamison2017-05-17 12:12:28Between First and Second St on B St (813 B St)Water in Road2017-05-17rain water
Debbie Ellison2017-05-17 15:41:271131 Sylvan AveWater Leak -please call after going out.2017-05-17Leak on homeowners side. RH called her
Tony Markel2017-05-18 09:33:40315 W Commonwealth BlvdWater Break on the main2017-05-18Replaced valve
Alan Preston2017-05-18 09:52:00215 Clearview DriveSewer Backup2017-05-18City side. Jetted
Charles Carter2017-05-25 13:32:19713 First St (F St sign)Water Break on the main2017-05-25Rain water
Martha Leach2017-05-26 08:14:28101 Lakemount CtSewer Backup2017-05-26no cleanout
Christina Gonsalves2017-05-26 13:33:50406 College StSewer Backup2017-05-26no cleanout
Viola Smith2017-05-30 10:59:12117 Moss StCheck Water Meter for functionality; let her know about leak2017-05-02High water usage
Westmoreland2017-05-31 10:10:33603 2nd StreetSewer Backup2017-05-31No cleanout. sewer main flowing
Mooney2017-05-31 10:12:10917 Glade StreetPlease help find excess water usage on Thursday2017-06-01Leak inside somewhere
Leslie Sanchez2017-05-31 13:51:23824 Keel StreetSewer Backup2017-05-31City side
Hernandes2017-05-31 15:59:08212 StuartSewer Overfllow2017-05-31Hole washed out under meter box. Sewer line dropped. Needs replacing
Clifton Scott2017-05-31 16:06:551033 Cherry Streetcheck for existing water and sewer taps2017-07-25Has Sewer but no Water
Bindesh Patel2017-06-01 11:10:351508 Grandview RdLow or No Water Pressure2017-06-0140 +lbs
Marguerite Wilson2017-06-02 09:22:131550 Roundabout RdSewer Overfllow2017-06-02City side clear
Damien Wainwright2017-06-02 13:56:59805 Mulberry RdWater Break on the main2017-06-02Sewer not water. jetted manhole. fixed main
Jackie Bolden2017-06-02 16:50:42116 N Beaver StSewer Backup2017-06-02Water cut on. not sewer
Sirvonnia Martin2017-06-05 09:27:42809 Spruce StSewer Backup2018-09-05jetted city side
dickerson2017-06-05 09:51:201613 MulberryWater leak please check near meter2018-09-03leak on home owner side
Duffy2017-06-05 13:52:361901 Dundee LanePlease Check excess water 2 pm on Thursday2018-09-03hose running
Belcher2017-06-05 16:18:53314 GreysonSewer Backup2017-06-05Jetted cleanout
Adrienne Jones2017-06-06 16:02:34304 Forest StSewer Backup2017-06-06Sewer smell in house
Caller2017-06-08 11:56:551608 RivermountLeak in water near meter2017-06-08Tightened meter
Salvidor2017-06-09 16:46:24200 grayson st.possible sewer water coming out of ground near property2017-06-15RB jetted 6/9 RH ran camera had roots. Poured solvent
Desmond Bell2017-06-13 10:43:29412 Fayette StSewer Backup2017-06-13City side clear
Dean2017-06-16 08:13:21241 Riverview CtCan hear water running2017-06-16Water leak on lateral. Fixed
David Davis2017-06-16 11:46:55115 Riverview CtLow or No Water Pressure2017-06-16Working on water leak on 241 Riverview Ct.
Owner2017-06-19 10:02:48915 AskinBroken Water Meter Lid2017-06-19Replaced
Caller2017-06-19 11:01:011202 Top StreetPossble water leak2017-06-19rain water
Craig 2017-06-19 13:10:011311 Askin StreetSewer Backup2017-06-19City side clear. Main flowing
Norman2017-06-20 09:06:26806 corn TasselSewer Backup2017-06-20City side clear
Mary2017-06-20 15:49:141311 Askin StreetSewer Backup2017-05-24 It's side clear. Main flowing
Lakisha Dalton2017-06-21 11:55:081431 HillcrestSewer Backup2017-06-21Checked cleanout. Run water. City side was clear.
Herb Norman2017-06-22 13:41:18817 ParkviewPlease call the water pressure is ve2017-06-2280 PSI at spigot.
Powell2017-06-23 14:32:521016 Adell Gravel has washed out of hole2017-06-23Put gravel in hole
Neighbor2017-06-26 10:14:541108 E StreetSewer Backing up in street2017-06-26City side. Jetted.
Billy2017-06-29 10:54:56549 Dillard St Locate Sewer for builder2017-06-29Tracked lateral. 2'9" depth
Mrarkus Hughes2017-06-30 13:59:061430 Askin StLeak in Road2017-06-30Water leak. Barely sweating.
Mary Craig2017-07-05 16:20:141311 Askin StreetSewer is smelling backing up2017-07-05main was flowing good not stop up
Hairston2017-07-06 13:24:46716 Inieda StreetWater Leak2017-07-06repaied cut off
Clayton Leach2017-07-07 17:01:42MallMeet with Frith Const. to locate Water and Sewer 110 Commonwealth2017-07-11found water Tap on Liberty
Bob Sharpe2017-07-10 14:18:491124 Oakgrove AveSewer Backup2017-07-10Jetted poured solvent
Harry Watkins2017-07-11 10:15:171005 D StWater has sewage smell to it2017-07-11Flushed hydrant
Galloway2017-07-12 08:55:56224 Amy Ave.Needs assistance hooking up water line2017-07-12Showed how to hook up
Johnny Spenser2017-07-12 09:35:591010 E StreetSewer Overflowing again2017-07-12Unstopped washed road
Mark Price2017-07-12 10:16:33504 forrest streetmeter lid broken2017-07-12Replaced
Paula Aiken2017-07-12 13:46:071008 E StWaterleak near Meterbox2017-07-12Sewage in curb. washed curb
Marcus Hughes2017-07-12 14:11:181430 Askin StLeak in Road2017-07-07small leak
Caller2017-07-12 15:20:27220 AmyLow water pressure in area please flush hydrant2017-07-12Flushed
Caller2017-07-13 15:31:34819 Corn TasselSewer Backup2018-09-04Roots
Christine Eanes2017-07-14 16:48:01929 Banks Rd (across street)Lid is off2017-07-14Lid wasnt off
Gina Ashbrook2017-07-17 14:02:551242 Sam Lions TrSewer Backup2018-09-04jetted city side
Life stages2017-07-18 09:35:36316 BrownLow or No Water Pressure2017-07-18Had leaking toilet and outside spigot was on
Jean Wilson2017-07-18 15:11:47625 FayettePlease go at 10 on Wednesday and check for excess water usage2017-07-18water leak on her side
Caller2017-07-19 09:59:09305 OakdaleSewer Backup2018-09-02jetted city side
Caller2017-07-19 11:04:351308 OakgroveToo much water pressure please check2017-07-19125lbs. needs prv
T R Proerties2017-07-20 08:42:15212 College St (1&3)Sewer Backup2017-07-20City side good
Blue Ridge Aqua Culture2017-07-20 13:41:51555 Industrial Park Drsewer line back-up, line needs jetting out2017-07-20Jetted
fJack Lemons2017-07-24 17:07:02104 Longview Dingy water please check on Tuesday morning after 82017-07-25Flushed hydrant
Caller2017-07-25 14:20:35Corner of Market and ClevelandBig Office complex has dirty water2017-07-25Flushed hydrant
Caller2017-07-26 08:56:18English St. Between Douglas and GravesWater Leak in road2017-07-26repaired main
William Thurston2017-07-26 09:25:341202 Mountain RdSewer Overfllow2017-07-26jetted
Fred Ford2017-07-26 09:28:131012 Jefferson CircleWater Quality Issue2017-07-26Flushed hydrant
third bay cafe2017-07-26 12:26:281163 Spruce StWater Quality Issue2017-07-26Dirty water
Baymont Hotel2017-07-26 14:58:57378 Commonwealth BlvdWater Quality Issue2017-07-26talk to lady an flush line out
Bonnie Koger2017-07-26 15:43:15713 Prospect Hill DrWater Quality Issue2017-07-26done cleared up
Gravely2017-07-27 08:22:361304 Middle Water Leak Please checkcheck2017-07-27Found Hose Running in Back yard
Keyosha Harper2017-07-27 09:18:32301 W Fayette StSewer Backup2018-09-11jetted city side
Caller2017-07-27 09:19:041005 Mountain RoadSewer Backup2017-07-27city side good
Keyosha Harper2017-07-27 11:58:18314 W Fayette StSewer Backup2017-07-27Jetted main. unstopped
PJ Barnett2017-07-27 13:39:34800 Corn Tassel TrSewer Overfllow2017-07-27not sewer call.
Derzawiec2017-07-31 09:06:32713 Beverly WayStanding water in gully behind house2017-07-31Manhole running over. unstopped
Caller2017-07-31 11:07:43902 MyrtleSewer Backup2017-07-31City side clear
Lee Garrett2017-07-31 14:18:031107 Knowlwood PLSewer is slow2017-07-31City side clear
Roberson2017-07-31 15:10:121405 Whittle RoadWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2017-07-31
Pedigo2017-07-31 15:12:21930 GladeSewer Backup2017-07-31No cleanout. Jetted main. clear
Catherine Williams2017-08-01 11:03:20713 Melody LnSewer Backup2017-08-01stoppage on homeowners side
Wanda Price2017-08-01 14:15:15613 Branch StLow or No Water Pressure2017-08-01
WILLIAMS TOMMY2017-08-03 15:54:33939 Banks Rd #BHelp find water leak2017-08-04Went by twice no one home. Want answer. Left door Knocker. No visable leak
Jolena Ramey2017-08-04 08:35:151037 Owens RoadHelp find water leak after 3:30 Friday2017-08-04Leak at sidewalk. Told her to call plumber
Baymount Motel2017-08-04 08:41:47commonwealthWater Quality Issue2017-08-04Flushed hydrant in front of motel
Cousins2017-08-04 08:51:101002 S AskinGo by after 2 on Friday2017-08-04Could hear water running near basement wall. Told her to call a plumber
Earl Cobbler2017-08-07 10:05:3720 Scuffle HilleHelp Homeowner locate sewer where it enters main2017-08-08Showed Home owner
Wanda2017-08-07 16:05:00613 BranchGo by tomorrow(Tuesday) at 1:30pm and check why low water pressure2017-02-07leak on hose
Northview Gardens2017-08-07 16:40:371000 Bldg Stultz RdShut off water at 10 am tomorrow for maintenance2017-08-08Turned water off and back on after repair
Stacey Belcher2017-08-08 08:32:27717 Beverly WayPlease go by on Wednesday and check for leak2017-08-08Leak on homeowners side. told them
2017-08-08 11:15:40701 Corn TassselWaterleak near Meterbox2017-08-08Leak on owners side
caller2017-08-09 11:38:38avalon apartments near corn tasselsomething is cross threaded on meterbox2017-08-08new meter box ld
Sierra Jone2017-08-10 08:40:56705 FIRST STExcessive Water use please check2017-08-10Leak inside
David Walker2017-08-10 11:01:59922 & 924 Independence DrOne cap is broke and the other doesn2017-08-10Replaced cap
Rodney Leftwich2017-08-14 09:25:55811 Corn Tassel TrSewer Backup2017-08-14No cleanout
Catema Jean Baptiste2017-08-14 11:37:331337 Rivermont HtsLow or No Water Pressure2017-08-14Busted water meter
Caller2017-08-14 14:15:131014 Jefferson CircleWater Quality Issue2017-08-14Ran water
Sherry Brown2017-08-15 09:25:121807 Meadowview LnSewer Backup2017-08-15Clear on city side
Martha2017-08-17 13:56:23Speedway RecyclingSewer Backup2017-08-17Jetted cleanout
Adrian Jones2017-08-22 10:47:50304 Forest StSewer Backup2017-08-22Dry pee trap
Melissa Turner2017-08-22 11:02:541005 Roundabout RdSewer Overfllow2017-08-22Dry pee trap
Patricia Hardy2017-08-22 12:22:06510 Forest StSewer Backup2017-08-22Ran water city side good
Danielle Koger2017-08-23 09:05:56110 Northwood CtWater Quality Issue2017-08-23Done cleared up
Trinity Support Services2017-08-24 11:07:01603 StarlingSewer Backup2017-08-24No cleanout on city side
Caller 2017-08-25 08:53:00514 LetcherLow or No Water Pressure2017-08-25SHs leak in house
Hooker Funr - David Davis2017-08-25 11:04:57440 Commonwealth BlvdWater Quality Issue - please call him after checking2017-08-25Dirty water
Natalie Harris2017-08-28 09:23:081407 Whittle Roadhas water leak please go by after 3pm today2017-08-28leak on inside of house
Landlord2017-08-28 10:13:32925 Blankenship #4Water Quality Issue2017-08-28hot water tank rusty
Caller2017-08-28 13:13:381411 Rivermont HeightsLow or No Water Pressure2017-08-28hot water tank leaking
Shataya Wray2017-08-29 08:44:061801 E Church St #2Go by on Wednesday and check for excess water usage2017-08-29in side problem
Mary H Martin2017-08-29 11:26:501000 Williams StSewer Backup2017-08-29City side clear
Thomas Parker2017-08-29 12:34:23202 Holt StSewer Backup2017-08-29Kitchen sink only
Mary H Martin2017-08-29 13:36:021000 Williams StSewer Backup2017-08-29City side clear
dora Bowen2017-08-30 09:09:18216 MasseyBroken Sewer Line from house2018-09-03broke on her side city side was good
911 Dispatch2017-08-30 11:53:49101 W Commonwealth BlvdOwner thinks have sewer backup & called dispatch2017-08-30Internal problem
Caller2017-08-31 11:23:17221 Stuart StreetWater is discolored please check2017-08-31flushed the line
Evelyn Dalton2017-08-31 12:23:391703 E Church St Ext Apt 1Water Quality Issue2017-08-31Ran water on outside spigot. Water cleared up
Joyce Young2017-08-31 12:41:42601 Mulberry RdMuddy Water2017-08-31flush line out
Caller2017-08-31 17:02:111201 Spruce St. 326Water Quality Issue2017-08-31flushed the line
Cheryl Anderson2017-09-01 09:05:341221 Lanier RdWater not clear2017-09-01Told them to run water till it clears.
