Property Maintenance Notice


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Disease of breeding
of insects or vermin
Elevated vehicle
Junk vehicle
Noxious or offensive odors
Pools of water
Unlicensed vehicle
Public nuisance tree
Open storage of inoperative vehicle
Maintenance of property-weeds
and rank growth
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Date addressID Ticket Date Given Reinspect DateDate Finalized InspectorValid
2019-05-161210 Hickory St25702019-05-202019-05-20Mark Price | 16T
2019-05-20707 Auburn Pl.25722019-05-242019-05-24Mark Price | 16T
2019-06-03908 Myrtle Rd27422019-06-102019-06-10Mark Price | 16T
2019-06-10516 Knowl St25822019-06-132019-06-13Mark Price | 16T
2019-08-02205 Broad St.27912019-08-082019-08-08Mark Price | 16T
2019-08-2113 Dunlap St30072019-08-302019-08-30Mark Price | 16T
2019-09-27109 Warren Ct27562019-10-042019-10-07Mark Price | 16T
2019-10-10720 Jefferson St27622019-10-152019-10-17Mark Price | 16T
2019-10-1517 High St30442019-10-182019-11-05Mark Price | 16T
2019-10-1519 High St30452019-10-182019-11-05Mark Price | 16T
2019-10-151100 Fayette St30512019-10-182019-10-21Mark Price | 16T
2019-10-21632 Fayette St30572019-10-282019-11-05Mark Price | 16T
2019-10-28212 Amy Ave.30592019-11-04Mark Price | 16T
2019-10-28214 Amy Ave30602019-11-04Mark Price | 16T
2019-10-28519 Armstead Ave30612019-11-042019-11-05Mark Price | 16T
2019-10-28846 Smith Rd30622019-11-012019-11-05Mark Price | 16T
2019-11-0424 Jackson St30672019-11-072019-11-08Mark Price | 16T
2019-11-04218 Pine St.30312019-11-13Mark Price | 16T
2019-11-06210 Stuart St30322019-11-13Mark Price | 16T
2019-11-06703 Mulberry Rd30332019-11-18Mark Price | 16T