Property Maintenance Notice


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Disease of breeding
of insects or vermin
Elevated vehicle
Junk vehicle
Noxious or offensive odors
Pools of water
Unlicensed vehicle
Public nuisance tree
Open storage of inoperative vehicle
Maintenance of property-weeds
and rank growth
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Date addressID Ticket Date Given Reinspect DateDate Finalized InspectorValid
2018-09-24811 Jefferson Circle5712018-10-01Mike Harris | 18T
2018-11-04622 Watt St.13192018-11-072018-11-07Sandy Hines | 10T
2019-01-10900 Palace Ct.25492019-01-162019-01-16Mark Price | 16T
2019-01-30207 Greyson St. 26012019-02-062019-02-06Mark Price | 16T
2019-01-30906 Glade St. 26022019-02-062019-02-12Mark Price | 16T
2019-02-05315 Clift St.26032019-02-12Mark Price | 16T
2019-03-04112 Gravely St.27012019-03-11Mark Price | 16T