Speedweigh2017-09-05 09:29:14100 Pond StLow or No Water Pressure2017-09-05
Truman Adkins2017-09-05 10:41:461810 Spruce St Unit 112Sewer Backup2018-09-04jetted city side
Caller2017-09-05 15:07:59925 Blankenship #3Low or No Water Pressure2017-09-05inside problem
GRIFFITH CHARLOTTE M2017-09-06 08:52:35219 PinePlease go by sometime in dry weather and find leak2017-09-06Leak inside house
Diana Hodge2017-09-06 11:19:301140 Rives RdWater Meter Lid broken2017-09-06Put cone on it
Robin Robertson2017-09-07 15:48:591010 Sam Lions TrWater not clear; dark2017-09-07flushed the line
Ray Carr2017-09-08 08:44:461712 MEADOWVIEW LNPlese go by after 11 am excess water usage2017-09-08Leaking toilet
Bonnie Koger2017-09-08 09:46:44713 Prospect Hill DrMuddy water2017-09-08flushed the line
Frith2017-09-08 11:51:27230 Fontaine Dr.Install new water service 1 inch in back of bldg2017-09-19Meter Installed
Ms. Hairston2017-09-08 13:12:21816 E Church StMuddy water2017-09-08flushed the line
Vershawn Joyce2017-09-11 08:04:54807 Barrows Mill #BPlease go by after 2 pm excess water usage 2017-09-11Leak under Building
Alicia Brown2017-09-11 12:01:151403 Cardinal LnWater Had Odor & looks milky2017-09-11flushed the line
Daniel Kidd2017-09-12 10:44:46629 Mica StSewer Backup2017-09-12Jetted lateral. city side was good
911 Dispatch2017-09-12 15:17:30613 Emmanuel St Apt 1Sewer Backup2018-09-12city side was clear
Sarah Canty2017-09-13 09:53:551113 Sylvan AveSewer Backup2017-09-13jetted city side
Patsy Akridge2017-09-13 09:56:051031 E Church StNeeds water cut back on at 3pm for repairman2017-09-18Called back several times to turn water on and offf
Phillip Hariston2017-09-18 13:22:22934 Glade StreetPlease check meter for accuracy2017-09-20Replaced Meter
Jim Sheare2017-09-18 15:14:20101 CourtneySewer Line stopped up please camera2017-09-20Looks good
Steven Robertson2017-09-18 15:23:571615 MeadowviewSewer overflowing at cleanout2018-09-04jetted and cleared city side
DINGLE EARLENA2017-09-19 08:20:391432 RIVERMONT RDExcess2017-09-19Found two toilets running
Tyler Aziz2017-09-19 12:54:27114 Salmon StSewer Backup- Plumber said blocked at main2017-09-19Jetted main
Crystal Payne2017-09-21 12:08:231411 Rivermont HtsCut Water off due to problem2017-09-21cut water off
Donna Edwards2017-09-21 13:31:591603 Meadowview LnSewer Backup2018-09-04jetted city side
PENN MARGARET2017-09-25 10:44:09118 S MOSS STPles send someone after 4:302018-09-25leak on her side
Jeffrey2017-09-25 16:53:33714 Auburn PlSewer Backup2018-10-08jetted city side
Mary Brimmer2017-09-27 11:54:501010 Chatham Hts RdWater is nasty and brown2017-09-27flushed the line
Paul2017-09-27 14:42:14742 StultzSewer Backup2017-09-29Need to Camera
Caller2017-09-28 16:19:331406 Cardinal LaneWaterleak near Meterbox2017-09-28Leak on home owners side
Gary Tarpley2017-09-29 08:03:031406 Cardinal LnNeed water cut off for repair2017-09-29Turned off
Paul Stone2017-09-29 10:00:18742 Stultz RdSewer Backup2017-09-29Jetted need to camera
John Engel2017-10-02 09:31:25902 Hunting RidgePlease send someone 9 am Tuesday2017-10-03Found leaking toilet
Caller2017-10-04 09:39:22215 Amy AveSewer Backup2017-10-04No clean out. Jetted main. City side good
Caller2017-10-04 09:39:51110 Pony PlaceSewer Backup2017-10-04Internal problem
Tara Tinsley2017-10-06 09:12:35408 Clearview DrLow or No Water Pressure2018-09-05galv lines
Martha2017-10-10 13:50:29110 Salmon StSewer Backup2017-10-10home owners side
Tom Schmitz2017-10-10 15:59:581233 Mulberry RdSewer Backup2017-10-10no clean out
Ed Dietrich2017-10-12 09:48:18218 Arrowhead TrExcess Water usage please check2017-10-12Toilet leaking
2017-10-13 15:46:03313 Union streetSewer Backup2017-10-13Jetted cleanout. Poured solvent
ED Hairston2017-10-16 08:32:081126 StephensPlease go by Tuesday morning and check2017-10-17leak under house
Harold Gravely2017-10-16 10:12:01121 Park StSewer Backup2017-10-17Jetted. Poured solvent
Vera Dion2017-10-16 10:28:37806 Jefferson CirSewer Backup2018-09-02jetted city side
Cynthia Campbell2017-10-17 13:04:06121 Park StSewer Backup2017-10-17Jetted. Poured solvent
Old Sears Bldg2017-10-17 16:43:35240 CommonwealthWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2017-10-17
Caller2017-10-18 16:04:42108 S Beaver St.Sewer Backup2017-10-18No cleanout at road
Melissa Foley2017-10-19 16:16:32505 Knowl StSewer Backup2017-10-19city side blockage
Morgan Belton2017-10-20 11:11:19406 Hairston StMuddy Water2017-10-20flushed the line
Kenneth Dalton2017-10-20 12:14:36305 Rives RdSewer Backup2017-10-20Jetted
Caller2017-10-20 13:44:10306 UnionSewer Overfllow2017-10-20City side. Jetted. Poured solvent
Norma Manns2017-10-23 10:47:40813 Olympia StSewer Backup2017-10-24Paper towels in sewer
Martha Drain2017-10-23 11:17:571515 Lake View TrailOther2017-06-06Unkown
Ron2017-10-23 11:19:44200 Bldg Stultz RoadTurn Water off at 10:30 on Tuesday to replace valve 2017-11-23Turned off then back on
Jean Breedlove2017-10-24 08:04:38202 Emmette StWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2017-10-24Cut off
Wilma Edwards2017-10-25 09:40:32713 Craig StSewer Backup2018-09-02jetted city side
Wilma Edwards2017-10-25 09:42:11713 Craig StSewer Backup2018-09-03jetted city side
Ben Lovelace2017-10-25 12:34:24916 Lillian StNeed to find where to shut water off2018-10-25cut water off
Harold Gravely2017-10-30 14:26:46113 Pony PlSewer Backup2018-10-30City side stopped up jetted
Ralph Finley2017-10-31 09:00:021658 Roundabout RdExcess water usage- check meter2017-10-31Shut off water at meter not sure where leak is
Elizabeth Odberg2017-10-31 15:04:131123 Askin StNo water2017-10-31Had water when we got there. Flushing hydrants on Askin
Tess Dalleave2017-11-01 08:18:251243 LanierPlease go by after 3:30 and check for leak2017-11-01Leak is outside
Mike Lester2017-11-03 13:59:281101 Brookdale Suite E276-638-3370 Turn on water at 10:00 am Monday Nov 62017-11-03turn water off
Tori Taylor(daughter)2017-11-06 12:42:331008 Memorial BlvdWet spot in yard, wants to know what it is2017-11-11sewer on home owner side
Bill draper2017-11-06 15:09:21815 corn tasselmuddy water called hours earlier and still isnt getting better2017-11-06flushed the line
2017-11-06 16:39:31corn tasselmuddy almost black water2017-11-06Flushing hydrants in area
Caller2017-11-08 09:10:491423 RivermontPlease check for water quality after 42017-10-09flushed line
Thomas Kenny2017-11-09 16:27:36803 Hazelwood LnSewer Backup2018-11-09home owners side
Judy Cooper2017-11-13 11:54:391338 Root Tr.Please check after 3 for excessive water usage2017-11-13leak between meter an house
Flythe2017-11-13 11:55:591228 KnollwooodCheck sewer line behind house2017-11-13fix sewer in woods across creek needs ductile pipe put in
2017-11-13 14:59:48113 Village streetWater coming out in yard.2017-11-13cut water off leaking behind spud
2017-11-13 15:54:571009 Graves streetwater comes out looking milky.2017-11-13flush water
Sam2017-11-17 15:29:021025 Liberty StSewer line stopped up in front of building2017-11-17Grease backup
911 Dispatch2017-11-20 08:11:07916 Askin StSewer Backup2017-11-20HOMEOWNERS SIDE
Kidd2017-11-20 08:50:06916 Askin St.Sewer Backup2017-11-20HOMEOWNERS SIDE
John Spencer2017-11-27 12:08:391010 E StNeed water cut off for repair2017-11-27cut off
Calller2017-11-27 15:42:30213 Wilson St,Low or No Water Pressure2017-11-27
Raymond Lewis2017-11-30 09:13:181111 Smith Lake RdMilky water2017-11-30told them to run water. had air in lines
owner2017-11-30 13:02:34114 Crsent StSewer Backup2017-11-30city side good
Burnett2017-11-30 15:39:221167 YorkshirePlease cut off water at 9 am Dec 1 Friday2017-12-01cut off
Eric Moore2017-12-01 08:36:15621 Mulberry RdSewer Backup2017-12-01city side good. cleanout at porch was stooped up. Problem in between
Annie Hobson2017-12-04 12:54:35513 Rives RdSewer Backup2017-12-04no cleanout
Bowles2017-12-05 10:03:37600 First StreetSewer Backup2017-12-05no cleanout
caller2017-12-05 13:17:17110 Roselawn HgtsPlease check on meter box water leaking around meter2017-12-05no leak
Darby2017-12-06 08:04:17907 Myrtle RdNeed water cut back on after repair has been made2017-12-06cut water on
Edith Arrington2017-12-07 11:43:25206 Summit ViewCheck to see why her meter is constantly showing usage2017-12-07leak oin yard
Hairston2017-12-08 08:15:111612 MeadowviewExcessive Water usage Please check2017-12-08No visable leaks outside. Homeowner was going to check toilets
Mordecai Travis- Barbershop2017-12-08 11:53:5961 Fayette StSewer Backup2017-12-08Pushed hose in cleanout. unstopped
Robert Hairston2017-12-11 10:09:14721 Indian TrSewer Backup2017-12-11City side good at cleanout
Caller2017-12-11 10:44:181006 Morriswater coming out in backyard2017-12-13
Henry/ Plumber Roto Rooter2017-12-12 13:19:00307 Clearview DrSewer Backup 2017-12-12Jetted. Ran camera. pipe dropped next to manhole
Hairston2017-12-14 09:45:211612 MeadowviewCheck to see why her meter is constantly showing usage2017-12-14leak on homeowners side
Caller2017-12-14 09:46:20105 VillagePlease call before going over Water is Brown2017-12-14Ran water good
Megan Hairston2017-12-14 11:37:111209 Chatham Hts RdSewer backup and sewer smell2017-12-14no cleanout. main flowing
Bill Thurston- neighbor2017-12-15 12:17:131200 Chatham Hts RdSewer coming out of clean out2017-12-15Actually Mountain Rd. Jetted cleanout
Bill Thurston- neighbor2017-12-15 12:17:391207 Chatham Hts RdSewer Backup2017-12-15Actually Mountain Rd. City side good
Caller2017-12-19 08:17:491303 Country ClubSewer Backup2017-12-19HOMEOWNERS SIDE
Latoria Sheppard2017-12-19 08:18:591002 Bethel LaneExcessive Water usage Please check2017-12-19Leak on outside of house
Caller2017-12-19 13:11:411434 HillcrestSewer Backup2017-12-19Ran water in cleanup
Caller2017-12-20 08:43:051109 Country ClubWaterleak near Meterbox2017-12-20Water main Break
Ms. Green2017-12-20 13:59:371350 Rivermont HtsSewer Backup2017-12-20Homeowners side. Cleanout clear
2017-12-27 13:26:031504 roundabout rd.Problem with main pipe leading to road and sewr backup.2018-09-02city side was clear
Kenneth Dalton2017-12-28 12:18:22815 Mulberry RdSewer Overfllow2017-12-28jetted and cleared
Clarence Butler2017-12-28 13:06:50Corner of Sellers St & 220water coming out of grass near Sellers St & 2202018-01-01Fixed water main
Allison Leizer2017-12-29 08:16:17611 Mulberry RdExcess water usage- check meter2018-09-02city side clear
James Fuller2018-01-03 09:01:201300 1/2 Middle StNo water; check to see if frozen2018-01-03Froze on homeowners side
Tracy Hinchcliff2018-01-03 09:06:061009 Sam LionsPlease investigate Sewer has backed up twice in house2018-01-23Fixed lateral
Kevin Gilley2018-01-03 09:10:03606 Forest StSewer backup; plumber said City side2018-01-03Main stopped up
Leon Barnett2018-01-03 11:05:07618 Clift StNo water; check to see if frozen2018-01-03thawed meter
David Hudson2018-01-03 12:54:42405 Clearview DrSewer backup; plumber said City side frozen2018-01-03Jetted.unstopped
Corey Haynes2018-01-05 11:07:03209 Spring StNo water; check to see if frozen2018-01-05Had water at meter
Brian Jones2018-01-05 14:23:03500 Clift StFrozen line or meter2018-01-05Changed meter
Ruby Gravely2018-01-05 14:36:371014 Adele StNo water; check to see if frozen2018-01-04Thawed meter
Mabel Mullins2018-01-08 09:43:08403 Fourth StPossible frozen meter; please check2018-01-08Thawed meter
Alma Hairston2018-01-08 12:28:02737-A Fayette StNo water; check to see if frozen2018-01-11Water was off leak in yard
Audrey Clark2018-01-08 12:38:501208 Ranson RdNo water; check to see if frozen2018-01-08Thawed meter
Johnny @ Speedweigh2018-01-08 13:30:09100 Pond StNo water; check to see if frozen2018-01-08Unthawed meter
Rebecca Martin2018-01-08 15:00:57708 Second StSaid meter had ice in it2018-01-08thawed meter
Henry Bolling2018-01-08 15:06:31103 Big Jane StNeed water cut off for leak2018-01-08cut off
Anthony Moore2018-01-08 15:24:55602 First St Apt 2No water; check to see if frozen2018-01-08thawed meter
Caller2018-01-09 09:58:331243 Chatham Heights Rd Need water cut off for leak2018-01-09Cut off
Reynolds2018-01-09 11:08:47219 Parks StNeed water cut off 2018-01-09Cut off
Myrtle2018-01-09 16:05:42122 Maple StWater leak may need it cut off2018-01-09Fixed water main
Wanda Green2018-01-10 09:09:57285 Riverview CtTurn water off for water leak2018-01-10Turned off
Elsie Hannah2018-01-10 10:33:531204 Fayette StLow or No Water Pressure2018-01-10Inside house problem
Fred Keith- neighbor2018-01-10 11:31:49314 Granville StWater coming out from under assumed vacant house2018-01-10Cut off water
Harris2018-01-10 14:56:57307 ForestSewer Backup2018-01-10Jetted main
Caller2018-01-10 14:59:51114 RoselawnWater muddy and bubling at meter2018-01-10Leak in lateral near meterbox customer did not want shut off
Caller2018-01-10 16:37:371144 PinehallLow or No Water Pressure2018-01-10Had water at meter
Willam King2018-01-10 16:51:501144 Pine Hall RdNo Water2018-01-10Had water at meter
2018-01-11 08:08:231007 WilliamsWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2018-01-11Bad leak in basement
Lester Property2018-01-11 08:47:52301 Liberty St.1 inch Meter 81563122 needs to turned off 2018-01-11Turned off
Wanda Green2018-01-11 09:11:371001 C StTurn Water off2018-01-11Turned off
Caller2018-01-11 10:15:32412 Fayettee StExcessive Water usage Please check2018-01-11turned water off - water in basement
Angela Morris2018-01-11 10:35:541200 Mountain RdSewer smell in just one bathroom2018-01-11Could not find anything flshed fine clean out flowing
Caller2018-01-11 10:46:45737 Apt A Fayette StLow or No Water Pressure2018-01-11Leak in lateral under sidewalk
Lisa Smith2018-01-16 08:21:141147 Banner St RearMeter 81561852 needs to be shut off2018-01-16Cut off
James @ Bulletin2018-01-18 10:31:57204 Broad StWater Quality Issue2018-01-18Told them to run water
James Ashworth2018-01-18 11:20:49902 Myrtle RdSewer Backup2018-01-18Ran water. Homeowners side
Sheppard Shelton2018-01-19 10:32:09104 Crestwood CtNeed water cut back on after repair has been made2018-01-19Cut on
Annetta Cooper2018-01-22 10:20:36907 Highland StSewer Overfllow2018-01-22City side good
Jeffrey Gann2018-01-22 12:18:44720 Auburn PlNeed water off ASAP for leak/breakage2018-01-22cut off
Ms. Duncan2018-01-22 13:32:051397 Hillcrest AveLow pressure after having water cut back on from repair2018-01-22Homeower issue
Leroy Elmore2018-01-22 15:23:26314 Granville StNeed water cut off for leak2018-01-22cut off
Jeffrey Owen2018-01-23 08:31:29714 Auburn PlSink hole near mailbox; getting pretty deep; please check2018-01-23Storm drain issue. Told Randy G.
Page Webb2018-01-23 13:48:33818 Clarke RdSaid sewer coming up from grass or road (translating for employee)2018-01-23Didn't see nothing. checked cleanout at house. clear. road clear.
Jaqwalia Hampton2018-01-24 10:56:05709 Oneida StNeed water cut back on after repair has been made2018-01-24Water was already on
Caller2018-01-25 10:25:411144 Pine HallWaterleak near Meterbox2018-09-04home owner side
Gina Robertson2018-01-25 10:28:491130 Ridge Rd #207Low or No Water Pressure2018-01-25We cut water off/on for plumbers
Blue ridge Aquacultrue2018-01-26 09:42:34Industrial ParkSewer Backup2018-01-26Jetted
Jane Toler2018-01-26 11:17:481007 Owens RdSewer Backup2018-01-26Homeowners side
LeRoy Elmore2018-01-26 15:56:59314 Granville StNeed water cut back on after repair2018-01-26Turned on/off. Still had leak
Ruth2018-01-29 09:30:27404 HairstonSewer Backup2018-01-29City side jetted
Jimme Morrison/Barbara Martin2018-01-29 11:04:27229 Clearview DrCheck meter for leak; please call-won2018-01-29cut water off
Kevin Ashley2018-01-29 13:22:08716 Auburn PlPossible sinkhole caused by storm drain next to driveway2018-01-29Ran camera a week before. Storm drain dropped
Tiznado Concetcion2018-01-29 15:51:50818 Clarke RdSewer Backup2018-01-29homeowners side
Barbara Martin2018-01-29 15:53:39229 Clearview DrNeed water cut off for leak2018-01-29cut off
Ruben Duran2018-01-30 08:26:52113 Emmett StWaterleak near Meterbox2018-01-30homeowners side
Connie2018-01-30 10:52:46719 Prospect HillPlease go by Wednesday at 1 pm low water pressure since leak fixed2018-01-31PRV
Steve Duncan2018-01-30 13:23:55126 Park StSewer Backup2018-01-30226 had stoppage jetted
Truman Adkins2018-01-30 15:20:041031 Owens RdSewer Backup2018-09-04jetted city side
James Martin2018-01-31 09:47:09913 Highland Ridge RdSewer Backup2018-01-31home ownerside
Rachel Harris2018-01-31 14:10:471434 Hillcrest AveSewer Backup2018-01-31Cleared
Caller2018-01-31 16:18:074084 Mt. OlivetOnly air in pipes after repair2018-01-31water leak on city side
Rebecca Taylor2018-01-31 16:26:301305 Oakgrove AveNeed water cut off for busted pipe2018-01-31cut water off
Caller2018-01-31 16:51:04516 GlendaleSewer Backup2018-01-31jetted
NAPA2018-02-01 08:49:37460 CommonwealthHydrant Leakling in front of NAPA2018-02-01Wet around hydrant. Someone may have used it.
Lois Barker2018-02-01 12:07:511114 Highland StSewer Backup2018-02-01jetted sewer main behind house
caller2018-02-06 09:01:08908 Independence DrSewer Backup2018-02-06jetted paper towels
Barry Elliot2018-02-06 09:49:03907 1/2 Myrtle RdWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2018-02-06
Company 1 Fire Station2018-02-06 12:04:41Company 1 on Church StWater coming out of meter box & going down sidewalk2018-02-06stop up on city side
LeRoy Elmore2018-02-06 14:15:16314 Granville StNeed water cut back on after repair2018-02-06cut water back on
Clifton Scott2018-02-08 10:07:27502 E Church StWorking at site and cannot find water meter; needs help locating2018-02-08Found
John Gale2018-02-08 12:18:37840 Hundley StSewer Backup2018-02-08home ownerside
James Coleman2018-02-12 09:42:081000 Spruce StNeed water cut on for sprinklers2018-02-12Water was on sprinker system off in building
Yolanda Muse2018-02-12 11:04:251161 Banner StPossible sewer backup need checked2018-02-12city side jetted
Lisa Smith2018-02-12 12:10:141147 Banner StNeed water cut back on 2018-02-12cut water back on
Ronald2018-02-12 12:42:151320 C Virginia AveWater leak near Meter at Staffords Music2018-02-12meter leaking
Marcie Reynolds2018-02-13 13:40:26729 Smith StSewer Backup2018-10-07jetted city side
Robert Harrison2018-02-13 15:37:38719 Prospect HillNo water prressure since water break has replaced Pressure reducing valve2018-02-14PRESSURE GOOD IN HOUSE
Gus Barbour2018-02-14 08:15:351205 Sam Lions TrSewer Backup2018-09-04jetted city side
Caller2018-02-14 14:20:16216 Stuart turn water off 10:00 tomorrow morning(Thursday)2018-02-15cut off
Caller2018-02-14 15:12:03729 SMITH STREETSewer Backup2018-09-12jetted city side
CALLER2018-02-14 17:01:50319 E MARKET STREETLow or No Water Pressure2018-02-06City side clear
John Gale2018-02-16 08:24:30840 Hundley StWater coming up from ground at the edge of his driveway, next to curb2018-02-16Problem on Homeowners side
Gladys Hairston2018-02-16 16:14:221307 Askin StSewer Backup2018-02-16Homeowners side
911 Dispatch2018-02-20 09:05:06Dead end side of Jackson StSewer Overfllow2018-02-20jetted and unstopped
Caller2018-02-20 10:13:131144 Pine HallSewer Backup2018-02-20city side blockage
Wilcox2018-02-20 10:26:46731 Corn TasselPlease call and setup a time to see if house is on sewer or septic2018-02-20jetted city side
Connie Carter2018-02-20 15:32:32719 Prospect Please call and check why pressure is low2018-02-20prv mess up
Roger- Roger2018-02-23 12:32:491112 S Memorial BlvdSewer backing up into basement2018-02-23Unstopped sewer main
Print Swanson2018-02-27 08:35:00824 SMith StreetInstall new water and sewer service2018-02-28Called ticket in
Jenette Harris2018-02-27 12:32:37307 Forest StPossible sewer backup need checked2018-02-27Unstopped. grease. poured solvent
Freddie Lewis2018-02-28 13:47:49103 Melrose PlSewer Backup2018-09-04jetted city side
Dorothy Still2018-03-01 09:06:501310 Mountain RdSewer Backup2018-03-01main back up
Doris Young2018-03-01 10:47:321003 Owens St Ext- off Greyson StSewer Backup2018-03-01jetted.unstopped
Brian Fulcher2018-03-02 14:59:23607 Stultz Rd- MultiwallTurn water back on2018-03-02cut on
Clarence Belcher2018-03-05 12:00:591403 Askin StSewer Backup2018-03-05city side good
Sherell Butler2018-03-08 11:15:031244 Chatham Hts RdLow or No Water Pressure2018-03-081/2 lines inside
Gil Hairston2018-03-08 12:15:1726 S Barton StNeed help getting cap off of meter2018-03-08cut off
Brenda from Police Dept2018-03-08 16:50:321126 Rives RdNeed water cut off for busted pipe2018-03-08cut off
Robert Ward2018-03-13 12:50:29602 Fayette St- House of PrayerNeed water cut off for repair2018-03-13cut off
Hallie Cabiness 2018-03-14 10:16:021115 Ranson RdPossible sewer backup2018-03-14city side clear
Sherman Emler2018-03-14 15:08:341509 Rivermont HeightsWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2018-03-14
Ginger Williams2018-03-14 16:13:05144 Salmon StWet spot in yard, wants to know what is causing it2018-03-14hydrant leaking
Terry Wilson2018-03-15 11:00:30902 Meadow LaneTurn Water off Monday Morning To install valve for Apartments2018-03-15turn water off
2018-03-15 11:47:0213 Broad St- Globmans parking lotWater meter caved in again2018-03-15replace lid
Fire Dept2018-03-19 10:32:53Moss and ChurchSewer Backup2018-03-19
Tyrone Wooding2018-03-19 16:36:14809 B StSewer coming out of clean out-on their property2018-03-19sewer broke
Marvin Muse2018-03-22 09:02:301161 Banner StSewer Backup2018-03-22
Thomas Galloway2018-03-23 09:59:12909 Banks RdSewer Backup2018-03-23
Caller2018-03-28 08:57:25302 OakdaleLow or No Water Pressure2018-03-28
Caller2018-03-28 08:58:3911215 MemorialWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2018-03-28
Betty Wimbush2018-03-28 09:48:55212 Clearview DrSewer Backup2018-03-28
Caller2018-03-29 10:20:551303 Country clubCaller at home, let him know you are coming please. Works at home2018-03-29
Hertzler2018-03-29 14:32:56112 S Beaver StSewer Backup2018-03-29
caller2018-03-29 17:01:36114 Melody CtSewer Overfllow2018-03-29
Millner2018-03-30 11:40:021160 YorkshireSewer Backup2018-03-30
Caller2018-04-02 16:30:48E streetwater coming out of the road2018-04-02Water Lek
Brenda Souther2018-04-03 09:26:001126 Rives RoadWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2018-04-03
Graveley2018-04-03 10:14:001017 Mountain RdSewer Overfllow2018-04-03
Vaughan2018-04-04 08:54:03906 MulberrySewer Backup2018-04-04
Parnell2018-04-04 10:44:53402 College StSewer Backup2018-04-04
Caller2018-04-06 08:11:141021 Barrows Mill RdSewer Overfllow2018-04-06
Pulliam2018-04-06 16:34:331324 Hillcrest aveWaterleak near Meterbox2018-04-06
Caller2018-04-09 09:21:22805 D StreetWater Break on the main2018-04-09
Valerie Swanson2018-04-09 09:52:051416 Cardinal LnSewer Overfllow2018-04-09
Caller2018-04-09 11:01:211122 Morris RdSewer Backup2018-04-09
Jim Westmoreland2018-04-10 08:20:511017 Jefferson CircleSewer Backup2018-04-10
Caller2018-04-11 11:45:581303 Country Club Sewer Backup2018-04-11
caller2018-04-11 15:12:2181 Henry StWater Break on the main2018-04-11
Hairston2018-04-12 13:09:251161 YorkshireWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2018-04-12
Tina Moore2018-04-12 14:22:241014 GriggsSewer Backup2018-04-12
Mary Norman2018-04-12 16:49:301416 Rivermont HtsSewer Backup2018-04-12
Williams2018-04-13 08:36:301008 Sam LionsWater Quality Issue2018-04-13
Caller2018-04-13 12:47:28702 Beverly WayWaterleak near Meterbox2018-04-13
Susan Norman2018-04-16 10:33:11across from City Jail on Clearview DrSewer Backup2018-04-16
Dandrudge2018-04-17 16:26:311415 Mountain RdWater Quality Issue2018-04-17
Caller2018-04-18 15:05:391212 Sam Lions TrHomeonwer needs to talk to someone re high water usage. There now 2018-04-18
Dennis Hairston2018-04-19 12:28:12710 Windsor LnWater Quality Issue2018-04-19
Lee Jarrett2018-04-20 08:26:531107 Knollwood PlSewer Backup2018-04-20
Gwendolyn Edmundson2018-04-20 08:30:0918 High StSewer Backup2018-04-20
Wanda Green2018-04-20 11:59:02432 S Memorial BlvdWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2018-04-20
Stephanie Gross-Sutton Prop.2018-04-23 11:42:411326 Hillcrest AveWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2018-04-23
Caller2018-04-23 12:23:501109 Corn TasselSewer Backup2018-04-24
Tierra Hairston2018-04-24 09:08:121105 Askin StSewer Backup2018-04-24no cleanout
Private Care2018-04-24 10:49:47226 StarlingSewer Backup2018-09-12jetted city side
Darren Prillaman Blue Ridge Aqua2018-04-24 11:06:36Industrial ParkJet Sewer Lines starting to back up2018-04-24jetted city side
Caller2018-04-24 12:01:29802 Augusta St.Cut off Water on Thursday Morning 4/26 to install Shower2018-04-04tum water off
Caller2018-04-25 16:39:141105 AskinSewer Backup2018-09-05jetted city side
Caller2018-04-27 11:54:25802 Augusta StNeed water cut back on2018-04-27tun meter back on
Helene Mikell2018-04-27 14:44:29820 Banks RdPlease check excess water usage2018-04-27leak on homeowner side
Tyler with Witts Plumbing2018-05-01 12:27:271605 Sam Lions TrBacking up near cleanout at street2018-05-01jetted and cleared city side
Jerry Wood2018-05-02 08:59:391602 Sam Lions TrWash machine backup and low pressure upstairs-called Blaine2018-05-22inside house problems
Danny Winn2018-05-03 12:57:59209 Emmette StSewer backup he says at the street-plumber told him his line clear2018-05-03jetted and cleared city side
Barbara Hammock2018-05-07 09:52:07800 Princeton StPossible water leak2018-05-17flushed line
Frederick Daniels2018-05-07 10:40:501411 Cardinal LnSewer Backup2018-09-05jetted city side
Truman Adkins2018-05-07 13:06:491018 Askin StSewer Backup2018-09-03jetted city side
Ruth Teller2018-05-07 16:27:05902 Highland Ridge RdSewer Backup2018-09-12jetted city side
Sammy Wright2018-05-08 11:43:45923 Bob Gregory StSewer Backup2018-09-12jetted city side
Caller2018-05-08 16:55:43go by Wednesday at 10 am to see why the Basement is full of water2018-05-08rain water
Frank2018-05-09 08:13:451101 ChalmersSewer Has backed up in the house several times2018-05-09jetted city side
Amy Sabarre2018-05-09 08:26:59602 Jefferson StSewer Backup2018-10-15jetted city side
Robert Kellam2018-05-09 16:08:3813 Jackson StSewer Backup2018-09-13jetted city side
Emmett Carter2018-05-10 12:33:251301 Chatham Hts RdSewer Backup2018-09-03jetted city side
Lamar Jones2018-05-14 08:44:34400 Thomas HtsNeed water cut off for contractors asap2018-05-14turn meter off
Mr Paterl2018-05-14 10:49:041508 Grandview RdLow or No Water Pressure2018-05-14bad pipes
Wendy Arrington2018-05-14 11:40:40813 Princeton StWater smells foul2018-06-14flushed line
MABLE CAMPBELL2018-05-15 09:15:51514 Forest St.Go by on Wednesday Find excessive water use2018-05-15leak in yard
Elizabeth Carter2018-05-15 10:48:38914 Bethel LnSewer Backup2018-09-02jetted city side
Caller2018-05-16 08:54:29806 Royal Dr.Water Meter box broken2018-05-16replaced lid
Loretta Carter2018-05-16 14:26:11808 Keel StSewer Backup2018-09-12jetted city side
Vickie Alderman2018-05-17 11:35:291306 Oakgrove AveSewer Backup2018-09-03jetted city side
Caller2018-05-17 13:11:04543 DillardWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2018-05-17cut meter off
Dennis Hairston2018-05-18 11:23:00710 Windsor LnSewer Backup2018-09-04jetted city side
Travis Barbershop2018-05-18 15:38:5361 Fayette StRoots in line under grate in sidewalk2018-05-18jetted city side
Cavalier Pharmacare-Tracey2018-05-21 08:40:56806 S Memorial BlvdPipe behind building stopped up-Ask for Tracey or Ashley2018-09-04City side clear
Theresa CRADDOK2018-05-21 08:46:351409 Whittle RdExcessive Water usage Please check on Tuesday2018-05-21leak in yard
Mark Ware2018-05-21 10:19:0351 E Church StNeed water cut back on after repair2018-05-21cut water back on
Joanne Mullies2018-05-21 13:41:47709 Windsor LaPlease check cleanout 2018-06-21city side was clear
Nelson Evans2018-05-21 14:26:001316 Edwards LaLow or No Water Pressure2018-05-21galvenize pipes
2018-05-22 19:12:211119 KnollwoiodLow or No Water Pressure2018-06-22water leak
Lee Millner2018-05-23 11:30:26730 Beachnut LaNo water2018-05-29meter was off
Lynn Chitwood2018-05-24 09:22:041110 Oakgrove AveSewer backup; Pipes gurgling; Muddy water in toilet; Sewage smell2018-06-24city side stopped up jetted
Geneva Huff2018-05-25 10:45:49702 Barrows Mill Rd Apt 3Low or No Water Pressure2018-06-25leak in yard
Caller2018-05-29 13:37:001109 MulberryLow or No Water Pressure2018-06-29leak in house
Casey Harlowe2018-05-30 10:02:18704 Orchard StPossible sewer backup2018-05-30No cleanup. main flowing
Shirley Gravely2018-05-31 08:32:12114 Melody CtSewer Backup2018-09-03jetted city side
Serena Barton2018-05-31 11:55:32208 Preston StFoul smell in and out of house- please check2018-07-31city side was clear
Brady Hensley2018-06-04 10:44:12123 Salmon StNeed water cut off for contractors asap2018-06-04turnmeter off
Sarah Tinsley2018-06-04 15:42:54707 Mica StSewer Backup2018-06-04Jetted. unstopped. Cut roots out
Caller2018-06-11 08:46:311126 StephensSewer Backup2018-06-11Jetted unstopped. ran cam. Grease. poured solvent
Laurie Stokes- Gods Creative Learning Center2018-06-11 09:19:33219 Clearview DrWater on sidewalk2018-06-11Jetted unstopped. ran cam. Grease. poured solvent
Per Emily in UB2018-06-11 09:36:20114 Sellers StNeed water cut off for busted pipe2018-08-08cut water off
Joyce Walker2018-06-11 09:56:511319 Chatham Hts RdSewer Backup2018-06-12Jetted sewer main. unstopped
Lamar Jones2018-06-11 12:01:43400 Thomas HtsNeed water turned off for repair2018-06-11turn meter off
Terresa Leopold2018-06-11 12:17:18501 Mulberry RdSewer Backup2018-06-11Jetted lateral unstopped
Ms. Hannann2018-06-12 10:20:091009 Indian TrSewer Backup2018-09-06jetted city side
Luis Melendez2018-06-12 10:59:59133 Greyson StSewer Backup2018-06-12City side clear
Charles Adams2018-06-19 16:34:571013 Chatham HtsSewer Backup2018-09-06jetted city side
Robert Kellam2018-06-20 14:40:1713 N JacksonSewer Backup2018-06-20Jetted. Ran cam. Needs new Lateral
Bernita Jamison2018-06-20 16:21:5422 Jackson StSewer Backup2018-09-05jetted city side
Tracey Dillard2018-06-25 08:50:35305 Wren CtSewer Backup2018-06-25No cleanup. main flowing
James Lavinder2018-06-25 12:30:321504 Meadowview LnSewer Backup2018-09-12jetted city side
John Scales2018-06-26 15:50:061206 Oakgrove AveSewer Backup2018-09-05jetted city side
Jeffrey Belcher2018-06-27 10:30:38800 Madison St Apt 4No water2018-09-17leak on home owner side
Charmen Belcher2018-06-29 08:35:01811 Olympia StSewer Backup2018-06-29City side clear
Amanda Redd2018-06-29 09:09:161055 Rives RoadMeet Tuesday Morning and try to figure out excessive water usage2018-06-29in side problem
Phyllis Scales2018-06-29 16:06:201159 Banner StSewer Backup2018-06-29City side clear
Caller2018-07-02 08:34:031109 CherokeeLow or No Water Pressure2018-07-02Cleaned Strainers
Doretha Martin2018-07-02 08:35:52111 GravelyGo by after 10:30 and find excessive water use 2018-07-02Toilet and hose
Donna Edwards2018-07-02 10:31:091603 Meadowview LnSewer Backup2018-07-02No Problem
Caller2018-07-02 12:19:211105 Cherokee trSewer Backup2018-07-12jetted city side
Ms. McKee2018-07-02 13:31:241008 River Forest PlSewer Backup2018-07-12jetted city side
Tina Manns2018-07-09 09:33:041517 Grand View RdSewer smell outside; possible sewer backup2018-07-10Washed manhole out
Caller2018-07-09 10:45:34702 #B Beverly WayLow or No Water Pressure2018-07-09inside house problems
Brenda Easten2018-07-09 15:33:18413 Virginia StNeed water turned on2018-07-09turned water back on
Blue ridge Aquacultrue2018-07-09 16:34:16Industrial ParkSewer Line needs jetting on Tuesday 7/10/182018-07-10Flushed
Caller2018-07-10 09:39:044075 Sunset DrPlease go by after 2:30 and see why water is reddish-brown2018-07-10flushed line
Damien Wainwright2018-07-10 09:53:57805 Mulberry RdPossible water leak-not sure if its on private or City side2018-07-10sewer on top of ground behind cleanout
Travis Barbershop2018-07-11 13:24:2461 Fayette StSewer Backup2018-07-11Jetted cleanest
Caller2018-07-16 09:38:07731 Stultz RearPlease Turn off water till the plumber can get the leak fixed2018-07-16cut off
Margerite Wilson2018-07-16 12:04:051500 Roundabout RdSewer Backup2018-07-17Jetted lateral in manhole
Shirley Clark2018-07-16 12:51:09812 Olympia StSewer Backup2018-07-16City side goo
Jasmine Thomas2018-07-18 11:36:051426 Askin St Apt 1Need water cut back on after repair2018-07-18cut on
Nancy Sanders2018-07-24 08:17:50813 Augusta StSewer Backup2018-09-04jetted city side
Richardson2018-07-25 10:02:101105 MulberryPlease call and hlp find clean-out/Sewer issues2018-07-25help find clean out
CHittum2018-07-25 11:16:27214 Pine StreetRats coming out near sewer line2018-09-08Broke on home owner side
Scott Guebert2018-07-30 10:09:53681 RosewoodWater Quality Issue2018-07-30City was flushing a blow off
Mary Sherrard2018-07-30 11:48:111518 E Church St ExtPossible sink hole- son marking with flags to make it easier to find2018-07-30storm drain
Freda Madison 2018-07-30 13:59:31Martins landing in front of 11AWater Break on the main2018-07-31Not on Citys side
Gary Smith2018-08-01 11:19:43624 E Church StSewer Backup2018-08-01city side stopped up jetted
Sandra Hairston2018-08-01 16:20:341017 Independence DrCleanout overflowing2018-08-01jetted and unstopped
Barbara Martin2018-08-01 16:33:23806 Barrows Mill RdLow or No Water Pressure2018-08-01inside house problems
Kimball Williamson2018-08-06 14:41:081033 Owens RdSewer Backup2018-08-06All clear
Chris Harvey2018-08-06 15:39:22723 Jefferson StSewer Backup2018-08-06No Clean out main running
Harris2018-08-07 08:36:15307 ForestPlease go by after 12:30 on Wednesday check high usage2018-08-07leak in yard
Debra2018-08-07 08:38:271010 Graves St. Check cleanout and call back2018-08-07city side clear
Dorothea Baldwin2018-08-07 16:55:02717 Berkshire PlHigh Water Consumption--check our side and meter2018-08-07leak in house
Hairston2018-08-09 08:22:061348 Hillcrest Ave.Very Hikgh water usage will be there till noon today2018-08-09leak in yard
Caller2018-08-09 08:23:0425 West ChurchSewer backing up at Bank2018-08-09jetted and cleared city side
Ms. Hairston2018-08-09 08:30:081417 Cardinal LnSewer Backup2018-08-09City side stopped up jetted
Sherry Hands2018-08-09 16:19:38816 Hundley StSewer backup2018-08-09jetted city side
Dispatch for Joann Clark2018-08-10 12:16:241012 Oakwood CtSewer Backup2018-08-10jetted city side
Novella Hairston2018-08-13 09:09:501417 Cardinal Lnsaid someone was supposed to get roots out-hasn2018-08-13Ran cutter
Felicia Hairston2018-08-14 08:56:55901 Myrtle RdSewer smell outside-possibly from cleanout-wants check before plumber call2018-08-14city side clear
SAWAZ HEZBOR2018-08-14 12:16:291109 CORN TASSELL TRSEWER SMELL OUTSIDE; CITY DRAIN STOPPED UP2018-08-14jetted city side
Sabrina2018-08-16 08:45:30215 OakdaleGo by on Friday morning and see why water is tastes and smell bad2018-08-16flushed line
Elva Adams2018-08-16 09:07:16315 Hospital Dr- Medical CentreSewer backup/slow drain--would like call telling her what you find2018-08-16jetted city side
Sparky2018-08-20 11:36:12604 Starling AveSewer Backup2018-08-20jetted city side
Joe Pozello2018-08-21 12:19:091010 Mountain RdLow or No Water Pressure2018-08-21in side problem
Harris2018-08-23 10:11:02104 Massey StGo by after 11:30 check for high water usage2018-08-23water hose running
Ted2018-08-27 09:59:02727 INDIAN TrWater coming out of wall by driveway2018-08-27leak in yard
Virginia Gilbert2018-08-27 11:47:29168 Wildwood Avelow/no pressure in outside spigot2018-08-27galv lines and hose running
caller2018-08-29 08:13:031414 chatam height rd apt.5wants someone to check the meter for leak2018-08-29City side clear
Darrell Lawson2018-08-31 13:36:47819 BrookdaleCheck on Tuesday see what do about Rats in Sewer2018-08-31problem on home owner side
Anthony2018-09-04 15:46:15716 Windsor LaneSewer Backup2018-09-04jetted city side
Kurtand Carol Merchant2018-09-05 11:27:481330 Root Trcheck to see why they are using so much water about 10 GPH2018-09-05leak in house
Jennifer Daughtry2018-09-06 12:36:54605 Mulberry RdMuddy Water2018-09-06from water leak
Sandra Prillaman2018-09-06 14:05:03915 Banks RdMuddy Water2018-09-06from water leak
William Underwood2018-09-07 09:21:371233 Mulberry RdMuddy water2018-09-07from water lake
Caller2018-09-10 09:08:05702 Barrows Mill #9Please go by after 3:30 check water quality2018-09-10flushed
Thomas Ryan2018-09-12 07:17:281336 Root TrailLow or No Water Pressure2018-09-12leak in yard
Mary Mood2018-09-12 09:18:26717 Orchard StMuddy water2018-09-12from water leak
LATOYA HAIRSTON2018-09-17 15:17:461331 HILLCREST AVESewer Backup2018-09-17jetted city side
George Lee2018-09-18 14:14:18901 AdeleChange 2" meter to 3/42018-11-27Done
Torin Dalton2018-09-21 09:54:171703 Meadowview LnSewer Backup2018-09-21jetted city side was clear
Odell Penn2018-09-24 09:27:41731 Corn Tassel TrPossible water leak-not sure if its on private or City side2018-09-24home owner side
Timothy Kendrick2018-09-24 11:23:08407 Clearview DrPossible water leak2018-09-24on home owner side
Tim Powell2018-09-24 12:30:05811 Highland Ridge Storm drain clogged2018-09-04turned over to PW
Claude Minter2018-09-24 12:31:18927 Brookdale StPossible water leak2018-09-24city side was fine
Caller2018-09-25 08:40:30End of Surrey CtPlease flush hydrant in the cul-de-sac2018-09-28Flushed Hydrant
Millner2018-09-25 10:25:33927 BrookdaleSewer Backup2018-09-25Jetted
Yolanda Muse2018-09-27 10:42:30931 Brookdale StCleanout overflowing2018-09-27Jetted
Regina Preston2018-09-27 11:37:591003 Fayette StNeed water turned off for repair2018-09-27turn off
Jerry Wilkins2018-09-28 08:20:30311 Red Oak StBrown water-ran cold water but still brown2018-10-01Flushed Hydrant
Charlene Hairston2018-10-01 08:49:28600 First StNeed water turned back on 2018-10-01turned meter back on
Toni Childress2018-10-01 15:06:16701 Fourth StWater has foul smell2018-10-01flushed to clear line
Jeanette Riggans2018-10-01 16:35:51901 Hunting RidgeGo by on Tuesday and se where the waer is going2018-10-04Found Hot Water Heater Pop-off Valve
Odell Penn2018-10-02 13:08:49731 Indian TrSewer backup and sewer smell 2018-10-02Homeowner has septic Address was 731 Corn Tassel
Downery2018-10-03 08:37:571001 Indian Tr.Help find water leak2018-10-03leak in yard
Genie Moore2018-10-04 10:51:151246 Chatham Hts RdNeed water cut off for repair2018-10-05Cut off
Faye Kidd2018-10-05 08:26:24916 Askin StSewer Backup2018-10-05city side clear
Timothy Downey2018-10-05 12:56:121001 Indian TrCheck meter to make sure working properly and indicating a leak2018-10-05Leak on homeowners side
Inge2018-10-10 15:30:1211 Kings RowWater Quality Issue2018-10-10from flushing hyd
Betty Wimbush2018-10-15 09:37:03212 Clearview DrPossible Sewer Backup2018-10-15jetted city side
Don Martin2018-10-16 08:03:41952 Mulberry RdMuddy/red water2018-10-16Ran Spigot
Kim Cannaday2018-10-16 08:09:11404 Armstead AveLow or No Water Pressure2018-10-16hot water side only. call plumber
Doug Kidd2018-10-16 08:50:331345 RivermontExcess water use find why2018-10-16nobody home left door knocker. no visible leak outside
Margaret Gunter2018-10-16 09:22:421007 Mulberry RdMuddy/red water2018-10-16Ran spigot
Carl Pacifico2018-10-16 16:20:321234 Mulberry RdNeed sprinkler system shut off for the season2018-10-16cut meter off
Shirley Gravely2018-10-18 15:54:42114 Melody CtSewer Backup2018-10-18Jetted manhole
Danny Maxie2018-10-22 10:12:08613 Forest StNeed water shut off--house condemned do to fallen tree2018-10-22cut water ff
Larry Hairston2018-10-22 11:20:33611 Branch StSewer Backup2018-10-22jeted cleanout
Lillan Hodges2018-10-22 12:54:011008 S Memorial BlvdSewer Backup2018-10-23City side clear
Janine Wells2018-10-23 12:06:23935 Banks Rd Apt 2Sewer backing up downstairs2018-10-23Cleanout was clear
Paul Roberts2018-10-23 13:10:271316 Chatham Hts RdFixing leak on owners side and noticed meter leaking- please check2018-10-23Fixed
John Price2018-10-25 10:46:17309 Virginia streetBrown Water2018-10-25Ran spigot
Nathanial W carter2018-10-25 11:02:26709 First st.Brown spots coming out of washer(possibLY in all water)2018-10-25Water at spigot was clear
Adrian Chisolm2018-10-29 11:41:30720 Circle CtSewer Backup2018-10-10jetted and cleared fixed and repaired
Roger Wells2018-10-29 14:34:48251 Rosewood AveBlack bits/sediments in water2018-10-16hot water heater
Fanny Kellum2018-10-29 15:24:49207 Fourth StBasement flooded before Blue Ridge called said problem is on our side2018-11-02Handyâs jetted her cleanout at house unstopped
Larry Hairston2018-10-30 11:13:23611 Branch StSewer Backup2018-10-3160 feet pipe and new cleanout
Kathy Adams2018-11-01 10:34:07407 Oakdale StSewer Backup2018-11-01Cleanout clear
OLL Giles2018-11-01 11:05:131418 Spruce St ExtNeed water cut off for repair2018-11-01cut off
OLL Giles2018-11-01 13:30:221418 Spruce St ExtNeed water cut back on2018-11-01back on
Teresa Mitchell2018-11-02 08:31:02117 Pony PlSewer Backup2018-11-11city side was clear
Ray Tillery2018-11-02 09:52:011303 Sam Lions TrExcessive water usage- please check City side, meter, and let owner know2018-11-02leak in houe
Mary Maxey2018-11-05 13:22:42613 Forest StNeed water shut off--house condemned do to fallen tree2019-02-05turned water off
Tyoshla Redd2018-11-05 13:43:07208 Burgess Ct Apt BSewer Backup2018-11-07City side was clear
Frank Campbell 2018-11-05 15:15:00820 Roy StRaw sewage us backing up in business 2018-11-05Jetted
Cindy Matherly2018-11-05 15:31:48817 Corn Tassel TrLow water pressure2019-03-03need to set her pRV
Caller2018-11-06 15:16:101105 Cherokee TrailNo water cell # 79075742019-02-03had a leak
Brenda Newman2018-11-06 15:30:08407 Clearview DrSewer Backup2018-11-06jeted cleanout
Brenda Schmidt2018-11-06 16:04:45501 Armstead AveSewer Backup2018-11-06no cleanout
Rayford Smith2018-11-06 16:14:191108 Knollwood PlLow or No Water Pressure2018-11-06everything good when they got there
Bruce2018-11-08 14:21:21200 WestoverPlease check water quality2019-02-04ran checked out good
2018-11-08 16:59:37803 Jefferson CircleTurn off water at 8 am Friday Morning2018-11-09Cut off
Estell Williams2018-11-13 09:49:54216 Stuart St.Sewer Backup2018-11-13no cleanout
Caller2018-11-13 11:34:25803 Jefferson Water Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2018-11-13cut off
Ms. Lampkins2018-11-13 12:17:44913 Highland StSewer Backup2018-11-13no cleanout
Carlton Jernigan2018-11-14 08:42:49904 Dundee CtSewer Backup2018-11-14jeted cleanout
Wright 2018-11-14 08:46:44717 SusanExcess water use find why2018-11-14Found Toilet Runing
Cindy Matherly2018-11-14 09:19:57817 Corn Tassel TrLow or No Water Pressure2018-11-14
Clay Rea2018-11-16 20:00:49813 LibertyGet meter number for each apartment2019-02-04turned off
Samantha Brooks2018-11-19 08:12:44321 Union StSewer Backup2018-11-19jeted cleanout
Church across from Library2018-11-19 12:04:15321 E Church StreetPlease call before going over to help find leak - Meter - 814022432018-11-19found leak
Fernando Turner2018-11-19 13:59:041112 Sylvan AveSewer Backup2018-11-19jeted cleanout
James Strawn2018-11-19 14:41:31107 Terry StSewer Backup2018-11-19no cleanout
David Pritchett2018-11-26 09:49:53208 Fourth StCut water off due to leak2018-11-26cut off
2018-11-26 10:02:001112 Sylvan AveSewer Backup2018-11-26jeted cleanout
Jonathon Martin2018-11-26 12:41:43604 Orchard StCheck meter to make sure its working properly-water off, meter still runs2018-11-26leak home side
Linda Deal2018-11-26 15:40:181014 Valient LnCheck cleanout- see if she needs to get it fixed2019-02-05just needed cap
Walter Mattox2018-11-27 14:30:55910 Mulberry RdSewer Backup2018-12-03jetted and cleared city side
James Lipford2018-11-27 15:04:4616 High StSewer Backup2018-11-27jeted cleanout
Brian Burgess2018-11-28 08:45:481109 A StBrown/muddy water2019-02-03ran and cleared
Mike Pashley2018-11-29 11:13:55223 Stewart StWater leak near meter2018-11-30Fixed lateral
Annalisa Chavous-Hayes2018-11-29 12:35:12935 Blankenship Rd #25Low to no water pressure2018-11-29Fixed water main
Cindy Matherly2018-11-30 12:47:59817 Corn Tassel TrNeed water shut off for repair2018-11-30Cut off
Caller2018-12-03 08:39:28701 Rives RdSewer Backup2018-12-03jeted cleanout
Judy Hill2018-12-03 12:05:06726 Beechnut LnSewer Backup2018-12-03no cleanout
Willard Hylton2018-12-03 14:42:29107 Marshall StSewer Backup2018-12-03jeted cleanout
Julie Deshazo2018-12-05 09:20:42724 Mulberry RdPossible sewer leak; check city side and let her know2019-02-04everything was clear
Harry Wells2018-12-05 10:50:181207 Maxine RdSewer Backup2019-01-07jetted and cleared
Laurel Doss2018-12-05 15:14:49755 Stultz Rd Apt 1102 Sewer Backup 2019-02-05city side clear
Caller2018-12-07 09:58:22906 Glade StSewer Overfllow2018-12-07Unstopped main Grease Rags and big root ball
John2018-12-07 09:59:21103 Summit StTurn water on for Plumber to see where leak is2018-12-07Leak Near Meter
James Jones2018-12-07 10:00:33406 Harris Dr.Check for excessive water usage2019-02-07home owner side
Joe Dillon - VMNH2018-12-07 14:32:19DouglasInstall - 1 Inch Meter Paid2019-02-05made a 1'' tap done
Dephine Membreno2018-12-07 16:12:12807 New Dale StSewer Backup2018-12-07Jetted. Had 3/4 plastic pipe in lateral
Wanda Green2018-12-11 14:43:31405 First StNeed water cut off2019-02-06Turned meter off
Nancy Hopkins2018-12-14 09:54:00123 Inman StNo water; please check meter/City side and let Ms Hopkins know2018-12-14Leak inside house
Gladys Hairston2018-12-14 11:18:021307 Askin StSewer Backup2018-12-14City side good
Pepper Boyd2018-12-14 11:28:57722 Oneida StNeed water back on after repair2018-12-14Cut on
Harold Gravely2018-12-18 08:34:22121 Park StSewer Backup2018-12-18City side jetted
Shirley Gravely2018-12-21 06:18:56114 Melody CtSewer Backup2018-12-04Everything was clear jetted anyway
Caller2018-12-26 05:41:311220 MulberrySewer Backup2018-12-26jeted cleanout
John Wilkins2018-12-27 07:50:40739 Craig StCheck City side in back, near wall- water pooling2019-01-09Fixed waterline
Mary Smith2018-12-28 11:13:361502 Roundabout RdCheck meter to see if leak is happening; water coming in basement2019-02-04rain water
Daniel Young2018-12-28 11:25:27213 Wilson StSewer Backup2018-12-28Rain water in basement
Kim Laxton2019-01-02 06:40:28908 Hazelwood LnSewer Backup2019-01-02jeted cleanout
Nathan Blackburn2019-01-02 10:58:561220 Mulberry RdHas plumber there, says blockage on City side2019-01-02jeted cleanout
Annetta Cooper- neighbor2019-01-03 06:30:08907 Highland StSewage coming out of neighbors cleanout2019-01-03jeted cleanout
Victor Hairston2019-01-03 08:26:09216 Pine StNeed water shut off for repair asap2019-01-03cut off
Charlie Hairston2019-01-07 05:44:31706 Mulberry RdSewer Backup2019-01-07no cleanout
Barron Hall2019-01-07 09:22:361212 Lanier RdSewer Backup2019-02-04city side clear
Lori Hairston 2019-01-07 12:35:09216 Pine StLow to no water pressure2019-01-0860 psi at house
Charles Adams2019-01-07 12:46:49223 Pine StSewer Backup2019-01-07no cleanout
Don Cunningham2019-01-08 08:56:20810 Hundley StSewer Backup2019-01-08Jetted clan out
Martinsville Bulletin2019-01-08 11:36:22204 Broad StHear water running- wanting to check meter2019-02-13no problem
Gracie Shelton2019-01-09 07:44:361111 Roundabout RdSewer Backup2019-02-07jetted and cleared
Patricia Johnson2019-01-09 12:16:56227 Clearview DrSewer Backup2019-01-09jeted cleanout
Timothy Kendrick2019-01-09 13:51:52407 Clearview DrSewer Backup2019-01-09Jetted cleanest
Debbie Lewis2019-01-11 07:31:139 Dan Lee TerraceSewer Backup2019-01-11Sink only thing stopped up
Sandra Finney2019-01-15 13:28:15820 Forest St Sewer Backup2019-02-04jetted and cleared
Clarence Robertson2019-01-16 08:09:111117 Rives RdSewer Backup2019-02-05city side clear
Priva Care- Wendy Kellam2019-01-22 07:03:01226 Starling AveSewer Backup2019-02-05jetted and cleared
Ken Fornash- neighbor2019-01-24 10:21:30312 Forest StSewer Overfllow2019-01-24Jetted min
Penn Anyhony2019-01-25 10:48:1215 Bondourant St.Meet to go over sewer o Tuesday- 10 am2019-01-29Talked to guy on phone. Need to camera main to locate it. Under house?
Caller2019-01-28 12:24:03515 ArmsteadSewer Backup2019-01-28jeted cleanout
Mandy2019-01-29 07:07:121013 Oakwood Ct.Turn off water due to leak2019-01-29cut off
Vincent Stone2019-01-29 10:01:501229 Sam Lions TrWater possible leaking from meter2019-01-29no leak
Beatrice Grey2019-01-29 11:17:50203 Spring StSewer Backup2019-01-29no clean out
Maggie Russell2019-01-31 06:52:51934 Cherry St Ext Apt ASewer Backup2019-01-31Jetted clean out
David Cobbler2019-01-31 10:44:55106 Park StSewer Backup2019-01-31jetted and cleared
Vickie Whitlow2019-02-01 08:47:021388 Hillcrest AveNeed water shut off for leak2019-02-01Cut off
Caller2019-02-05 05:23:39111 Northwood CTLow water Pressure and rat in toilet2019-02-05Pressure good outside. no one home
Sue Critz2019-02-05 06:43:07200 Greyson StSewer Backup2019-02-05city side good
Lenore Seay2019-02-05 11:28:56116 N Beaver StNeed water cut off for repair2019-02-05cut off
Ronda Workman2019-02-06 09:33:04321 Clift StNeed water shut off for repair2019-02-06cut off
Loretta Carter2019-02-07 11:26:36808 Keel StSewer Backup2019-02-07City side good
Margarette Blankenship2019-02-08 08:46:37110 Greyson StSewer Backup2019-02-08No cleanout. Jetted main. Told them to call plumber
Andrea Ward2019-02-08 10:13:21924 Independence DrLow Presssure and cloudy water2019-02-08home owner side
Ann Huffman2019-02-11 12:56:10407 Starling AveSewer Backup2019-02-11jeted cleanout full of paper towels
Rachel Harris2019-02-13 11:02:571434 HillcrestSewer Backup2019-02-19no cleanout
Katherine Scales2019-02-19 07:16:061361 Hillcrest AveSewer Backup2019-02-19no cleanout
Caller2019-02-19 07:30:281478 HillcrestSewer Backup2019-02-19jeted cleanout
Megan Peterson2019-02-19 07:39:491406 Whittle RdSewer Line Break behind house2019-02-19replaced 11 feet of pipe
James Dalton2019-02-19 12:05:50104 Lincoln StSewer Backup2019-02-19jeted cleanout
Napoleon Hairston2019-02-20 12:19:40933 Brookdale StSewer Backup2019-02-20jeted cleanout
Melody Justice- Marc Workshop2019-02-21 06:34:181005 Jordan StSewer Backup2019-02-21storm drain
Rhonda Workman2019-02-21 07:49:51321 Clift StWater cut back on after repair2019-02-21back on
Mr. Carter2019-02-22 06:43:26223 Clearview DrWater off for repair2019-02-22cut water off
Maddie Penn2019-02-25 11:27:161409 Roundabout Rd High water usage- check for leak2019-02-25leak on her side toilet
Caller2019-02-26 11:57:09Sewer Line between Morningside and WhittleSewer Line Break2019-02-26broke at creek
Kim Laxton2019-02-28 06:27:41908 Hazelwood LaSewer Backup2019-02-28roots in line jetted and treated with solvent
Sams Gutter Shop2019-02-28 11:29:211025 Liberty StSewer Backup2019-02-28jetted main and got it clear
Isabelle Barberena2019-03-01 09:09:211203 Mountain RdPossible Leak2019-03-01leak in the yard
Caller2019-03-04 06:26:301309 RoundaboutSewer Backup2019-03-04City side clear
Milton Barber2019-03-04 08:36:551205 Sam Lions TrDrain possibly clogged in front of house2019-03-04problem on home owners side spoke with him
Ulysses Scott2019-03-05 09:12:27917 Bob Gregory StSewer smell and slow draining2019-03-12spoke with her couldn't find nothing wrong
Caller2019-03-05 13:57:021018 Barrows MillSewer Backup2019-03-05city side clear no clean out
Norma Barker2019-03-06 12:09:10220 Oakdale StNo hot water2019-03-06in side problem
Carolyn Whiting- Piedmont Comm Services2019-03-07 08:51:02817 Starling AveSewer Backup2019-03-12paper towels againn
Cassie Wright2019-03-08 09:47:29608 Ruffin StTractor ran over meter, busted, water collecting in it2019-03-07back side of meter
David Hudson2019-03-11 06:38:20405 Clearview DrSewer Backup2019-03-11jetted and cleared city side called a ticket in to repair
Derick Soper2019-03-11 12:05:491237 Sam Lions TrPossible Sewer Leak2019-03-12spring water
Tonya Martin2019-03-12 08:01:081012 Valient LnSewer Backup2019-03-11City side clear no clean out
BERNARD GRAVELY2019-03-12 10:11:08933 BROOKDALE STSewer Backup2019-03-04it was gas line leak
Wendy at PrivaCare2019-03-18 08:33:56226 Starling AveSewer Backup2019-03-18sewer smell
Bernard Gravely2019-03-18 10:01:16933 Brookdale StSewer coming out of cleanout2019-03-18jeted cleanout
Cassie Wright2019-03-18 11:16:16608 Ruffin StWater in meter2019-03-18home onwers side
Roy Hanks2019-03-19 12:58:44714 Barrows MillGo by Wednesday after lunch check for water leak2019-03-20Leaky toilet
Roma Reid-Cross2019-03-21 07:49:41804 Smith StNeed water shut off for repair2019-03-21Cut off
Donnie Brooks2019-03-25 05:39:03916 Highland StSewer smell near road2019-03-25main stopped up
Piedmont Community Services2019-03-25 12:47:113 Dudley StSewer Backup2019-03-25jeted cleanout
Katherine Medley2019-03-29 11:30:011120 Askin StSewer Backup2019-03-29Jetted. Unstopped. Going to camera it
Herb Norman2019-03-29 12:08:35817 Parkview AveNeed water cut back on after repair2019-03-29Cut on
Makala Hairston2019-04-01 09:17:071348 Rivermont HtsSewer Backup2019-04-01jeted cleanout
Alfred Turner2019-04-03 11:17:23608 Rives RdSewer backup and awful smell outside; like sewer2019-04-03Homeowners side
Billy Wade2019-04-04 05:04:261122 Pine Hall RdSewer Backup2019-04-04no cleanout
Maudie Edwards2019-04-04 08:24:36118 Roselawn HtsLow or No Water Pressure2019-04-11#60
Forest Forshmidt2019-04-04 09:37:24727 Grattan RdSewer Backup2019-04-04cite side clear
Harold Riggins2019-04-04 10:05:101205 Lawson StUPS truck busted water meter lid & black sensor on top2019-04-04fixed meter box
John Prillaman2019-04-04 12:17:122 Tanglewood DrTurn water on2019-04-11back on
Caller2019-04-04 13:49:22715 Beverly Waywater standing on top of brown thing near the road2019-04-04Water leak in yard
John2019-04-05 05:47:10604 Orchard StSewer Backup2019-04-05Jetted cleanest
James Draper2019-04-05 05:51:41729 Smith St.Sewer Backup2019-04-05Homewners side
Rodney Dunman2019-04-08 09:01:35Between 2 and 4 AaronSewage running out of manhole cover in back2019-04-08main stopped up
Matt - Chain of Fools Bike2019-04-08 12:15:28Fayette St.Sewer Backup please check Tuesday Morning2019-04-09no clean out
Vergil Powell2019-04-09 09:57:521016 Adele StSewer smell outside2019-04-09Garbage can under porch full of rotten garbage
Aldi Jennifer Burton2019-04-10 11:57:16388 Commonwealth Blvd Sewer Backup2019-04-11Aldi's side
Sams Gutter Shop2019-04-12 08:25:521025 Liberty StSewer Backup2019-04-12Unstopped sewer main
Carla Denson2019-04-15 06:22:195 Oakdale StNeed water turned back on after repair2019-04-15Cut water back on
Melvin Thomas2019-04-15 07:09:47909 Meadow LnNeed water shut off for repair2019-04-15cut water off
Harry Rhett- Professional Arts Center2019-04-15 08:27:0815 Cleveland AveNeed water shut off for repair2019-04-16Cut water off
Lucy Wilson2019-04-15 08:47:36713/715 Orchard St--vacant lotPossible sewer leak2019-04-15ran water
Virginia Hundley- Professional Arts Center2019-04-15 12:27:5115 Cleaveland Ave Suite 8Need water turned on2019-04-16Cut water back on
Melvin Thomas2019-04-16 05:09:57714 Forest StNeed water shut off for repair2019-04-16Cut off
Charles Wotring2019-04-16 06:38:361108 Mulberry RdSewer Backup2019-04-16No cleanout at city right of way
Rita Sands2019-04-16 09:35:11405 Forest StSewer Backup2019-04-16Unstopped main
Melvin Thomas2019-04-16 12:50:19900 Meadow LnNeed water shut off for repair2019-04-16cut meter off
Carrie Venable2019-04-17 07:34:21641 Rosewood AvePossible water leak2019-04-17fixed leak
Stratford Square Apartments2019-04-19 12:04:201807 E. Church St ExtSewage Backup around 600 building- maintenance is sitting in white truck2019-04-19Jetted main
Ted Wheeler2019-04-26 05:40:04918 Dundee CtStrong sewer smell behind house across street-main sewer line back there2019-04-26Jetted sewer main. Unstopped.
John Ford2019-04-26 05:41:55708 Indian TrThinks sewer line collapsed in yard-comes from Spruce; 3-42019-04-26Yard has settled over sewer main
Robert Hairston2019-04-26 09:41:281410 Mountain Rdhas sewerline dug up but things blocked on City side2019-04-26jeted main
Robert Hairston2019-04-29 05:41:101410 Mountain RdSewer Backup2019-04-29jeted cleanout
Ruth Telles2019-04-29 12:43:42902 Highland Ridge RdSewer Backup2019-04-29jeted cleanout
Caller2019-05-02 05:58:39108 Sellars StSewer coming out in yard missing cleanout cap2019-05-02Jetted. Unstopped. Fixed cleanout.
Lillian Perkins2019-05-03 11:29:06112 Village StSewage Backup2019-05-03Jetted cleared
Carolyn Whiting2019-05-06 10:39:48817 Starling AveSewer Backup2019-05-06City side stopped up jetted
John Price2019-05-10 06:49:12309 Virginia StSewer Backup2019-05-10Jetted sewer main. Unstopped
Sarah Tinsley2019-05-10 10:32:59707 Mica StSewer Backup2019-05-02City side clear
Trameka Dillard2019-05-14 05:20:05209 McCoy StLow or No Water Pressure2019-05-14gal pipes
2019-05-15 07:15:00407 Clearview DrSewer Backup2019-05-15They wanted to run water in cleanout
Piedmont Community Services 2019-05-15 07:19:5324 Clay StSewer Backup2019-05-15Sewer cleanout up front clear. Sewer manhole in woods flowing
Deshaun Strickley2019-05-15 07:32:211401 Askin StSewer Backup2019-05-15Jetted sewer cleanout
Matthew- Chain of Fools 2019-05-15 08:51:2428 Fayette StSewage Backup2019-05-15No cleanout
Matthew Huckfeldt2019-05-16 07:47:2828 Fayette StSewer Backup2019-05-16no clean out
Matthew Ratliff2019-05-16 07:50:1026 Fayette StSewer Backup2019-05-16no clean out
BELCHER CLARENCE2019-05-20 06:54:391403 S AskinSewer Backup2019-05-20Jetted went straight
Elizabeth Deal2019-05-20 09:52:281916 Dundee LnLow or No Water Pressure2019-05-09hse was left on
Carl-Piedmont Comm Services2019-05-20 10:44:42817 Starling AveSewer Backup2019-05-20Jetted unstopped cleanout. Ran camera. Grease. Poured sewer solvent.
Rhonda Mills2019-05-20 11:50:221506 E Church St ExtLow water pressure2019-06-20city side had good pressure problem on homeowner side
Dale Hunt2019-05-20 12:17:241320 Lee StPlease call before going over and see if the rats are living in the sewer2019-05-21Ran sewer camera. No holes in sewer main
Mrs. Downey2019-05-21 10:50:581001 Indian TrTurn water off- water leak2019-05-21Turned off
Cynthia Inge2019-05-22 06:08:44905 Forest Lake DrTurn water off for leak2019-05-22Turned off
Lindsay Turner2019-05-29 07:06:02311 Forest StSewer Backup2019-05-29mate talked to home owener
Tina Tony2019-05-29 08:44:45829 Hundley StSewer Backup2019-05-29jeted cleanout
Sherrial Millner2019-05-29 11:18:151160 Yorkshire RdSewer Backup2019-05-29jetted main
Caller2019-05-29 13:49:59316 Brown StWater Meter lid needs replacing2019-05-29put new lid on
Caller2019-05-30 13:05:57409 Forest StSewer Backup2019-06-01jetted
Raffael Vessella2019-05-31 05:45:45913 Askin StRan snake through sewer, coming back with mud. Thinks line collapsed2019-05-31Homeowners cleanout falling backwards
Sharon2019-05-31 09:14:561035 Owens RoadSewer Backup2019-05-31jetted
Edward Hughes2019-05-31 09:33:12712 Windsor LnSewer Backup2019-05-31jeted cleanout
call to Caitlyn Westmoreland2019-06-04 13:24:53107 Bruce StSewer Backup2019-06-04No cleanout at road jetted main. Stopped up on homeowners side
David Lobell2019-06-05 10:07:55913 Owens St- Off GreysonTurn water off for repair2019-06-05cut meter off
T&R Properties- Chris Harvey2019-06-07 13:30:0032 Bridge StNeed someone to check parking lot it is flooding 2019-06-11turned over to PW
Betty Butler2019-06-11 13:42:521004 A St Please go by on Thursday June 13 check for high water usage2019-06-12leak on there side
DENISE LODADA2019-06-12 08:00:301014 PAUL STWATER OFF FOR REPAIR2019-06-12cut meter off
FULLER MEMORIAL CHURCH2019-06-12 08:13:001202 ASKIN STHELP WITH/FIND POSSIBLE LEAK2019-06-12toilet running
Billy Jamison2019-06-12 09:25:05712 Auburn PlSewer Backup2019-06-12rain water
Ruby Penn2019-06-13 05:43:07938 and 940 Banks RdSewer Backup2019-06-03jetted
Dorothy Muse2019-06-13 13:00:481015 Askin StSewer Backup2019-06-13no clean out
Reginald Womack2019-06-14 06:13:11110 Elmwood CirSewer Backup2019-06-14jeted
Denise Lozada2019-06-14 11:07:381014 Paul StWater back on after repair2019-06-14Cut water back on
Brad Shelton2019-06-17 12:52:05907 Owens RdSewer Backup2019-06-17no cleanout
Jean Dones2019-06-17 13:43:27911 Second StSewer Backup 2019-06-17jetted and cleared
William Johnson2019-06-18 08:47:07113 Big Jane StSewer Backup2019-06-18No cleanout
Poppy Gearhart2019-06-18 09:36:11742 Stultz RdSewer Backup2019-06-18no cleanout
Samantha Brooks2019-06-18 12:09:49321 Union StSewer Backup2019-06-18Jetted unstopped cleanout
Justin Brimmer2019-06-19 06:41:15912 Carol StTurn water back on after repair2019-06-19cut water back on
Ed Campbell2019-06-26 05:37:40716 Druid LaneHad low water pressure now water looks "soapy"2019-06-26ran and cleared
Peggy Ferguson2019-06-26 06:11:29823 Banks RdWater smells funny wants city side checked before calling plumber2019-06-26ran water
Jack- Nelson Collision Center2019-06-26 12:16:39303 W. Church StPossible Sewer Leak2019-06-26Storm drain stinks
Tomeak Freeman2019-07-01 08:30:54503 Glendale StSewer Backup2019-07-01jeted cleanout
Tyra Mitchell2019-07-01 10:49:161245 Chatham Hts RdPossible Sewer Leak2019-07-11City side clear
Carl Richards2019-07-02 09:58:30913 Forest Lake DrSewer Backup2019-07-02Ran water city side good
Patricia McKinney2019-07-03 09:38:191631 Rivermont HtsCheck meter & City side for leak2019-07-03city side was good no leak
Jamison Rental Properties- Natalie2019-07-16 09:38:16520 Fayette StPossible Sewer Leak 2019-07-16Jetted main full of roots
Steven Provost2019-07-19 09:05:15805 Clarke RdSewer Backup 2019-07-19Unstopped cleanout.
Long John Silvers- Kathy2019-07-22 06:36:49802 E. Church StPossible Sewer Back 2019-07-22jeted cleanout
NA2019-07-22 13:00:57812 HundleySewer Backup2019-07-22jeted cleanout
Tracy Hairston2019-07-23 11:37:41705 Indian TrSewer Backup 2019-07-23clear city side
NA2019-07-24 10:25:32809 Forest Lake Dr.Sewer Cleanout or meter lid needs replacing 2019-07-24Replaced lid
Marquerite Wilson2019-07-29 09:20:371500 Roundabout RdSewer Backup2019-07-29all good
Lynn Brown2019-07-29 12:42:091716 Meadowview LnSewer Backup2019-07-29jeted cleanout
Caller2019-07-31 05:17:45218 Pine St.Sewer Backup2019-07-31No cleanout sewer main clear
CVS 2019-07-31 13:51:44760 E. Church StWater Leak 2019-08-01leak there side
Nancy Wyatt2019-08-05 05:31:351036 Mulberry RdPossible Leak2019-08-05Fixed lateral
King Mesiah2019-08-05 07:33:23114 Gravely StWater Leak 2019-08-05leak home side
NA2019-08-05 10:48:031205 LawsonWater Meter lid needs replacing2019-08-05Put cone on lid
Latoya Fitzgerald2019-08-07 12:54:38821 Olympia StSewer Backup2019-08-07No cleanout. Jetted lateral from inside manhole to edge of right of way
Darnell Hodge2019-08-14 12:44:16706 Ailcie StSewer Backup2019-08-14City side clear
Kim Carter- Community Market2019-08-15 05:54:13312 Fayette StSewer Backup2019-08-15Jetted lateral. Jetted sewer main
Fred Wooden2019-08-15 06:55:33715 S Memorial BlvdCheck meter/City side for leak and let homeowner know if she needs plumber2019-08-15Leak was on homeowners side
Caller2019-08-16 06:32:581311 1311 AskinSewer Backup2019-08-16City side good. Problem was with 1 toilet
Tim Martin2019-08-16 07:29:57117/119 E Main St- Grooming TailsSewer Backup2019-08-16Wasn’t a sewer problem
Wyatt Jones2019-08-16 10:45:571123 Morris RdSewer Backup2019-08-16Ran water in cleanout was already clear.
Salvador2019-08-16 13:54:12200 GreysonSewer Backup2019-08-16Jetted lateral unstopped
Robert Brandon2019-08-19 06:14:31806 Royal DrLow or No Water Pressure2019-08-19good city side
Carshanda Grey2019-08-19 11:31:06816 York StSewer Backup 2019-08-19jeted cleanout
Marc Robertson2019-08-19 13:20:00213 McCoy StSewer Overflow2019-08-19jeted cleanout
Tiffany Price2019-08-20 05:42:5210 Massey StPressure low; please check and let her know2019-08-20Plumber said 30lbs. Galvanized lines
Jason Powell2019-08-20 07:14:26208 Pine StSewer Backup2019-08-20No cleanout at street...Main flowing
Margerite Wilson2019-08-20 08:30:291500 Roundabout RdSewer Backup2019-08-20City side good
Caller2019-08-22 06:46:28100 LakemontWater Cut Off Due To Customer Problem2019-08-22cut off
Jelena Spikes2019-08-22 07:05:03813 Liberty #2No water pressure2019-08-22no one home
Mark Robertson2019-08-26 08:45:18213 McCoy StSewer Backup2019-08-26jeted cleanout full of paper towels
Tyson France2019-08-26 12:30:20100 Lakemont CtCut water back on after repair2019-08-26back on
Anthony Joyce2019-09-03 12:14:321520 E. Church St ExtNeed water cut off2019-09-03cut off
Anthony Ferguson2019-09-04 07:37:30823 Banks RdSewer Backup2019-09-05no cleanout
Bescher2019-09-05 06:38:12718 Craig StCut water off-busted water pipe2019-09-05cut off